How Often Should You Clean Your Rugs – 2024 Guide

Carpet and furniture cleaning may look easy in theory. However, when you look closer, there are many things you need to take care of to complete this task successfully.

Of course, if you can’t afford to buy new ones at least once per year, then there is no need to read this article.

However, if you want to ensure that your rugs last and look nice for a longer period, then we are sure that the tips below are going to be helpful.

Do I Need to Clean My Carpets Alone?


Indeed, the easiest solution you have is to hire some of the carpet cleaning companies like and ensure that your carpets are completely clean. However, before you even do that, it would be in your best interest to improve your knowledge. One of the things you must know is how often you should clean your rugs/carpets.

We are sure that you are not a professional carpet cleaner. That is the reason why we want to explain all the factors that influence the previously mentioned answer. Let’s find out together all the factors and ensure that you get some valuable tips!

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First Factor – Kids

Carpet cleaning is one of the unskippable tasks in case you are a parent. We will give ourselves the right to say there is a special connection between kids and carpets. The juices and food that our children consume always somehow end up on the carpets and ruin their look. Because of that, you as a mother or father will need to clean the high-traffic areas of the carpet at least twice yearly.

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On the other hand, if you want to additionally ensure that your carpets look fresh, then you may need to hire professional carpet cleaners once in twelve months. Waiting for a bit longer period will only make the damage bigger, and you may need to buy a new carpet.

Of Course, Pets Can Cause Problems As Well


Yes, we all love pets, but their presence makes us collaborate with home carpet cleaning services more often. Unfortunately, if they do not do that, then cleaning the carpets every single day is mandatory. You can do that with a vacuum cleaner, but ensure you purchase those models that will truly provide quality.

Anyway, if you recently became a pet owner, then your dog or cat definitely urinate and vomit on the carpet. You probably won’t see “the damage” they made, but you will experience horrible smells that can expend throughout the entire house. In that case, the assistance of professional carpet cleaning companies is going to be necessary. You should invite experts to clean the carpets with specific equipment that will remove the smell and make your carpets look fresh once again. For instance, carpet cleaning with steam can be quite effective. As an amateur, you may not be able to complete the job successfully always.

Allergies Are a Big Problem

Buying carpets can be one of the ways to improve the interior of your house and make your living space more comfortable and relaxing. Yet, if you have a problem with allergies, then living with carpets requires a specific daily routine.

As you probably know, carpet fibers have the ability to collect dust and other allergens. Whenever someone crossed your rug, the dust will spread and negatively influence your overall health.

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If you or other family members deal with chronic allergies, then cleaning the carpets at least once a week with a vacuum cleaner is mandatory. Unfortunately, even that won’t be enough, so you will have to look for carpet cleaning services and deep clean your carpets. This may bring some additional costs, but you will ensure that your carpet does not bring health issues.

The Color of the Carpet Matters As Well


Despite the sense of relaxation and comfort, people also want to bring positive energy inside their house. Doing that with too dark colors is a bit difficult. Because of that, in many homes, you can see light carpets that somehow illuminate the entire room. Unfortunately, dirt and stains are going to be more visible on them. Because of that, you will need to clean more often.

There are two options that you have here. One option is to get a carpet cleaner and try to maintain your rugs at least once a month. Another option you have is to contact home carpet cleaners to complete this job instead of you. In case you notice that carpets are getting dirty too quickly, it is recommendable to check out the source of dust, strains, and other stuff. Besides, that may also be a sign that you should be more careful.

The Answer Depends on Cleaning Criteria As Well

The methods you use to keep your carpets clean also determine the answer to this question. Logically, most people that consider they don’t need professional help will use vacuum cleaners more often. If you are one of them, then cleaning your carpets twice a week is going to be necessary. This especially counts if some of the home members have the problem with chronic allergies.

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If you live with kids or you are a pet owner, then we recommend you check out the tips we previously shared. However, in the case where the mud, juice, wine, or anything else makes the damage, you should clean immediately after you spot it.

Finally, if you are a busy type of person, then hiring carpet cleaning companies is the best option you have. It is recommendable that you contact home carpet cleaning services at least twice a year. You can, for instance, do that at the beginning of the year, and once again during the year. In that way, you can ensure your carpets are going to be super clean and look super fresh.

Final Thought

Before we say “goodbye” to each other, let’s summarize everything from this article. If you plan to complete this task alone, then cleaning regularly is your duty. This especially counts if you are a pet owner or a person that is allergic to dust.

On the other hand, if you don’t have enough time for this, hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is the best alternative of all. In the world of advanced technology, finding these companies isn’t difficult. All you have to do is to type “Carpet Cleaning Near Me” on Google and choose the company that meets your requirements. Besides, we already suggested one of them at the beginning of this article. We are sure that will make your research a lot easier.