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One Airpod Not Charging? Here’s the Fix! – Apple Airpods Fixing

You brought the AirPods into a tax case, but you realize there’s only one AirPod charged?

As we know, air capsules are specially designed to be loaded only when they are loaded. But sometimes you notice that the left Airpod doesn’t charge.

The question that immediately arises is this: Are my airpods broken? Well, that’s not necessary!

Sometimes it is good to do when the Airpod does not charge due to certain circumstances, and sometimes we have the impression that the Airpod does not charge and the Airpod does charge.

To find out AirPods battery on Android

This can be caused by a faulty cable, dust or debris in the Airpods. In this article we will look at some reasons why the Airpod does not charge and how we can fix this.

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Check charge connection

Check charging cable (lightning arrestor) Charging cable from air nozzle

If your Airpods are not charging in this case, check the charging connector first. There are nine ports in the port of loading, and if one of them is blocked by dust or dirt, the Airpods stop loading.

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How do I check the charging connection?

The charging aperture can be inspected with a flashlight. If you find dirt and debris in the charging aperture, clean it.

Pro Pen Tip for cleaning

Brush thoroughly with a toothbrush to remove debris. But don’t check the area of the electrical charge too much, because that could damage it.

When you’ve cleaned her up, lock her back up. He’s gonna start charging again.

Check the charging cable (lightning arrestor).

Check the charging cable (flash cable) Airpod charging cable

Before determining why the Airpods are not charging and why the Airpods are charging, check the lightning conductor. Sometimes these lightning conductors are damaged, and this is a common reason why an Airpod does not charge.

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These cables are very difficult to inspect because they sometimes don’t look straight.

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How do you control the lightning rod?

Use a flashlight and look closely at both ends of the lightning rod. And if you don’t see any cracks or wear in the flash cord, try charging it via the USB port. If one Airpod charges instead of the other, the cable shouldn’t cause too many problems.

You can also try charging with your family members’ cables; if this works, the lightning arrestor will not work.

Correction tips

If your flash cord is under warranty, you may ask to repair or replace the original bar.

Also be careful when purchasing a defective flash cable from unauthorized suppliers. Apple has a special MFi certification that you should check before purchasing a lightning rod.

Check that thecharger box is charged.

Check that the loading container of the Airpod is loaded.

It is also possible that the left Airpod will not charge when needed. And that possibility is that the charger is not charging properly. A situation can occur when an Airpod is loaded.

How do we charge Airpods?

To charge the charger box, connect the lightning arrestor to the wall outlet and plug it into the USB port or the charger.

It takes a few hours to fully charge.


We can also charge the Airpods while they’re in the charger.

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Clean your charger and airpods on time

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Dirt particles, debris and debris can block the connection ports and the housing of the charger. It can also affect their load and even cause problems with the devices.

If, for example, there are dust particles in the loading container, it is possible that only one load of Airpod is made.

How do I clean my cargo box and Airpods?

Use a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth.

Use it to carefully wipe the charger and the Airpods.

You can also use a soft toothbrush to remove dirt.

Cleaning point pro

Do not use solvents or damp cloths to clean the Airpods and the charging case.

Sometimes Airpods can have errors that only cause a single charge. This gives them the opportunity to start from scratch and solve the cost problem.

Air capsulesReboot tips

Press and hold the configuration button on the back of the charger housing.

And relax when you see the condition of the flashlight, in which the amber remained for a few minutes.

In a few minutes your Airpods will restart and you can now check if the problem is solved.

Place the Airpod in the cargo box and make sure that the charging problem is solved or not.

Freighter aircraft exactly

Accurate Aerodrome Charge System Airport Charge System

Many of us leave our airpods unloaded for a long time, and that can cause problems. So always make sure you charge your Airpods sufficiently to keep them working for a long time.

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Billing tips

Place both Airpods exactly in the loading container.

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Plug in the power cord and when the light turns green it indicates that the Airpods are not charged.

Aircraft repair

Airbag repair Airbag installation

If the above tips do not work, it is likely that the Airpods are defective. So when you go to your nearest Apple Retail Store, there’s one more thing to do.

Technical advice for repair

Visit the Apple website to make an appointment with your nearest Apple Retail Store.

It is also essential to check whether or not you have a warranty period. If you have one, it’ll help you save your debts.

Problem with charging the air pod: Corrected!

If the left Airpod is not charging, you may experience problems as explained above. Now that you’ve got some tips for solving charger problems, you can solve your Airpod’s charging problems.

We hope this article will solve the problem of charging the Airpod to some extent.

However, if the condition is still unresolved, you have one last chance to visit the Apple Retail Store to repair it. Before you visit the Apple Retail Store, check the above.

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