Your Guide to Dominica Citizenship by Investment: 7 Tips for a Successful Application

Citizenship by investment is a popular way of gaining citizenship in the Caribbean. While it might seem like a straightforward process there are still a few obstacles to overcome. If you’re not clear on what you want to do, you might get rejected. The goal is to make the transition smooth and to receive your citizenship on the first go. How to do it? Let us help you; that’s how. In this article, we are going to give you a few tips on how to submit a successful application.

1. Pick The Right Destination


As we said, there are many countries in the Caribbean offering this program. You can apply anywhere you like, and even apply to a few places at the same time. But, that’s not a wise decision. Instead, focus on one place, and try your best to get your application accepted there. One of the best options, at least in our opinion, is Dominica. So, if we’re on the same page you’ll be applying for your CBI plan here. The first step toward citizenship is knowing from where you want it to arrive.

2. Ensure You’re Eligible

Once you have your paradise destination set, you need to make sure that you’re eligible for citizenship. There are a few requirements each applicant needs to fulfill. First of all, you need to be 18 years of age. It’s where it all starts. Beyond that, your criminal record needs to be clear. You also need to be fully healthy. Last but not least you need to pass a security check-up conducted by a third party that will conduct due diligence on you.

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3. Have The Funds Prepared

One of the main things that makes you eligible for this program is having the funds to invest in your home country. Having a passport from one of the Caribbean paradise islands is nice, but you need to invest. This is no scheme, but a real deal you’re making with the home country. So, you must have the needed funds prepared. The money needs to be in your account. Furthermore, you need to provide evidence that your wealth was created through legal means and that you have proof of money origin.

4. Get The Documents Ready


Wanting a Dominica passport is one thing, but getting it is another. Yes, the program is as straightforward as it can get, but you need to have all the documents to receive the passport. So, before you apply it is necessary that everything is in order regarding the documents you need to file. First of all, everything you submit needs to be in English. The main things you need to have prepared are the medical documents, proof of your investment plan, and all the other forms and documents this program requires. If you want to know the details, please check out the

5. Be Patient

As in many life situations patience is the key. While your documents might be in order, the government of Dominica will take time to go through them and deem you worthy of their citizenship. With all the paperwork and due diligence work, it will take a few months to have your application assessed and approved. The initial checkup lasts for about two months and it can be extended up to four. During that two to four-month period, you will get an initial response. Your application can be immediately accepted, rejected, or delayed. Whatever happens, your patience will be an ally. Have that in mind.

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6. Invest Wisely

Once the time is right for your investment, it can only mean one thing: your application was accepted by the authorities. But, that doesn’t mean you have received your passport. First, you need to invest. If you’re not already aware there are two ways you can pour your funds into Dominica. The first way to do it is to donate to their ED fund (Economic Diversification). The second way is to become a buyer of a property on the island. The latter move requires you to visit or talk with local real estate agents. Considering that you’re buying a property, it is clear that you’ll be visiting, or even becoming a resident. If that’s the case you should dedicate time to the buying process and pick the right property.

7. Get Your Passport


If you’re careful and go through all the points we created with care, and without hiccups, you will be one step closer to having a Dominica passport in your hands. All that is left is to deliver your proof of investment to the CBIU which will in return bless you with a certificate of naturalization (registration). With this document in your hands, you can finally apply for a passport to this island. As you can see the process is straightforward. But, the fact it is rather streamlined doesn’t mean there is no work to be done. You will need to file a lot of paperwork before it’s all said and done. The best thing to do is to be located in Dominica during this process. Yes, it can be done online, but that’s a harder path to take and it is easier to get rejected that way. But, if everything is clear, you should have your papers in hand after three months. This is the final time limit. In most cases you’ll be receiving papers before the 90 days are eclipsed.

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As we said a few times, gaining a Dominica passport is a straightforward process. But, it is a lot of work to be done. Precision and patience are both advised and needed. The paperwork needs to be handled with care so that you can receive your passport in no time. With everything above said, it will require at least six months to get your Dominica passport. Two to four months for your papers to be reviewed and no more than three to receive the passport.

All that it takes is to submit clear paperwork, apply through valid routes, and wait for everything to unravel. Be kind, be patient, be precise, and become a Dominican citizen. Good luck!