6 Of The Most Beautiful Wedding Venues In Germany

Most people will look for some special place where they can get married. This is a special day and that is the main reason why people want it to be unique. If you want to avoid common choices like restaurants in bigger cities since that is too basic, you should check some exotic places where you can have your wedding from dreams. If you are from Germany or you are planning to get married there, the great thing is that you can find a lot of amazing places that can be perfect for this event.

Moreover, location is not the only important element when it comes to organization. You might be able to choose some exotic destination, but it could cause issues if you don’t manage to set the right event there. In that matter, hiring a wedding consultant is always a good choice. You can check out more about this service at trau-fee.de. If you are planning to have a wedding in Germany, here are some of the best locations that you can choose.

1. Neuschwanstein

Source: travelandleisure.com

Is there a better way to celebrate this day than setting it to be in some castle from medieval times? The best thing is that Germany is full of amazing castles from this time, and you can feel like a real princess if you choose this option. When it comes to Neuschwanstein, it represents some of the most beautiful structures in the world. The interesting fact is that it inspired the creators of a very popular Disney story called Sleeping Beauty.

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The structure is huge, especially when compared to the area around it. It is placed in nature with few villages and a river close to it. Also, it can be perfect if you want to make your special day more private since you can let only the invites get in there. That is one of the main reasons why many celebrities choose this location.

2. TV Tower in Berlin

Source: culturalheritageonline.com

This city is known for being eccentric and unique. It is especially popular among younger generations who prefer music and art. Everything about this place is unique, and your wedding can be as well. In that matter, we have to suggest that one of the best options you can choose in this place is to set a wedding to be on top of the TV tower.

You will feel like you are on top of the world and provide your guests with a similar feeling as well since this venue is at a height of over 350 meters. Also, you can observe the city from each side when you are on the top. The restaurant is placed at a height of 200 meters, and this is one of the tallest structures in this city.

3. Wallbergkircherl

Source: hatlastravel.com

This place is perfect for those who want to keep things simple and who find the ambient as the most important feature when planning this special day. When it comes to this option, it represents an old church in nature surrounded by mountains. While it won’t provide any luxury, the feeling of standing there will be amazing. However, keep in mind that inviting more people here can be challenging, especially during winter.

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4. Eibsee

Source: anetalehotska.com

If the ambient and landscapes are the key elements you are looking for on this occasion, this lake can be a perfect choice. There is even a special rock near the water where partners can read their wows. Even though it is located in nature, there is a hotel near this lake, along with a restaurant and a beautiful garden.

The biggest advantage of choosing this location is that you will get a set of outstanding photos that will make this event even more unique. The main challenge is that the number of guests you can invite is only 25. The perfect time for choosing it is in early spring or during the fall season.

5. Chocolate Museum

Source: schokoladenmuseum.de

Is there a better way to celebrate this day than inviting people to a place dedicated to the favorite dessert for most people in the world? There is such a place in Cologne, and it is perfect who find the menu and drinks as the most important parts of the organization.

Besides the chocolate, wine, and amazing food, people will also in enjoy beautiful landscapes from the place that looks like a boat from one side. Also, you can combine this event with a wedding in a nearby church, and it won’t be a problem for the guests to walk here from there.

6. Football Stadium

Source: stadionwelt.de

We all know that football represents the second most important thing In the world, especially for people from Europe. A lot of people were amazed by the recent news that Barcelona is now allowing people to set organize weddings in their stadium. However, this is a very popular trend for a long time in Dresden, where you can choose their lounge section for this event.

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In that matter, if you and your partner are fans of this club, or you think that it would be an interesting location, it can be a perfect choice. It is especially good for people with a lot of guests since you can call up to 1,000 invites here.


As you can see, there is a big contrast between the places we have mentioned in this article, and that is one of the most amazing things about Germany, which is that there is something for everyone and any taste. You can look for various locations in nature, and be surrounded by woods, rivers, lakes, mountains, and more. Also, there are many old churches and castles where you can set a wedding from a fairytale.

It is all up to your preferences. Before you make a choice, be sure to check the additional features like the distance from the restaurant, potential challenges with supplies of food and drinks if you are interested in some exotic place, and how many people you can call if there are some limits.