How Did Activewear Become High Fashion?

A few years ago, walking the runway in a zip-up tracksuit would have been considered rather bizarre, but fast forward to 2024, it’s nothing short of a mega-hit! Activewear is steadily becoming a game-changer in the fashion industry, Continue reading this article to know more about how this get-up has begun to revolutionalize the face of fashion!

1. The Dawn of Designer Sportswear


Nike and Adidas merchandise aren’t just limited to athletes or Olympians anymore. They’ve made their way through to the general public and are actively heading into the fashion scene. Having these branded sports jackets or hoodies on isn’t only a source of comfort now but also a sweeping fashion statement.

Hence, whether you’re out jogging or sitting in the front row of a celebrated fashion show, you’re bound to appreciate a fashionable tracksuit. The first-ever tennis wear to be designed had its origin in the early 20th century and has undergone distinct developments since then. It is not odd anymore, to see this outfit being worn outside of a tennis court.

Brands such as Fred Perry, which originated solely due to sports, precisely tennis, are now well-established labels in the fashion industry as a whole. This speaks volumes about how dynamic and variable vogue trends can be. You can browse through some of the latest fashion trends in the sports niche by checking out FIRM ABS activewear.

2. Celebrity influence

Each celebrity, especially in India, is backed by a colossal fan following. A lot of these dedicated fans take after the trends that their favorite celebrities set. Many influencers and trendsetters have been spotted outside renowned gyms after they’ve broken a sweat, wearing branded gym wear.

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This coerces many of their followers to opt for designer activewear as a token of loyalty. Owing to this tremendous amount of influence, several sports designers have seized the opportunity to invest in this niche.

3. The incentive of comfort


Having been made from very soft, synthetic material such as cotton and polyester, activewear has now become the most convenient, skin-friendly apparel. Around the 1920s, the only definition sportswear had, was that of comfortable and casual clothing that women wore to watch spectator sports. This concept has transfigured dramatically, and now includes collections for all genders, ages, and body types.

Being up to date with ongoing fashion trends can be quite taxing, more so when the clothing isn’t very comfortable and cannot be worn casually throughout the day. With sportswear making it into the territory of fashion, it’s now possible to unwind in style. The evolution of stretch fabrics and advancements of the textile industry has made it possible to raise the standards of comfort to an all-time high.

As gym-wear and casual wear essentially require this feature of stretchability, these are most often made of high-quality cotton and nylon. The desirability of wearing activewear has thus increased as compared to tight, uncomfortable alternatives made of rigid inelastic material.

4. Flexible Combinations

Mix and match is the unofficial anthem when it comes to piecing together a sports ensemble. Almost all gym wear comes in sets with varying patterns and matching colors. No other category of apparel offers this sort of congruency when it comes to curating an entire outfit.

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This potential has attracted the attention of several designers that are now successfully expanding the realm of the sports fashion industry. There are endless collections available in cargo, camo, khaki to name a few.

5. Fashion in a budget


While good quality formal clothes can often end up drilling a hole into your pocket, that is not the case with sportswear. Most activewear is relatively cheaper, comparatively more durable, and easier to carry throughout the day. These features have made it gain popularity among the general youth and common man.

Surveys that were conducted revealed that most parents would prefer to buy sports apparel for their kids and teenagers. The reason being high durability and comfort at a reasonable price.

Even clothing items such as yoga pants have made their way outside the studio, and onto the streets. They’re now considered fashionable pieces of clothing that can be paired with a range of t-shirts, hoodies, or even dresses.

6.Speaks for Team loyalty

All of us, at some point, have been witness to individuals or groups of people wearing sportswear in support of their favorite team, be it cricket, soccer, rugby, or any other team sport. Wearing the sports jersey or T-shirt of their most loved player/team brings a sense of togetherness and familiarity that the sports fashion designers have conveniently learned to exploit and use to their own advantage.

It is clearly evident here that activewear is not only worn by those that are actively involved in playing sports but also by those that wear it as a statement of support and respect or to feel as though they are part of a larger community or group.

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7. Motivation


Adopting a healthy lifestyle and achieving fitness goals not only requires a focused, well-determined mindset, but also assets to help you stay on track. Thus, making sportswear fashionable, not only attracts more customers to the sports fashion industry but also encourages others to adopt a fit and healthy lifestyle ideal for their own personal growth. It’s easier to make a consciously aware and informed decision when you can do it in style. Making activewear high fashion makes this very much possible!


It can be deduced that activewear has clearly come full circle. It began with athletics impacting the street fashion industry, to now being influenced by the current popular streetwear trends influencing the way that sports companies design and market their assemblage.

So, we could say that activewear has become a high fashion for some very good, discernible reasons. A trend that many people find appealing, worth imitating and powerful ends up being called high fashion.

Sportswear undoubtedly fits into all those categories making it a worthwhile addition to the ever-changing, ever-evolving fashion dominion. Hence, don’t fall behind and stay in line with the trend by getting yourself some activewear!