How to change app icons on your Android phone

One of the best ways to customize your Android phone is to change the icons on your applications. You can install complete theme icon packages that cover all your applications, or upgrade some of them to make them more attractive to you.

So far the best way to change icons on Android is to use a third party launcher. They work for Samsung, OnePlus, Oppo or another brand. You may also check your Oppo Theme Store to change the icon style. For ColorOS 7 and above you can redesign the style of the icons, Go to [Settings] > [Home Screen & Lock Screen Magazine] > [Set Icon Style] > [Select the Custom / Enable the Art +Icon]. But you can also do it without changing pitchers.

In this manual we will examine both methods.

Replacing the application icons with the start unit

Almost all Android launchers allow you to change the icons you see for your applications. We will use the Nova Launcher, but if you prefer another launcher, such as Smart Launcher, Action Launcher or Microsoft Launcher, the instructions are generally the same.

Android application icons

You can change the icons for individual applications or define a set of custom icons to change the entire batch at once.

Go to the Play Store and install the Nova Launcher. Click the button on your device and select Nova as the new starter when prompted. Now you need to spend a few minutes filling your home screens with widgets and application icons.

If you come from another third party, you can import your installation instead.

Changing individual application icons

Find the application whose icon you want to change. Click and hold the button until the small context menu opens, then choose Edit.

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Deciding on the treatment

Publishing label

Tap the icon and browse all available options. The built-in group contains all of your phone’s icons, including standard Android icons and icons from your other applications.

Click on the desired request and it will be assigned to the application.

new selection of topics

click on sth.

Or select the application Gallery. This allows you to select the icons saved on your phone or use one of the images instead. Select an image, crop it and press OK. Now the image is defined as your new symbol.

The third option is to select the Get More Subjects option. This will take you to the Play Store, where you can download more icons. After downloading, it appears here and you can select individual icons from the package.

Standard application overlay icon

To restore the icon from the original application, repeat the process of editing the icons, but this time select the icon displayed under General.

Replacement of Android application icons with theicon package

You don’t have to change one request icon after another. You can download an icon pack from Play Store that allows you to change the icons of all your favorite applications together. So you can create a completely new theme for your phone and save all icons in one style.

Android Icon Pack

Go to the Play Store and search for packages with icons. You will see countless possibilities, and most of them are free. Choose one or two items you like and download them.

Now go to Look & Feel > Icon Style > Icon Theme in the settings of Nova Launcher. When you press this key, you will see a list of all available symbol packages on your phone. Pick one out, wait until it is installed and then press the button to see what it looks like.

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Click on the icon package

In addition, you can install many packages with icons via the package application itself. Open the application and you will see a list of supported starts. Select the one you are using and then follow all the other instructions on the screen to confirm your choice.

Changing symbols using theapplication

If you prefer not to use a brand new trigger, Play Store offers several application icon changers that work on all devices from Samsung to OnePlus.

We recommend the X Icon Changer, which you can download for free.

This allows you to use the application icons of your choice during the standard start-up installation of your phone. And best of all, it’s easy to use.

When you launch X Icon Change, you will see a list of all applications installed on your phone. Simply select the one you want to change and then choose the icon you want to use instead.

Wait a few seconds and a new application icon will appear on the start screen. You must remove the original.

X Icon Changer works by replacing the icons in your applications with widgets that act as shortcuts to those applications. It’s a smart idea that explains why it supports so many phone and tablet models.

However, this means that there are a number of limitations. One of them is those shortcuts that appear when you click an application icon for a long time, don’t work anymore. In addition, you cannot use this application with Play Store icon packs.

To compensate for this, it really does offer a good selection of built-in icon options and the ability to use your own icons – you can even use photos from your gallery if you want!

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Removing the watermark

And another thing: On Android 8 and higher, the abbreviations have a small watermark in the corner as standard.

If you prefer not to do so, tap and hold an empty area on the Home screen, select Widgets from the menu, and then drag the X-adjustment code from the icons to the space on the Home screen. You will then be asked to configure a new icon using the same method as described above.

Working with older phones

Instead, you can try changing the icons in the Play Store on your old device for free.

Open the application and touch the screen. Select the program, shortcut or bookmark whose icon you want to change.

Tap Edit to assign another icon, an existing icon, or an existing image, and tap OK when finished. You can change the name of the application if you wish.

To change an existing icon, click on Decorate. Here you can change its size, adjust its color or add filters.


You can create black and white icons by going to Color and moving the saturation slider to the left, or create a neon view by going to Filter and selecting Neon.

By placing all icons in the same plane and choosing the right background image, you can create your own unique theme. Just squeeze it and that’s it.

It’s easy to change icons on Android and it’s one of the fastest ways to give your phone a unique personal touch. For more installation tips, please refer directly to our guide to accelerating your Android phone.

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