Silicone vs TPE Sex Dolls – Pros & Cons

These dolls are made of different materials. Manufacturers have always experimented with different materials because they wanted to make the best combination. That is why today there are real-looking dolls that look completely natural and provide such a feeling. Previously, silicon was the most popular material for dolls, now it has a competition. So, it was the most common material, but not the cheapest.

This is the reason why TPE has appeared in the industry. It has become used all over the world, but is also more affordable than silicone. In this way, different customer needs are met. Since dolls are used by men, women, and couples, there are different criteria. This includes appearance, design, but also material. Read more about these materials below to make the best decision.

The price


TPE is another name for the thermoplastic elastomer. You can also find it under another name, as rubber thermoplastic. What is it made of? It is actually a combination of polymers and elastomers. So it would be a mixture of plastic and rubber. Of course, it is not hard plastic but soft or hydrothermal. Because thermoplastic elastomer is cheap to produce, this doll has a low price. However, they did not necessarily know the poor quality. They are of exceptional quality, which is another advantage.

On the other hand, we have silicone dolls. If we compare them with TPE dolls, they are much more expensive. Many consider this a disadvantage, because both materials are of equal quality. Why does a silicone doll get more expensive? The reason is their greater resistance to heat, stains, and water. It also does not require much commitment when it comes to cleaning and is easier to clean than TPE. We must not forget that it is silicon and hypoallergenic. Some are willing to spend a lot more on a sex doll, while TPE is a cheaper alternative.

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Both materials are known to provide a realistic feel. The manufacturers have gone so far that you can now move almost every part of their body in the finest way. Whichever pose you choose, the doll will act as the real person. This is because the industry is working hard to improve their looks and functions. Thanks to new technologies, some of the best ideas have been realized. For example, silicone dolls have a very refined vagina like other parts of the body.

TPE is still under development. Although they are of fantastic quality, they still need to progress in order to be defined like silicone ones. They are also very realistic to the touch, but not as much as silicone. On the other hand, they have a very sleek look and shine. Because of that, they look more natural, and their flexibility is more pronounced. Whatever pose you imagine, you can realize it with these models. Their breasts and other parts of the body move during sex, which provides additional arousal. Because of the positive characteristics of both materials, myminisexdoll told u that manufacturers usually offer both.



Acording Annie’s Dollhouse silicon is a slightly more appreciable material compared to TPE, you can use various cleaning agents. There is almost no chance that your doll will absorb moisture during this procedure, while you have to be careful when cleaning the TPE doll. They have skin that is quite smooth, which means it is more sensitive to certain agents. Of course, you should not refrain from cleaning. However, sterilization is mandatory for any doll you choose. The most important thing is to clean her erogenous zones well. This applies to the anus, vagina, etc. You can use hydrogen peroxide for this purpose. For hard-to-reach cavities, use a tampon or something similar that can absorb the rest of the moisture.

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Regardless of the fact that these are dolls and are not living beings, many do not experience them that way. People also order them due to a lack of partners. This means that they would like true-to-life sensations during sex with them. When it comes to this, TPE and silicone dolls are different. What they have in common is that both options can retain heat, but the silicone doll is quite thick to the touch. It also happens to be sticky while TPEs are smoother and more elastic. However, they can retain heat for a long time during sleep and thus help you warm up. This means that many people have the feeling that they are sleeping next to a real person.



The excellent properties of silicone are known. When it comes to these dolls, we can say that they are very easy to maintain. Since a big mess can occur after sex, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the doll. The most important thing is that all its interiors are completely clean, but also dry. If you do not dry them well, the surface remains moist, which is an excellent base for the development of bacteria. Fortunately, silicone dolls are easily sterilized. Therefore, you will clean them much faster than the TPE option.

Once your TPE doll gets stained, it is very difficult to remove. It happens that after cleaning, the doll remains a bit sticky, but that is solved very quickly with baby powder. This material is not as heat resistant as silicon, and it is also porous. That is why it is especially important to clean the vaginal and anal cavities. There are special agents used for this purpose, and you can use a cream containing benzoyl peroxide to remove stains.

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TPE is less durable than other materials. That is why the silicone doll will last longer, which gives it an advantage in this case. However, the duration depends on the quality of the material used when creating the model. When we look at it that way, TPE and silicone dolls can have advantages and disadvantages. To choose the best for you, check the material. Also, consider personal preferences and decide based on them.


So now you have the opportunity to buy dolls that almost look like real people. Silicone models will give the impression of real human skin. On the other hand, the TPE doll looks even more realistic and flexible. Therefore, analyze in detail both options, and their advantages and disadvantages. This way, you will be able to extract some useful information that will help you decide.