4 Reasons to Travel to Ecuador in 2024

Ecuador is a beautiful country with enigmatic places that make you fall in love and surprise you. It is incredible that in such a small country you can experience changes in such different landscapes. If I described it to you in a few words, Ecuador is a magical and diverse country. With impressive snow-capped mountains due to the Andes mountain range and the mysterious thick Amazon jungle on one side, complemented by warm beaches with a fresh breeze and, finally, the most fascinating place in the world, the Galapagos Islands.

Finding out what is the ideal time to travel to Ecuador is easy, because in this country there is no special time for the climate, but depending on your destination or the place you want to visit, here are the best months to visit according to your region:

  • If you dare to visit the equatorial coast or the beautiful Galapagos Islands, the best time is from November to February.
  • If you like to know the snow-capped mountains of the Andes, the best time is from April to November.
  • If you are a seeker of new experiences and want to go to the Amazon rainforest, the best months to visit it are from May to December.

Now, I am going to recommend places to know and go a little deeper into this new world, you will surely be in love and hooked on everything you can feel.

Montecristi the city of the most famous hat

Source: itap-world.com

This canton is located on the equatorial coast, in the province of Manabí, on a hill that is 15 minutes from the nearest beach. This place has one of the most appreciated traditions in the world, the incredible toquilla straw hat, declared in 2012 by UNESCO as Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Commonly known as Panama Hat, this hat is of Ecuadorian origin, and only in Montecristi can you find the finest hats, due to its weaving style that makes the straw look almost like a soft and uniform fabric. Here you can take tours of the different museums where it shows the origin of the hat making, as well as how the pre-Columbian peoples lived in this area. This land where the past and the present connect and where you can take with you fond memories in your experience as in your suitcase with the beautiful crafts that are in the place. For more information on Panama hats visit >> EcuadorianHands

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El Cajas and its natural lagoons

Source: traxplorio.com

In the province of Azuay, in the equatorial sierra, is the Cajas National Park. It is a place where you can see extensive very beautiful plateaus that accumulate water, forming the characteristic lagoons. Here the temperature is 6 degrees Celsius, so you have to wear warm clothes. Here you can tour the park and go hiking or camping. You can also practice trout fishing and then consume it to your liking in a restaurant. El Cajas is the cradle of many animals that live in the tranquility of its territory, here you can see parrots, Andean toucans, condors and hummingbirds. There are also reptiles and amphibians that converge in this ecosystem. This place is beautiful to visit with friends or family. I recommend the following paths for hiking and sports: There are the trails of Cerro de San Luis, El Camino del Inca and larger lagoons. If you are looking for an Andean landscape, this park has it all.

Cuyabeno Fauna Production Reserve

Source: lodgeecuador.com

Located in the city of Orellana in the province of Sucumbíos, in a dense tropical forest. Here we find this reserve, full of many flora and fauna that will leave you amazed, it is nature alive and intact. All the activities carried out there are taking care of nature. In this place there is a presence of indigenous communities that still live in a traditional way. The communities are from the Siona and Secoya tribes, and also the “Encabellados” named by the Spanish chroniclers because they had long ornate hair. Here you can do various activities such as excursions, swimming, canoeing and fishing. Besides that you can appreciate and acquire the crafts made by the locals. It is a place to unwind and live an adventure where you will feel nature in all its splendor.

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The Enchanted Islands of Galapagos

Source: wendyperrin.com

These beautiful islands located 972 km away are a magical place in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, a hidden paradise distributed in several islands that make up the archipelago. Here there is still volcanic activity on some islands, but they are not dangerous. The most incredible thing is that each island has its own fauna and flora, since, in each one, according to its environmental conditions, life has developed with its own characteristics. Here there are several unique species, but the most prominent are the giant land tortoises, there are several species and you can meet them. Here you can do various activities, such as diving, swimming in the ocean, cycling, hiking and enjoying good food.

I have shown you a place according to each region, but you can discover many more, Ecuador is full of history, culture and beautiful landscapes. But before you decide where you will go on your next vacation, I will give you some advice on what you need to know to be able to spend a beautiful stay in this country.

  • Traveling within Ecuador is cheap, you do not need a lot of budget and the places are short distances, you can rent a car, travel with a tourist company or take the plane if time is short.
  • The food is very varied according to each region, with exquisite dishes that are very well served. They eat a lot here, so if you ask for a special dish, remember that a lot can come. Remember to ask the locals for recommendations, they will know where you eat very delicious.
  • Speak Spanish, if you want to share experiences and learn more about the way they live here. Knowing a little Spanish will help you understand many things, it is not so complex and if you talk to someone, believe me, they are very warm here.
  • The accommodation is super cheap and comfortable, the rooms are cheap and you can quickly quote between hotels.
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Ecuador has everything to spend an incredible vacation. Just grab your bags and catch a plane to the most diverse country in the world.