9 Most Popular Tourist Destinations In Switzerland To Visit in 2024

If you wish to take a break from your everyday life and go on a vacation to a place that brings you closer to nature, then Switzerland is the right location for you! Switzerland is one of the best holiday destinations traversed by tourists all around the year, through all seasons.

Switzerland has a diverse list of tourist destinations. It is perfect for traveling alone, with a partner, or in a group. Alongside this, it offers a variety of travel locations from warm, sunny places to snow-covered mountains, peaceful countrysides to vibrant cities, picturesque sceneries to adventurous sports. Switzerland is a never-ending amalgamation of cultural and scenic beauty. This European country has it all and a lot more!

If you are someone looking to visit Switzerland, switzerlandbylocals.com is an all-encompassing resourceful website about tourism that can help you navigate across the best locations in the country. Below are the nine most popular tourist destinations might be worth adding to your list of places to visit:

1. Bern

Source: yenanchen.com

Bern is a well laid out town and the capital city of Switzerland. With its medieval architecture, the Old Town, a UNESCO world heritage site, is bound to take you back in time.

The city offers architectural marvels like Zytglogg (clock tower), Bern cathedral and Bundeshaus (the parliament building) and museums like Bern Historical Museum, Zentrum Paul Klee museum, Museum of Fine Arts, and Einsteinhaus (the second-floor apartment where Einstein lived from 1903 to 1905!). Besides this, it is home to plenty of natural locations like the Aare river, Rose Garden, Bear Park and Tierpark Dählhölzli (Bern’s zoo).

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2. Rhine Falls

Source: switzerland-tour.com

It is Europe’s largest and most powerful waterfall with mind-blowing scenic beauty. Due to its large size and water flow, you can feel the vibrations of the running water throughout your body, connecting you with the natural water body. The Rhine Falls is located near the town of Schaffhausen.

You can travel through it via a boat and also have a look at the Wörth and Laufen castles, large rocks and trees surrounding it. If you feel adventurous, then you can also choose to book a canoe instead of traveling through a boat. While visiting the falls, you can also visit the Schloss Laufen complex, a castle now turned into a visitors’ centre.

3. Lucerne

Source: jonnymelon.com

Lucerne is considered one of the world’s prettiest cities. This city offers a long list of activities that you can do while traveling there. You can visit enchanting places of history like the Swiss Museum of Transport, the Hofkirche cathedral and the beautiful sculpture of Lion of Lucerne dedicated to Swiss soldiers who fought for the protection of the royal family during the French Revolution.

Alongside this, the city also offers a variety of locations of natural importance like the serene Lucerne lake, ‘the queen of mountains,’ Mount Rigi and the spectacular peaks of Mount Pilatus. The most popular of it all is the Chapel Bridge, which is built over the Reuss River and named after St. Peter’s Chapel.

4. The Matterhorn

Source: smithsonianmag.com

The Matterhorn is one of the highest peaks in the Swiss Alps, which lies between Italy and Switzerland. One of its most striking features is its pyramid-like structure. Tourists can visit here via a cable-car to take in the scenic view. People can also climb up the hill, but it is a challenging and dangerous feat.

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5. Lugano

Source: meetitaly.it

Lugano is a perfect blend of Italian and Swiss culture. It is a city located on the banks of the Lugano Lake and is the ideal place for spending a peaceful and lavish holiday. Its breath-taking architecture and museums add to the scenic beauty. And, along with the soft Mediterranean wind, it creates a calm environment for a chill vacation.

6. Swiss National Park

Source: pexels.com

Switzerland is the home to ibexes, red squirrels, red deer, chamois, marmots, bearded vultures, and golden eagles. You can catch a glimpse of them at the Swiss National Park, the oldest National Park in the Alps. Besides wildlife, this park offers the picturesque and authentic beauty of the country without much human interference.

Here you can get a view of the Alps covered with frozen glaciers and widespread meadows. It is the perfect place for hiking and having a good time with family or friends. Its scenic beauty is bound to leave you astonished!

7. Grindelwald

Source: grindelwald.swiss

If you think of skiing every time you think of Switzerland, then Grindelwald is the place for you! You can plan on visiting this village in the winters to experience skiing along with many other winter sports the area has to offer. Its largest ski resort is in the Jungfrau region, which is one of the most loved tourist destinations in Switzerland.

If you happen to visit the location in the summers, you can still enjoy the peaceful climate and climb up the mountain to get a scenic view of the mountainscape, including the peaks of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

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8. Bettmeralp

Source: swissfamilytravel.com

If you are deciding to go to Switzerland with your family, then the village of Bettmeralp won’t disappoint you. It has a lot to offer to people of all ages and is a perfect location for family getaways. The hiking trails in this region are kid-friendly and can also accommodate wheelchairs.

The village could be visited year-long as the weather mostly remains clear throughout the year. It is also an ideal location for family excursions, hiking, skiing, fishing and swimming.

9. Chillon Castle

Source: bonpla.cat

Chillon Castle is nothing less of a picture out of a fairytale. Located on the banks of the serene Geneva lake, it is one of Switzerland’s most visited castles. Inside the castle are several paintings from the 14th century. The interior of the castle, including the parade hall and royal bedrooms, has been preserved from the time of Bernese rule. This makes it a fascinating touring spot for history lovers. The audio-visual presentations making the visitors aware of the history of the castle add to the experience.

After a long day of travelling, you can choose to relax at the Café Byron, sitting near a window facing the castle, and enjoy the royal glory.