7 Things To Consider When Choosing An Electric Skateboard

The increasing popularity and demand for electric skateboards are undeniable. The skateboards that are already cool and interesting by themselves are now made even better with electric versions. They make for an interesting hobby, a fun mode of transportation, and an eco-friendly way to move around the city.

The competition is as tough as the demand, so it’s not surprising to come face-to-face with a wide variety of options and choices when you’re shopping for one.

It can be overwhelming to find the electric skateboard that works for you. If you’re not careful and discerning, you may regret the one you wind up taking home. To avoid this, be aware of what factors you have to consider to narrow your choices of electric skateboards. Here’s a list of what those considerations should be.

1. Range

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The range of your electric skateboard depends significantly on your intended use. If it’s only for occasional use like a hobby or when you’re traveling, then you’ll do fine with an electric scooter with a smaller range.

If the opposite is true and you’re going to use the electric skateboard to and from work, then you need to be more selective with the range. Be sure it can cover the distance to and from your work before you have to charge again when you get home.

Electric skateboards are a fun and quick mode of transportation and also an environmentally-conscious choice. These are just some reasons you should switch to an electronic skateboard from reputable brands like evolveskateboardusa.com.

2. Spare Parts And Support

Before even paying for the price of your electric skateboard, ask about the warranty. Get the security to have your skateboard repaired whenever the need arises. While many buyers may not yet fully understand the importance of warranties, it’s still that added protection to have one with your purchase. Click here to learn more about it.

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Other questions you have to ask about the spare parts and support include:

  • How often do the belt, wheels, and other parts have to be replaced?
  • What’s customer service like if an issue arises?
  • Is there a local service center that can fix your electric skateboard?

Being able to call a technician to repair your skateboard immediately and have a fast and comprehensive response team gives an added level of peace of mind every skateboarder can enjoy to their advantage. It may be cool to purchase an electric skateboard overseas but it may not be economical if there’s no local service center to help you when the need arises.

3. Motor Type

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Different electric skateboards come with respective motor types. One of the most commonly used is what’s known as a hub motor system. Many of those using electric scooters for a long time now swear by them because of their decent brakes, lighter weight, and less drag. Other advantages of the hub motor system include:

  • It doesn’t require heavy maintenance;
  • Its motors are a lot quieter;
  • Great for hill-climbing, acceleration, and braking.

Other than the hub motor system, another type is the belt drive motor. This is used in some electric skateboards to deliver regenerative braking, have more torque, and also comes with a more reasonable speed. The only downside to belt drive motors is that they may be harder to ride without a battery, and they may also need additional maintenance works.

4. Wattage

Another important element to consider is the wattage, which dictates the power of your electric skateboard. As a general guide, the main equation to remember is that a lower wattage also means less power. In effect, this also manifests as having a lower speed, hill functionality, and torque.

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If you’re planning to use your electric skateboard in an area where there are a lot of uphill, downhill, and steep inclines, then you’ll need to have a board that comes with at least 1500W.

5. Carving Ability

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The carving ability of an electric skateboard refers to its ability to make steep and sharp turning motions. This kind of movement is often seen in skis, traditional longboards, and snowboards. Because it is such a rhythmic type of movement, it’s more enjoyable to have a skateboard that feels like it can effortlessly glide forward, and the board can easily dart in one direction and do so in a more stable manner.

Note, however, that it can be rare and challenging to find an electronic skateboard that is marketed solely for caving. Some do excel in carving, making it quite a top feature to look for in an electric skateboard.

6. Deck Material

Generally, most decks of electric skateboards are made from fiberglass material, usually carbon fiber or bamboo. There are also those skateboards made out of both. The main difference between both deck materials, however, is the flexibility and stiffness.

Here’s the distinction. A fiberglass deck board is stiffer, while a bamboo one is relatively more flexible.

7. Charging

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Many of those individuals who rely on their electric skateboards to move around tend to bring their chargers with them all the time. By doing so, they can be prepared for moments when the battery runs out, and they still have to use their electric skateboard to go around. Visit this site to learn more about batteries.

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Their chargers, however, can be quite big. Familiarize yourself with the charging duration and time so you can plan out your journey, both according to the charging time and the range, as discussed earlier.

Also, make a mental note of possible charging stations along your usual routes. In case you get caught with low battery, you’ll be able to charge and rest for a while.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve finished reading this article, there’s a very good chance that you’re ready to purchase your very first electric scooter. There are many to choose from, yes, but not all of those are going to wind up being a good choice, particularly when you have your specifications in mind. Take note of what you want and consider the factors above, so you can be a hundred percent sure the electronic skateboard you bring home is what you want and what you’ll be happy to use for many years to come. Enjoy the ride and be safe!