How to Keep Your Chef Uniform Looking New and Clean

Working in a restaurant, you know that Chef Uniforms are going to get dirty. No matter how careful you are, there’s always the chance of a spill or two. And even if you’re not cooking, it’s inevitable that your clothes will smell like smoke and grease by the end of your shift.

While Chef Uniforms are designed to be hard-wearing, they will eventually start to look worn and tired. But don’t worry – we’ve got some tips for keeping them looking as good as new for as long as possible!

Read on for our everyday-uniforms top tips on how to keep your Chef Uniform looking bright and clean – and most importantly, professional.


  1. Pre-treat stains before laundering – You know that grease and food can be stubborn and hard to get out of your Chef Uniforms, so pre-treating any stains is key to keeping them looking fresh and clean. Always check for any spills and smudges before putting your uniform in the wash, and treat it with a stain remover product as soon as possible.
  1. Separate clothes for washing – The last thing you want is for your whites to turn grey, so make sure you separate your whites from coloured items and delicate fabrics when you’re doing laundry. If at all possible, wash uniforms separately in cold water and with a colour-safe detergent.
  1. Follow care instructions – Chef Uniforms can come in a variety of fabrics, so it’s important to always read the care instructions before laundering and take extra precautions when washing delicate items.
  1. Allow clothes to air dry – Air drying your Chef Uniforms is best practice, as this will help preserve their colour and keep them looking new for longer. Use a hanger to dry your clothes, and remove them once they’ve dried completely so that wrinkles don’t form.
  1. Iron with care – If you do need to iron your Chef Uniforms, be sure to use the right temperature setting according to the care instructions. Pay special attention to seams and pockets, and don’t forget to use an ironing cloth or a piece of fabric between the iron and the garment.
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By following these simple tips, you can rest assured that your Chef Uniforms will be looking their best – no matter how many hours you spend in the kitchen!

Factors that can influence Chef Uniform appearance


  1. Choose the right fabric – Choosing a breathable and durable fabric is key to making sure your Chef Uniform looks its best. Cotton or polyester blends are usually recommended, as these materials are lightweight and easy to care for.
  1. Get the right fit – A well-fitting uniform will make you look professional and make sure you’re comfortable in the kitchen. Make sure to get measured accurately before buying a Chef Uniform, as an ill-fitting uniform can not only look sloppy but can also be unsafe and uncomfortable.
  1. Use quality accessories – The right accessories can make any Chef Uniform look stylish and professional. Invest in quality items such as apron ties, buttons and hats so that your uniform looks polished and complete.
  1. Keep uniforms clean – Stains and food particles are inevitable when cooking, but that doesn’t mean you can slack off when it comes to keeping your Chef Uniform clean. Launder regularly and use a stain remover product as soon as possible to keep your uniform looking its best.
  1. Wear with pride – Last but not least, don’t forget to wear your Chef Uniform with pride! Having confidence in your appearance can go a long way towards making sure you look professional – and that goes for any profession! So stand tall and show off your skills with pride.
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To ensure that your Aprons and Chef uniform are reliable in the long-term, please follow our detailed product care guidelines. Doing so will maximize their lifespan and make sure they continue to serve you well!


Washing :

Carefully follow the instructions on each product label. Generally, Chef Uniforms should be machine washed in cold water with a mild detergent and always tumble dried low or hung to dry. Do not use fabric softener or bleach, as this can damage fabrics over time.

Ironing :

If you need to iron your Chef Uniforms, make sure to use the lowest temperature setting and an ironing cloth or piece of fabric between the garment and the iron. This will help protect your fabrics and keep them looking fresh.

Storing :

When not in use, store Chef uniforms in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Fold or hang them to prevent creasing and keep them looking their best.

Wash Less :

Washing less frequently is a good way to keep your garments looking fresh and help them last longer. If you do need to wash them, always follow the product care instructions carefully to avoid damage.

Spot Clean :

When spills or stains occur, it’s best to spot clean them as soon as possible with a mild detergent and cold water. This will help prevent the stain from setting and make sure it comes out during laundering.

Air Dry :

Whenever possible, let your Chef Uniforms air dry after laundering. This will help keep the fabric looking its best and prevent it from shrinking or stretching out of shape.

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 Line Dry:

If you don’t have space to air dry your Chef Uniforms, line drying is a great alternative. Hang the garments on a clothesline, indoors or out, and make sure they’re not in direct sunlight. This is a great way to keep them looking their best

Fabric Softeners :

Fabric softeners can damage fabrics over time, so it’s best to avoid using them on your Chef Uniforms. If you do need to use a fabric softener, make sure to choose one specifically designed for delicate fabrics.

Do not Dry Clean :

Dry cleaning products can be too harsh for delicate fabrics, so it’s best to avoid dry cleaning your Chef Uniforms.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll be able to enjoy your Chef Uniforms for years to come!