What to Look For In Your Wood Burning Heater

Wood burning heaters are the quintessential home heating solution. They have been in use longer than is widely known and have proven to be one of the only aspects of interior home design that remain enduring. Having a wood heater can be more than just a source of heat; it may also serve as a focal point for the use of a room, or even the decorating theme throughout the space.

If you have it in mind to purchase a wood-burning heater for your home, here are a few things you must take into consideration before you make your final selection:


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There is more to wood burning stoves than simply having a receptacle in which to place firewood, and a method of venting the smoke. Wood burning heaters come in three different types:

  • Multi-fuel heaters.
  • Pellet stoves.
  • Wood Burning stoves.

Wood burning heaters are also available as freestanding or insert types with cast iron or steel bodies. Each choice and type has its advantages and drawbacks.

Wood burning heaters that are specified for use with wood should not be used with pellets, and vice versa. Multi-fuel heaters, on the other hand, are a little more flexible when it comes to choice of fuel. They are designed to easily facilitate the burning of either wood or coal, depending on what is placed in the heater at any given time.

Freestanding heaters are more suited to a less rigid placement option. They can be installed anywhere within a room, as long as provision can be made for adequate venting. Conversely, insert heaters are installed in existing fireplaces to provide an environment that has better sealing for more efficiency.

Steel heaters differ from cast iron ones in their cost and heat distribution. While cast iron heaters tend to cost more and are better heat retainers so that they keep radiating heat into the room long after they have been turned off, steel heaters are less expensive to construct although they lose heat faster after the fire has been extinguished, despite the fact that they also heat up quicker when the fire is lit.

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Size and Output

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The size of heater you choose must be proportional to the room in which it will be installed. Having a heater that is too big will result in the use of more fuel as the wood will burn faster than can be managed to give time for the room to come up to temperature. On the other hand, an undersized heater will always have to be operated at higher than recommended temperatures, which can cause damage.


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Most modern wood heaters do come with an efficiency rating. The higher the rating, the better the heater. A high efficiency rating is an indicator that the heater, once installed, will make maximum use of fuel so that when the wood is lit, appropriately high amounts of heat will be produced from every log that is burnt in the heater.

High efficiency heaters tend to be more costly than those rated lower, although this initial cost is offset by better operational results over time.

As you consider your wood heater, seek expert advice on how to combine the various characteristics to get a wood heater that will give you the best overall experience as you sidle up to its warmth.

Bonus tip – Why you should buy wood burning heater anyway?

Wood burning heaters do not just look great while they are performing their function and provide warmth. There are actually many benefits and advantages that present good reasons why you should consider investing and buy wood burning heaters in the first place.

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If you are still doubting whether this is the right option for you, you should continue reading this article. We prepared some of the key reasons why wood-burning heaters stand out from the competition as warmth appliances.

They are very efficient

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If you are interested to find out how fire from some heating device is efficient, we will show you some statistics. For instance, when the fire has 80% of efficiency, that means that 80% of the produced heat goes to heat the room. However, there is 20% of waste heat, that remains and mostly disappears up the chimney. And some traditional heating device has a poor standard of efficiency. However, the wood-burning heater has near this percent of 80% efficiency. More precisely, less wood needs to burn in order to produce the same amount of heat. This is not only financially beneficial for all of us. This is beneficial for the environment as well.

Elegant and classy design

One of the best advantages that the wood-burning heaters provide is definitely their authentical appearance. Logically, you want a wood heater that looks very nice in the room you want to place it. With modern designs that you can get in many different styles, finishes, and sizes, you will easily find the one that will fit in your living room or somewhere else in the house perfectly. If you ask anyone who has a wood-burning heater, he will say that this is the very elegant decor in the house that everyone notices when enters the house. So if you are an aesthetic person, you will really enjoy seeing this in your home. Additionally, not only that it looks nice, but it also gives a special warm and relaxing feeling in the atmosphere that everyone will enjoy.

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They are eco-friendly

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Wood-burning heaters are actually good for the environment because they do not use fossil fuels for promoting heat. These include things like natural gas, coal, propane, etc which are very dangerous. These ones are called carbon-neutral which indicates that when they burn, they do not add carbon dioxide to the environment. So, as trees naturally absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, during the combustion, there is actually maintained balance.
So, for those who do not know, wood is renewable and sustainable energy. In short, while the trees need CO2 for their existence and development, the rise of Co2 in the atmosphere is beneficial for them. So, even though excessive CO2 presents serious damage and a threat in a global aspect, it also shows the fact how sustainable burning wood is as an energy source.

It will save you money

Let’s be honest, we are all aware of the fact that prices of energy are constantly rising, so we are all trying to find alternatives when it comes to heating our house. While it is too expensive to heat the house with gas, electricity, and oil, you can consider wood burners and save your money. Not only they are much more efficient, but also they are a much cheaper source of heat.