Home Cleaning Tricks and Strategies to Keep a Safe Distance From Pests and Bugs

According to the Entomological Society of America, there are around quintillion insects on the planet Earth. Per person residing in this world, there are more than a billion insects. Although all these insects aren’t trying to snatch away eatables from your kitchen or refrigerator, yet they may suddenly emerge in your house as nooks and corners where they’re tough to spot. Usually, bugs enter homes in search of shelter, food, and water.

However, is there any valid reason to share your home with uninvited pests? The National Pest Management Association addresses new and old homeowners to imbibe the habit of pest-proofing their homes and sprucing up their home cleaning activities. As there’s no good reason to live with pests, you have to know the tricks and strategies of home cleaning to stay away from bugs.

Common signs of pest infestation

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There is no doubt that pests can invade almost any part of your house but at the same time, it is also true that some parts of your home are more attractive to them. Kitchen, bedroom, and storage areas are few such areas that need your extra attention.

While most homeowners are scared about their homes being infested by pests, they mostly are unaware or ignorant of the common signs to watch out for. Here are few such signs to look forward to.

  • Broken food packs: Do you find scratched, shredded, or gnawed food packaging everywhere in your house? This is an indication of the fact that some pests have already started interfering with your food items.
  • Pest droppings: Bugs like cockroaches and rodents are clever in hiding themselves and hence it is tough to locate their droppings which are usually in concealed places like behind boxes or underneath kitchen appliances. Poke deep inside to look for rodent pellets and stains of urine.
  • Nesting items: When you clean your house, if you find shredded pieces of fabric, this is a clear indication of the fact that your house has been invaded by rodents and rats.
    Insect carcasses: Do you find shed wings or shed skin or insect carcasses in your house? While cleaning, if these are what you find, you can be sure about a pest infestation.
  • Dry spots of blood: Bed bugs are dangerous insects that suck the blood of humans and leave feces which might seem to be dried blood flakes on furniture, bedding, and also on walls. If you notice such spots, be sure there are bed bugs.
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Tips to prevent pest infestation in any place in your house

Let’s face the fact! None of us loves to share our rooms with pests. So, it is vital to learn a few tricks and strategies to keep them from entering different areas of your home. Here are few pest control tips.

Keep bugs away from Pantries

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  • Wipe off bottles after using: If you just used a syrup bottle or a honey bottle or an oil container, make sure you wipe down the bottle before keeping it. Any kind of residue of honey, sugar, syrup, or peanut butter can attract pests.
  • Watch out for rotten veggies & fruits: Yes, fruits and veggies are perfect for nutrition but when they’re close to being spoiled, they are great for pests. So, whenever there is an unused veggie or fruit, make sure you throw it off on time.
  • Store food watchfully: Bugs can enter into all kinds of containers apart from those that are tightly sealed. Hence, make sure all your food items are stored properly in air-tight containers that are difficult to open.

Prevent bugs from entering your Kitchen

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  • Restrict places where you eat: Make it a rule in the house that you should always eat in the dining areas or in the kitchen. The fewer the places where you eat, the lesser will be the exposure of food residue and crumbs to insects and pests.
  • Wipe off spills instantly: Any kind of messy surface will attract pests and bugs. So, if you spill anything solid or liquid, address them immediately. Move furniture to ensure all the residue of the spill has been removed.
  • Clean the floor every day: Whether you sweep or vacuum, you should clean the floor every day. The residue of oil or food has to be removed as fast as possible so that bugs don’t get attracted.
  • Missing out on cleaning even for a day can tempt the uninvited guests.
  • Maintain unclogged drains: Slow-moving or clogged drains have to be cleared on time. If there are leaky sinks and drains, repair them as most insects come home to look for water.
  • Wash your used dishes: It is never a great idea to wait for a long time to wash your dishes. If you think soaking the dishes underwater is a great idea, you’re wrong. Wash your dishes soon after eating and clear the drain or wipe off the sink.
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Keep insects away from your garbage bins

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  • Clean off recyclables: Make sure you rinse off glasses, plastics, or metal containers that are prone to recycling.
  • Disinfect garbage bins: It is a monthly job to wash the inside and outside of your garbage bin. However, don’t forget to have a separate toilet brush that works perfectly for cleaning the areas that are hard to reach.
  • Cover the trash bin with a lid: By applying lids on trash cans, you can prevent bugs from entering. Bugs are attracted by smell and hence using a lid is imperative. While buying trash bins, get the ones with lids.

Experts and professionals from the National Pest Management Association emphasize the fact that whenever you find out any kind of infestation, get in touch with a pest management company like www.barrierpestcontrol.com so as to eliminate all kinds of pests from your home. They have trained and licensed workers who have experience in killing pests and making your home pest-free. Check the credentials of the company before appointing them.