Top 7 Things to Do When You Travel to Sydney

As the world is opening to travel and tourist again, you must not miss the opportunity to visit The Harbor City. Sydney, one of Australia’s largest and most populous cities, is a year-round destination. It holds the record for being the most seasoned and adventurous city to visit. Sydney is best known for its harbourfront and Sydney-Opera House. Its magnificent architectural design presenting over 40 shows and experiences from music, theatre, dance, comedy, talks, and tours- there’s something for everyone.

This beautiful city amid an alluring blend of land and sea brings everyone a shared sense of belonging.

Once a penal colony in 1788, Sydney has transformed into a must-visit coastal destination, surrounded by pristine beaches, harbors, and impressive architecture.

Tourists flock to this city to explore its scenic coastline and the Royal Botanic Garden that shelters a perfect horticultural collection and bustling wildlife in winter and summer. Others will prefer to venture over to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and brave the heights for the astonishing views and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Meanwhile, if you love adventure, head west to the Blue Mountains. They are home to the world’s most dramatic sceneries, bushwalks, cafes, and sophisticated spots to eat and shop. Here’s a list of other must-do things when you travel to Sydney.

1. Sydney Opera House


If you close your eyes, you most certainly see the Sydney Opera House, one of the world’s most famous buildings. This multi-venue arts performing centre uses a distinctive series of gleaming white sail-shaped shells to make one of the world’s most photographed architectural beauty.

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You don’t have to be a pro to explore this incredible performance venue. Whichever way you go indoors or out, upwards, or down, the Sydney Opera House is nothing short of an unofficial wonder of the world. A tour in this iconic yet fascinating location is undoubtedly worth the money.

2. The Rocks


What began in rough and tumble beginnings was soon transformed into a historical paradise that quickly blossomed into the most gracious tourist precincts. The Rocks is a world-famous Australian landmark that is most known for its excellent proximity to Circular Quay and the incredible view of the iconic Harbour bridge. This vibrant tourist location is full of picturesque old-fashioned sandstone buildings and Sydney’s oldest pubs. Not thrilling enough. There’s more.

Perhaps you’re fascinated by the idea of ‘hunting ghosts’? With a dark past involving murder, crime, and the first case of the bubonic plague, The Rocks are unsurprisingly home to many haunted places. From Hamish, the friendly ghost at the Lord Nelson Hotel, to the more eerie location, standing over the bed of single women in Russell Hotel Haunted room no.8. You must tread lightly in The Rocks least or you’ll be invading the space of a spirit.

3. Bondi Beach


Want to make a splash? Dive into the waves of Bondi Beach. You haven’t experienced Sydney until you have felt Bondi’s incredible ice-like sand between your toes while sunning yourself on the rocks. Bondi beach is not only Australia’s most famous beach because it’s home to some of the world’s oldest life-saving clubs. This fabulous beach offers everyone a wide range of activities from swimming, surfing, sunbathing, coastal walks to spectacular beach picnics. Besides, you will love the mouth-watering beachside cafes and restaurants that offer you an incredible view of the entire beach.

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4. Australian Museum


Just across the road from Hyde Park, you will find the famous Australian Museum. Established in 1827, this Museum is where science, nature, and culture intersect to bring you Australia’s unique and distinctive experiences, exhibitions, events, and educational resources.

You will come to experience the stories of the first Australians in their own words but stay for the strange and notorious animals. The transformed spaces and up-to-date amenities never cease to impress.

5. Queen Victoria Building


Queen Victoria Building is the go-to place in Sydney for food lovers, shopping enthusiasts, and those who enjoy every bit of a well-crafted drink. Here you can do some window shopping through numerous levels of high fashion brands. Later enjoy the best cup of coffee while listening to the enormous centrepiece, The Royal Clock clicking.

It was built back in 1897 to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. But she’s not the only Queen associated with this building; there are others. Don’t miss to see the sealed letter from Queen Elizabeth II addressed to Sydney citizens. This letter will only be opened and read in 2085!

6. Taronga Zoo


You can’t leave Sydney unless you have visited this must-see zoo, with some experiences that you can only find here. Regardless of your age, young or old, the Taronga Zoo will offer you an enjoyable family travel experience.

A zoo full of life with majestic giraffes, allowing you to get the closest you can ever be with playful Sumatran Tigers and delight in the sight of elephants rolling in the mud. Ride Sydney’s only cable car and get amazed by the magnificent view of the zoo.

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7. State Theatre


Experience the magic of Sydney’s most iconic performance theatre bringing together bands, comedians, shows, musicians, and plays. This magnificent and unique building with palatial interiors features artworks and the rarest fixtures, giving you a whole experience of the oldest, majestic elegance. Whether you’d like to see the original Wurlitzer organ or be mesmerized by the fabulous hand-cut crystal chandelier, the State Theatre in Sydney has and more to offer its visitors.

Unexpected Visitors

While you may be enjoying the warmth of the beautiful parks, beaches, and other attractions in Sydney, so maybe the unwelcomed guests. Sydney’s warm climate and humidity combine to create the ideal conditions for pests to thrive. Sydney being an ever busy with tourists starting to return, unexpected pest issues in the harbor city are likely to come about.

Should you encounter unforeseen problems with pests during your stay and require an exterminator in Sydney, you can easily find help. You can rely on the fast and efficient pest control services that you can check at