Javascript String Length – Linux Hint

Javascript is a scripting or programming language that is rapidly becoming one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. Strings are an important part of all programming languages. Programmers often have to use strings to manipulate or check data. Built-in JavaScript functions or properties can be useful for manipulating strings. For example, if you get custom data in HTML form fields and want to limit the length of a line when displaying certain data on a web page, the built-in JavaScript feature Length of a line can help you in this case. This article shows what a feature of the String Length is in Javascript and how it can be used in different scripts.

The String Length property contains all the characters that appear in the string.

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The syntax of the line length is as follows:
This property simply displays the total number of characters available in the string at runtime.

Let’s try some examples that use a string length property.


First you will see the main sales of this property. You’ll see its application later.
Suppose you have the following rule:

let str = Linux hint is great

If you want to know the number of characters in this string, you can apply the String Length property as follows:

As you can see, this only returns the length of the specified string.

You can use this house in different places. Suppose you send a message to an FI request, as described below:

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if (str.length <= 20) {
} otherwise {
And as you can see at the output of the console, the message This is a short line. That’s very good.

It can also be used in the loop operator conditional. If you want to iterate each character into a string, but don’t know how many characters are in a string, you can simply set the str.length property as a conditional operator.

for (let i = 0; i < str.length; i++) {
As you can see on the output console, each character is displayed separately in the console and also converted to capital letters.

So you can apply it to many different scenarios as needed.

Interesting fact

Here’s an interesting fact for you. Now let’s try to bypass the String Length property by assigning a numerical value to it. You will see that it shows the assigned value or the actual length of the string.

Okay, first of all, you give it a value…

Now let’s try to comment on the length of the line in a console.
And as you can see, the assigned value is not displayed. It shows that the length of a string or the number of characters in a string is calculated at runtime and then displayed.


In this article you have learned what a feature of the String Length is in Javascript, and you have seen its use in several examples. I hope this article has been helpful in understanding the String Length property and its implementation. You can read about Javascript on command to find length of string,bash if string length greater than 0,bash repeat character n times,linux shell length,strlen function in unix,bash count characters in file,bash extract substring regex,bash string length,bash substring after character,bash string split,bash find substring,bash remove substring from middle of string,learn bash in,bash file extension,bash scripting and shell programming,bash operator,github bash scripts,bash pipe,write a shell script to find the length of a given string.,bash concatenate strings,bash if string length,bash substring,length of a string in bash script

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