6 Tips for Cleaning & Maintaining Your Hood Vents

As a commercial kitchen owner, you and your facility are safe to the extent that your kitchen is safe. So, there is no good commercial facility without well-arranged hood vents, and the law has taken care of that. That is why today there is an inspection that reminds the owners how important this is. However, there is no need to come into conflict with them and you certainly will not if you follow these rules. Keep in mind that each element in the kitchen cooperates and that they all together form one whole.

In that case, it is important to dedicate ourselves to their maintenance at all levels. This refers to daily cleaning that must be performed by trained personnel, but also to cleaning by qualified professionals. If you are still not sure how this works, continue reading and learn in the rest of the text how to access hood vents.

1.Exaust fan

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You can find these devices in different dimensions, sizes, styles and all other features. Today, we cannot imagine kitchen spaces without them, because they perform a very important function and release us from unpleasant air. Imagine how important this is in a commercial kitchen where a large amount of food is prepared all day. That is exactly why there are pipes that keep everything under control, and the air is clean. However, when the openings are not well cleaned, anything can happen.

They stop performing their task and too much smoke, odors accumulate in the room, the temperature rises and problems occur. The worst that can happen is a fire and that is exactly why every facility like this has to take good care of its aspirators that keep things under control. This is achieved by means of filters that need to be removed and cleaned. Take a close look at these filters before removing them, as they are each different. If you think you will not maintain it yourself well enough, call professionals like oahuhoodcleaning.com, because then you will be sure that you will comply with all safety regulations and that you will not have to pay a fine when the inspection comes to check.

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2. Kitchen sink

So, kitchen workers should know how to maintain this space after and during the working day. This refers to some simple things that most people do at home and thus prevents the creation of greater damage. The sink is a part of the kitchen that is constantly used, which means that most of the fat deposits are kept right here, as a result of various foods. Then its drain or pipes suffer the most. Since you cannot reach the pipes and clean them, various means are used for that purpose. They are mostly poured into the opening, water is released and the pipes are waited for to be clean and ready for use again.

However, you do not have to use these chemicals because it is enough for those present in the kitchen to pour hot water into the opening from time to time. This will be enough to periodically decompose the greasy sediment that has formed. To get an even better effect, add soap and baking soda to this water. Keep in mind that soap does a great job of removing fat.

3. Filters

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To clean the filters, they need to be in the water for a while. You will prepare the water by also adding soap and baking soda to it, depending on their effect. However, it is not enough just to submerge them but it is necessary for them to stand in enough water. This means that it would be ideal if you could immerse them as deep as possible so that the entire surface was in the soap. Either way, this is just a routine filter cleaning after all. In that case, you cannot expect to attend the magic, because the outcome of the cleansing depends on how often you do it.

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For example, if you haven’t done this for a long time, you’ll probably have to wait a long time before removing the filters from the water. Our advice is not to take them out often to check the results, but to let the soap and hot water do their job. Of course, check the water periodically and add hot water if necessary. It is important that the temperature remains high.

4. Installing filters

After you have done this part of the job, cleaned the filters, you can now put them back in place. However, it will not be that simple if you do not know how to set them up properly. Therefore, you need to first find out about this or simply look for the manufacturer’s instructions to follow. If you set them up the wrong way they will not work properly and so you can do more harm than good. Of course, it is much easier to take them out than to put them back, so always consult with someone more experienced if you are not sure what to do.

5. Repeat cleaning

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Regular maintenance means repeating the cleaning for a certain period. This will depend on the use of the object for cooking purposes. For example, there are different rules between different commercial facilities. These are hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc. Each of these facilities functions differently and the team itself has different working hours in the kitchen. They will clean more often or less often based on that time. However, if the kitchen is doing infrequent cleaning, it should be done on a monthly basis.

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On the other hand, kitchens where something is constantly being done simply have to be tidied up several times a week. Then the filters get dirty much faster and require frequent replacement. Remember that the most important thing is to adjust the cleaning schedule according to your work.

6. Check

We must not forget the regular inspection of the device and the overall functioning of the kitchen system. So, you need to make sure everything works. This applies to all devices that would need to be turned on and off from time to time. This way you will not check if something has stopped working but you will also make sure that no changes have taken place. For example, various devices may start making noise at once or perform their primary functions less well. Then something is wrong with them, and it is mostly a problem with the fan that is blocked due to excess fat and the like.

However, such things happen very rarely to facilities that regularly perform general cleaning by experts and daily routine cleaning. Try to stay true to it.


We hope that we have helped you to maintain your commercial facility even better and thus protect it from all potential dangers.