How to Enjoy a Budget Friendly COVID-Era Vacation

Almost half of the American population is now fully vaccinated and close to 70% have had at least a single shot. As more and more people get vaccinated, this newfound mobility is finally giving them a chance of embarking on trips they have been day-dreaming about since the past one year. We also understand that saving money is important in these uncertain times so here are some tips to book cheap Plane tickets and enjoy your post-covid vacation.

Start hunting for cheap flights and cheap airline tickets early


Covid or not, the dynamics of booking cheap airline tickets remain the same more or less. Therefore booking early still remains one of the keys to success in your mission of grabbing cheap airplane tickets and cheap airlines tickets go with Myflightsearch they do have good deals for new travelers. We would suggest you start your search for flights at least a month in advance for the more popular destinations while around a two to three weeks early would do fine for other destinations. Trying to reserve flights closer to the travelling date can be an expensive affair, even more so during the times of the pandemic when we already have a limited number of flights to any particular destination.

Being Flexible with your schedule can really help

Frequent flyers have now almost become accustomed to frequent cancellations and re-bookings during the pandemic. But you need not worry as we would handle most of those headaches for you; all you need is a will to travel. We would also advise you to avoid booking Plane tickets during the festive season or the high season for any particular destination. For example late autumn can be a good time to grab cheap flight tickets to India while travelling during February to the same country can easily burn a hole in your pocket. The situation would not be a lot different in case you are planning to fly around Independence week, New Year or Christmas.

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Be Flexible with your holiday destinations


The CDC (Centre for Disease Control & Prevention) has recently released its travel guidelines for more than 100 destinations around the world and travel restrictions have been relaxed for most places. It is best to be flexible with where you want to fly and keep your options open in case a new set of restrictions come up in any place. Compare flight fares to multiple destinations that suit your liking and budget and then go ahead to reserve your airlines tickets. Also lookout for any destination offering extra discounts and relaxations to travellers in these tough times. So if being flexible with time might not be feasible for you, try being flexible with your vacation destination and save handsomely on flight tickets.

Tips for your first solo trip

For travel enthusiasts, taking a solo trip is like raising the bar to the next level. This unique experience can be thrilling and daunting at the same time. It gives you an opportunity to make peace with your inner self and explore how much you can push your limits. So, when you finally decide to break the shackles and embark on your first solo trip without waiting for anyone else, a lot of questions start to roll across your mind: How to manage the trip? Will it be safe? Am I getting value for all the effort and money spent? Here are a few tips that will help you answer and all these questions and approach your first solo trip with plenty of confidence.

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Be confident

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Needless to say, you can’t be timid and shy on your first solo trip because you would be mostly interacting with strangers with no known face to help you around. The trick is to look approachable to the nice people not become a soft target for the ones with wrong intentions. Try and blend in with the locals and adopt an open posture will you are exploring your destination.

Decide your destination

Your first solo trip destination need not be some offbeat destination far up in the hills or a remote beach resort. It can even be a place where you have been before as the main idea of your first solo trip is to get out of your comfort zone. Planning in advance is also an important step as it will help you in saving a lot of money on flight tickets and hotel bookings.

Last-minute flights are to be avoided


Booking flight tickets at the last moment has never been a good idea and still remains so in the times of the pandemic. The recent mobility constraints have led to a lesser number of flights plying to any particular destination. But as the restrictions ease, the demand for flight tickets also increase proportionally leading to a rush. Therefore it becomes all the more essential for you to book your cheap flights to any destination across the globe well ahead of your actual travel date. Last-minute flights are generally the most expensive and the pandemic induced restrictions have not helped either as the volume of flights have almost halved.

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Connecting flights Equal more savings

If saving money on flight tickets is your priority and a longer travelling schedule doesn’t bother you much, then avoiding a direct flight can really boost your cause of finding cheaper flights. For example, flying to Tokyo and then taking a cheap connecting flight to Taipei can be a lot cheaper than a direct flight to Taipei. The fares for thoughtfully planned connecting flights almost always add up to be a lot lesser than those for direct flights.

Special flight deals can be a deal breaker


OTA’s and airlines regularly offer discounted flight deals on their websites or through their email newsletters. You can get to know about these offers by subscribing to their newsletters or following them on social media. This can be a guaranteed way to book cheap airplane tickets.

Make use of your travel miles and airline points

You travel miles and points accumulated over the years can really come in handy during the pandemic in your search for cheaper airlines tickets. Frequent travelers who have a miles account must make use of their earned miles to reduce the prices of their flight tickets and save more.