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Since the 5G network is very different from the 4G network, regardless of speed, delay and capacity, it is known to have many advantages. What has advantages always has disadvantages.

To find out more about the quality of a 5G network and to find out more about the pros and cons of 5G, read on. There are a lot of details we don’t know yet, but there are some basic features we do know, and we’ll talk about that now.

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As we already know, a 5G network will offer us many advantages in terms of speed, latency, capacity and network cutting. It is the possibility to create a kind of subnetwork that can be adapted to a specific need.

This option offers your users special features and connectivity. This can help users avoid problems on the 5G network, so that they are not affected, and it also reduces the chance that their work is destroyed by the congestion on the 5G network.

In terms of bandwidth, 5G allows more users to connect to the Internet, while maintaining a fast and stable Internet connection when used by many users. In practice, if you are attending a sports event with many spectators and want to broadcast your video live on social networks, you can do this without slowing down or interrupting the internet. When you share video, many other people in the same place can do so or receive a high-quality video call without interruption. This means that no one will bother to use his or her devices and that everyone will have a good internet connection.

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Speaking of lately: 5G tends to reduce them to zero. For example, when you send content to a friend, the friend’s device registers to receive the content at the same time. By reducing the delay, people can enjoy many benefits, such as saving lives on the other side of the world. In practice, this means that the doctor checks the instruments remotely during the operation and that this short delay makes it possible to perform the procedure at the same time. This has implications for some other sectors, such as industry or transport.

Speaking of speed: The 5G network will deliver 20 Gigabits per second. Thanks to this speed we can access all files without having to wait and you can download movies for a few seconds. In addition, the cloud computing system is activated so that devices are no longer dependent on their internal storage. You no longer need to store data because everything is in the cloud.

Impairment losses

The 5G network will bring us many benefits, but there are also less positive aspects to this network. This will have an impact on people’s lives because many of the devices we now have will not be able to support this network. This means that almost all devices will have to be replaced, but the new ones will be very expensive. This will lead to increased spending, and not everyone can afford it.

Moreover, many regions in the world, such as the poor, will not be able to participate in the project and without them the 5G network will only benefit a specific country.

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Some issues also need to be addressed, such as confidentiality and security, as this area has not yet been clarified.

The transmission of the high-frequency terrestrial waves used by this network has encountered some problems. They cannot move on hard surfaces and the cells must be installed in all locations with a 5G network for uninterrupted use.

Many people worry about the relationship between frequencies and the radiation they emit. They fear it may provoke disease, but none of these suspicions have been proven so far. With a technology that evolves on a daily basis, defects can be overlooked.

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