6 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

In the digital world, the question of website traffic is not going to fade away somewhere in the future. Even in India, all business professionals, Bloggers, or digital marketers always try different strategies for attracting untapped business markets to their websites to increase their reach. But, some strategies don’t work every time as social media networks and search engines keep changing their algorithms from time to time, which require us to keep updating our learning as well.

According to sharma-vivek.com many business professionals fail to understand basic things on their websites due to their lack of experience, which causes them to ultimately face failures. However, we here will discuss some of the common ways to increase traffic on our websites.

Defined Business Objective:

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By simply saying ‘I want a better website’ is like saying ‘I want a better business, but wait what better business means? Do I want to increase revenue? Better customer satisfaction? or any other thing.

If your company website does not mention the vision, mission, and objective of the company, then chances of its success become negligible. Ask yourself first, would you do any business without setting any goals? It is such a basic thing to do in the business, and still, many business owners failed to do so.

Here, I suggest the SMART model – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. These models will allow anyone to set their goals in their respective businesses like Increases qualified leads by 25%, Increase website conversion by 5% or increase website awareness by 10%.

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User experience:

To improve website experience, there is a need to emphasize the user experience. User experience is a broad term itself, it includes the overall experience of the customer like its Look, Feels, and Usability which motivates users to visit and revisit them.

An excellent user experience among customers generally helps in increasing the traffic on the website, and search engines collect data to find how users interact with the website. This data gives them a good indication regarding quality of websites which in turn, it improves their ranking as well according to their quality.

Some common elements are must for proper functioning of the websites such as:

  • Easy to use, navigate, and understand for user experience
  • Provide direct information relevant to search queries to the user
  • Quality of contents should be remarkable with proper facts and figures.
  • Websites should be well designed and responsive to the modern browsers available on the internet


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As you probably know generally, title is the name of the website, whereas tagline is a short statement similar to any slogan, placed below the title. It works as a brief description of the website, and why it exists.

Combining a strong title with clear, descriptive taglines helps in capturing audience attention as it clearly tells them what this company does, and why any user should care about them. It helps them explain what type of content you can expect from their websites in the future as well. Visit here to make a catchy tagline for your website.

Effective taglines should be customer-centric and must be focused on keeping in mind the needs and wants of the customers. A good tagline should have following traits:

  • Short tagline in character less than 60 words
  • Be different and catchy as compared to other websites
  • Set tone to content you provide on the website
  • Contain important keywords that can help in showing up in search engine request
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Don’t ask much from visitors too early:

When websites start demanding early registration on their websites to convert visitors into customers, it frustrates them as they want some value from the website first before any register, or buy. As reciprocity principle suggests, one pays back what it receives from others. First, you have to win the trust and confidence of your visitors, and then you can think of any return in the future.

Your content on your websites should be as valuable as what they are paying for it in the form of money, time, or contact information.

It is also important that you don’t forget the people to whom you are trying to reach. Knowing your target audiences and implementing a marketing strategy according to their needs and requirements is necessary for your businesses. Many times digital marketers may forget this amidst KPI planning, budget constraint, channel selection, or any other procedures. Developing the right strategy for the target audience and fulfilling their desires is what you need to be done for flourishing your business.

Here, you can provide some freebies like free samples, or free consultation, to every new visitor for a period of time which will provide some value to them, and help in gaining visitors’ trust in the website.

Effective Call to action:

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The goal of every business is to engage with as many as customers they can to grow continuously. To do this, you need to give direction to your client to become your buyer. Practical way to convert your client is by introducing Call to Action (CTA) button.

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Call to action is an effective way to convert your visitor to your clients by urging them to take specific actions like buy, download, or subscribe. The CTA should be noticeable on the page so that it becomes visible to all the visitors.

To make your CTA effective, you need to take care following things:

  • Text must be convincing
  • CTA button must be visually appealing
  • Highlight CTA button, so visitors notice it

Effective use of SEO:

Search engine optimization or SEO is now an effective tool for any digital marketing, it can help in improving your website traffic, and conversion of visitors. There are many elements including keyword ranking and website optimization, so you may need to take help of the best SEO expert in India or any other to keep up with the latest trends and techniques.

By sincerely following these basic rules, you may convert many clients, generate sales, and keep your business competitive in this vast market.