5 Things You Should and Should Not Do When Renting a Party Bus

Renting a party bus is going to be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made, no matter the big event or the occasion. When you choose to go with this vehicle, instead of getting all of your guests to figure out the transportation, you are going to have a much better time, you will be safer, and you will also show off your style and preferences.

It is said that you don’t have to wait to get to the venue to start the celebration, and with the party bus that will be true. However, there are some things that you need to be really cautious about, and you need to know how to avoid the most common mistakes when renting a vehicle for your event. In this article, we are going to list some of the things you should and should not do when renting a party bus, and we will tell you why these things are going to affect the whole experience you have.

1. Always check the price

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The thing we are going to start with is probably the most important part of the whole thing – the overall price and costs. Many people believe that the party busses are rented for the whole day or night, and even though this is technically true, you will also need to check the hourly rate. More often than not, the costs are calculated depending on how many hours you would need the vehicle for, and when you need it throughout the day or the night.

You should also check the things you get at that price; if you will need to pay extra for more guests, and if you would need to add things in case you want to eat or drink there. Depending on the service you choose, you may need to ask for permission to bring your own food and beverages, and the ones that are available there may not be incorporated in the fees. Note that you will have to pay additional money for the lighting, surround system, and other features that you may or may not want to include.

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2. Don’t sign anything without carefully reading it

Know that when you are doing your research for the service you want to go with, you need to know what you are getting yourself into, and what will happen in case something goes wrong. In most cases, everything will be according to plan, but you need to know your obligations and rights in case things are not perfect.

You should never hire a company that does not provide you with a document that you need to sign, and you should not just put your signature without reading everything in it. If you need time to go over it, tell them to mail the document to you, and carefully read through it. Note that you should reach out to them if there is anything that you don’t understand, and know that they are obliged to walk you through all the rules step by step.

3. Be respectful of the time and the rules

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When choosing the vehicle you want, you need to check what the capacity is, what you can do in it, and what is the right way to use it without doing some damage. According to Toronto Party Bus, there are a lot of different types of busses you can choose from, and you can pick the best one depending on the occasion. Think of the celebration and how the vehicle translates into the whole theme, as well as the venue and even the decoration. Talk to the service about what they can offer that will best fit your party.

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On websites like titaniumpartybus.ca, you can see that the party busses come with different features and amenities, and you can choose if you want to use all of them, or if you are looking for something scalable.

For a lively and spirited celebration, why not add tequila shots to your drink menu? This can be a fun and popular choice for adult guests looking to add some excitement to the journey.

Once you’ve chosen the right vehicle for the occasion, you need to talk to the service about rules, regulations, and what your obligations are. Never ignore these things, and know that when you do that, chances are, you will end up paying huge penalties.

Always be respectful of the agreed time, no matter if it is the time when you are going to get picked up or the time of arrival/departure. These things matter, especially if you are paying for the services per hour. You may end up breaching the contract, and you may have to pay more than you’ve agreed upon. No one wants to do this, so be smart and give your guests the timetable and schedule at least a few days in advance.

4. Don’t go without a plan

You need to have a plan on what you are going to do, where you are going to go, and how much time everything is going to take. In most cases, you will need to provide the driver or the service with your plan, and you will have to let them know on time if there is a change in the schedule.

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Making the plan as you go is a huge no-no and it could lead to serious complications. Tell your guests about the transportation, and let them know about the things they should be aware of, especially the time and the regulations.

5. Do clean after yourself

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One of the worst things you can do is leave a mess for someone else to take care of. This does not mean that you need to wipe the floors and the windows, but you should not leave all of your trash everywhere. Try not to use glitter or other things that are impossible to take out, and always carry bags where you can put all of your trash in.

In most vehicles, there are going to be bins where you can collect all of the garbage, and you should respect this. It is said that if this is an adult party where alcohol is served, you need to have at least one or two individuals that will be sober and that will take care of the overall look of the vehicle after the party.

The things that you should or should not do depend mostly on the service you choose. Don’t forget that common sense is a must, and you have to be nice and respectful. Always check the driver’s credentials, the trustworthiness of the company, and check for warranty and insurance. Do your scheduling on time, and check the fleet before you rent.