5 Things You Need to Know About the L1 Visa

The world is an open space for everyone. It is unlimited and accessible to every single person who does not want to be tied to the same things, wants change, and wants to prosper. The world is more accessible than ever. Yes, this is despite the fact that the world is currently in a state that has not been like this for many years. This situation has not been remembered since the time when the world was ruled by the bad Spanish virus that part of the old population still remembers. Despite such a situation that reminds of the past, people still decide to progress in these conditions of the health crisis. So they decide to take the big step and go somewhere to work and transfer their knowledge, skills, and experience to the company outside their homeland.

Thus, the most common reason for leaving countries around the world and moving to another country is professional engagement. These professional engagements are usually short-term or long-term, which later continue for life (in most cases). What are the most popular destinations for people? Hmm, the most common parts of the world that successful people decide on or the parts that their companies send to are northern Europe, Asia (especially China, Japan, and South Korea), but North America leads the way in the first place. that is the United States – the country for which it is known as a refuge for quality personnel.

Exactly like that, in many cases it happens that the companies cooperate with a company that is from the USA or the employees themselves are in contact with a company from the USA in order to make a temporary transfer in the company. For their relocation from their home country to this part of the world, it is necessary to first reach an agreement with the company whose employee will be the person, so that it can then start the procedure for the L1 visa. This is just one of the things that you need to know about the L1 visa before you go to America. Want to know a lot more information that will prepare you and help you go to the United States ready? In that case, you will need to follow us to the end because we have prepared for you the 5 most interesting things you need to know about the L1 visa before you go for a visa interview and before you go to the United States. Are you ready to get acquainted with this visa? In that case, follow our answers that follow in the continuation of this article.

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1. You have to be fluent in English to get it

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Do you want to go to America and work and live there? But do you think you are ready enough for that step? Check before making such a decision and before starting the whole visa procedure. It is special to check for the level of English you know. You know, Americans are very rigorous, especially in that regard. When you go for an interview they expect at least solid English which will be useful for you to communicate there if you apply for the most common visa, while for this visa an advanced level of English language use is already expected.

2. A prerequisite for obtaining a visa is that you are well aware of your rights while in the United States

Something you need to know before going for a visa interview at the US Consulate is also aware of your rights and obligations during your stay in America. You will need to read the pamphlet available online and expect the question “Do you know your rights and responsibilities while in the United States” during the visa interview. This question should not shock you and you should be well prepared to answer it.

3. This visa is available in two versions – L1 A and L1 B

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Did you know that this type of residence permit in America is available in two versions? If you did not know that, you know it now. The two versions are significantly different from each other. What does that mean? This means that they differ in their purpose. Thus, the L1 A visa is intended for all those who during their stay will work as managers or superiors in one of the corporations, while the L1 B visa is intended for professionals and people with high intellectual abilities. According to what you will be hired for, it is necessary to submit an application for the specific residence permit.

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4. This visa can last from 3 to 7 years

The validity of this document can be from 3 to 7 years maximum. The expiration date varies according to the type of residence permit, so version L1 A allows a stay of 3 years, which can be extended to 7 with an additional request from the corporation in which you will work. The other type, which is known as L1 B, allows a stay of a maximum of 3 years with a permit for additional submission of a request for extension of the stay of a maximum of 5 years. Interesting isn’t it? If you need more information related to the L1 residence document Ashoori Law bring you more information that we are sure will be useful to you.

5. The most important thing – to get it you need to submit the application for it to the company you will work for

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If you have already been invited by a company to work for it and if you have accepted that call then the next thing that company needs to do so is to submit a residence permit to the US Embassy in your country which will then be required to request the necessary documents and invite you for an interview.

We are sure that these things will help you a lot in the process of approving your next stay in the United States, and until then try to prepare as best you can in order to be able to enjoy the corporate culture of the American people and of course enjoy that life.