5 Hidden Risks of Wiring Your Own House

It is always useful when you know how to deal with standard maintenance in your home. You can save some money by avoiding repairman, and save a lot of time in case of some sudden malfunction. On the other hand, some types of repairs require a lot of knowledge and experience and trying to deal with them as an amateur could put you in danger.

Also, you might spend even more money on additional services and assistance from professionals. That is the case with electrical installations. The best option is to always hire a professional electrician in case that you have some issues with electricity in your home. If you need one available in Dubai, click here.

Many people think that they could properly fix any issues in the home by checking tutorials that are available online. Even though that is an excellent option, you have to know that some types of the repair require experts, and should never be a part of your DIY options. That is the case with wiring as well. Here are the main reasons why you should never deal with wiring on your own.

1. Potential Injuries

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As we already mentioned, you should always avoid dealing with electric installations if you don’t have proper knowledge and experience. One of the main reasons is related to your safety. The main risk is related to the fact that avoiding safety measures could lead to getting electrocuted. Depending on the power of the electroshock, you could end up in a hospital, or even die. When it comes to electric installations, most outlets are strong enough to cause serious injuries, while some of them could lead to fatality, like those with 240 volts, which is enough to kill a person.

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If you were ever looking at the electrician during his work, you can notice that the first step is always shutting down the main plug, which will turn down the connection with the system. After that, you can safely remove the wires and place new ones. However, the issue is that amateurs might forget this step. In that matter, even if you have some knowledge, keep in mind that safety is most important, and if you are not sure that you can fix it on your own, always choose an option to call an expert.

2. It Can Cause a Fire

Another hidden danger is that poorly installed wires could lead to malfunction, or even start a fire in your home. There are many cases where some mistakes lead to this problem. According to the statistics, there are over 50,000 cases of fire caused by bad installations each year, only in the United States. Unfortunately, over 500 of these cases end in fatality.

The main issue is that it might seem like everything is working well in the first moment, while the short circuit or some other problem could lead to fire a couple of days after you wired the house. Even s small mistake can lead to danger. Therefore, it is crucial to check each part of the installation and be sure that the whole process is done properly. Again, that is the reason to choose professional assistance. This is not one of those DIY projects that anyone can learn.

3. Issues With Legality

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Choosing a licensed electrician is especially important when you live in a residential building. Also, you will have to inform the residential manager about this maintenance because the repairman might need to shut down the connection in the whole building. On the other hand, if you choose to do it yourself, you might end up in court since other residents can sue you since you put them in danger, or have shut down the system without telling them in time.

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The problem can be even more serious if you cause a malfunction or place others in danger. The same is for houses as well, where some mistakes could lead to problems in the whole neighborhood. The great thing is that there are special regulations that state that only licensed electricians could deal with wiring and other types of maintenance related to electricity.

4. Value of the Property

As we mentioned before, you are legally obligated in some cases to always contact a licensed electrician for any type of repairs related to electricity. Also, if you are planning to sell the house or apartment, you can expect that people interested in buying could hire a professional to check the system. If they notice some potential issues, it can lower the value of your property, or even make it impossible to sell it before you replace the whole installations.

On the other side, you will get a paper from a professional whenever had some repairs, and you should save it and show it to real estate agents when you want to sell your home. That paper represents the proof that everything is fine with the electric system in your home.

5. It Can Cause Damage to Devices in Your Home

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Some types of repairs won’t result in fire or create any danger for the system. There are pre-installed safety measures that will turn off the plugs in case of short circuits or other issues. However, if you select the wrong wires or do not connect them properly, they could cause a malfunction of appliances and other devices in your home.

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For example, some machines might get connected with too low or too much electricity, which can result in a breakdown. If you notice that the plugs are going down too often, or that some appliances are not working properly, maybe the main issue is with the wires, and you should contact a professional to check the system.

Last Words

As you can see, there are many risks when you choose to deal with electricity on your own. Some repairs might be a routine for experienced electricians, but you could put yourself in danger in case that you decide to do it on your own. Even if you have decent knowledge, keep in mind that even a small mistake can create a lot of problems.