7 Reasons Why Roman Blinds are Still Excellent Window Coverings

Window coverings are a large part of any room’s interior décor design. With so many options on offer, it can be quite challenging to find the best option. Especially since windows vary in size and shape. Additionally, some coverings, such as curtains, are bulky and may be too large for smaller spaces.

In these instances, opting for the stylish blinds Dandenong homeowners are leaning toward might be well worth your consideration. Roman blinds are among the more preferred types of blinds on offer. If you’re not sure what Roman blinds are and how they differ from other blinds, then this post is a must-read!

What is a Roman-Style Blind?

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Typically, Roman blinds are made from quality fabric and feature a blackout lining on the inside. They also have pull cords which have been interwoven within the fabric. Panels are fixed to the inside of the blind that enable it to be raised and lowered.

How do Roman-Style Blinds Differ From Venetian Blinds?

Not all blinds are the same. Essentially, Venetian blinds are constructed using narrow slats which open and close using a pull cord. Roman blinds are made up of one solid sheet of fabric that folds up into pleats as it rises to open.

Roman Blinds are Still Trending

Roman blinds have been around for quite a long time. Their origins can be traced back to ancient Rome where they were used in households around the Roman Empire. This little fun fact may leave you wondering how a 2,000-year-old invention can still be beneficial in your home today.

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There are in fact, several good reasons why Roman blinds are still a preferred blinds option for many Australian homeowners. We’ve listed the most significant.

1. Excellent for Small Spaces

Roman blinds are perfect for smaller windows such as bathrooms, hallway windows and home offices where curtains will just end up looking bulky and crowding the space. Since Roman blinds are only made from a single piece of fabric, they are remarkably easy to raise and don’t require any space outside of the window frame.

 2. Simple to Use

Another feature that makes Roman blinds so appealing is the simplicity with which they operate. All you have to do is pull a drawstring that’s attached to the integrated cord in the fabric. Many manufacturers also offer a motorised version which means that you can raise or lower your blinds with the push of a button on a remote control.

 3. Energy-Efficient

Many Australian homeowners are constantly searching for ways to lower their energy bills and their overall carbon outputs. Since Roman blinds have a special lining in the fabric, they also serve as insulation. This special lining traps heat inside on cooler days and keeps warm air outside in warmer weather.

You therefore won’t need to keep your air conditioning on for the whole day. You can also adjust the height of your blinds to let in as much cool air as possible on those hot Australian days. This special lining makes Roman blinds one of the more energy-efficient residential window covering options to consider.

4. Ideal for Slanted Windows

Modern architecture and skylights have made it difficult for traditional curtain solutions to cover windows effectively. While many prefer their skylights to remain without a covering, some homeowners want them covered.

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Roman blinds can be custom fitted to the slanted window frames or skylights by installing brackets that hang flush with the roof, wall or window. You can therefore have a well-fitted covering on any window, no matter the shape or size.

5. Customisation is Always an Option

Most Roman blind manufacturers offer a wide range of colours, styles and fabrics to choose from. This means it’s now easier than ever to incorporate your blinds into the design style of the space.

Furthermore, Roman blinds can be installed on both the inside and outside of any window recess. The only consideration to keep in mind here is that you’ll need a slightly larger blind. Be sure to tell your installer of your preference before the material is cut!

6. Choose Your Own Privacy Levels

In addition to choosing your specific colour and style, you can also opt for locked linings which are excellent for increasing the privacy levels in your home. If you prefer more natural light to enhance a minimalistic aesthetic, then you can even choose a sheer fabric option.

7. Simple to Maintain

Roman blinds are also easy to clean. All it takes is a clean, soft cloth, warm water and in some cases a gentle detergent. Start by dusting the blinds with a light feather duster and then spot-clean any areas that may have tougher dust marks on them. Don’t rub the material—rather dab to prevent damaging more delicate materials.

Final Thoughts

Roman blinds add a stylish aesthetic to any space. Whether you want to enhance a minimalistic décor or just need a covering for smaller windows, you won’t go wrong with Roman blinds. With their highly customisable options, ease of use and low maintenance, you’ll be glad you made the switch!

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Roman blinds continue to stand out as excellent window coverings for numerous reasons. From their timeless elegance to their practical benefits, they offer a blend of style and functionality that suits various preferences and needs. With their versatility, energy efficiency, and ease of maintenance, Roman blinds remain a top choice for homeowners seeking both aesthetics and convenience. Whether you’re aiming to optimize space, enhance privacy, or simply elevate your interior design, Roman blinds offer a solution that stands the test of time. Explore the diverse range of options available and experience the transformative impact these blinds can have on your home.