4 Tips for Maintaining Your Electric Skateboard Battery Life – 2024 Guide

A new electric skateboard is a dream come true. There must be many expectations riding on the new skateboard, pun intended. Your skateboard can rise up to your expectations, but in return, it demands some care from you too. To ensure that the skateboard keeps functioning as intended and remains in optimal condition, it needs to be properly cleaned and fully charged. The battery is the part of your electric skateboard that can make or break the experience of riding a skateboard.

There are many things you can do to ensure the optimal performance of your electric skateboard. Some of the tips are as follows:

1. Know the Type of Battery

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Electric skateboards are primarily installed with lithium-ion batteries, but on some occasions, other types of batteries are also installed or preferred by the manufacturers. There are three types of batteries that are commonly used in electric skateboards. These are as follows:

  • Lithium-ion

The most used and the most well-known by anyone who uses an electronic gadget, Li-ion batteries, find varied uses. They are preferred because they are relatively safer, with specially designated places for charge and discharge. They are relatively inexpensive compared to other options in the market, and manufacturers have spent more time with the Lithium-ion battery, so they are more extensively used in the market.

Even though these batteries are the most commonly used, skateboarders might find this option to be less appealing because, over time, Li-ion batteries undergo voltage sag. Voltage sag drastically impacts the performance of a gadget, and it will negatively impact the skateboard’s performance as well. Since no user wants their skateboard to perform at a subpar level, Li-ion batteries are avoided whenever possible by skateboarders.

  • Lithium Polymer

LiPo batteries are the solution to voltage sag for e-skateboarders. Compared to their lithium-ion counterparts, lithium polymer batteries are cheaper and the voltage sag they experience over time is not as significant. These batteries are more powerful than Li-ion, but they also need more maintenance. If you are serious about your electric skateboarding experience and opt for these batteries, you will have to be hands-on with the upkeep involved with these batteries.

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One of the conditions required during the upkeep of these batteries is to drain them to a specific level before storing them in a dry place at room temperature. They can even cause a short circuit and start a fire if you are not careful with them. Physical deterrents can negatively impact this battery more than it does any other ones, and temperature is also another factor that can cause damage to these batteries.

  • Lithium Iron Phosphate

LiFePO4 Batteries are new and preferable because of their minimized voltage sag. Even though they are less in use and are therefore more costly, these batteries have a longer life and will give their money’s worth in performance.

2. Know the Life of Your Battery

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An important aspect of taking care of your battery is to know when to replace it. No battery in the market comes with an indefinite battery life. There is going to be a time when you will have to replace the battery. A regular battery will last for over a couple thousand cycles which will span a time period of 2-3 years.

Various factors decide on how long the battery will last. These range from continuous use to your charging habits, along with the temperature conditions you are exposing your battery to. Ask any skateboard manufacturer like meepoboard.com about the specifics of changing the battery and go to a professional for the change rather than doing it yourself. Also, remember to ask to see the manufacturing date of the battery—the more recent, the better.

3. Temperature and Moisture should be Controlled

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Overheating of a machine is not considered a good symptom. That being said, the battery of a gadget will heat up when it is being charged. Your responsibility as the owner of an electric skateboard is to make sure that the skateboard is not being kept at a place that is triggering the temperature change on the battery. Room temperature is ideal for storage, no matter the season. While keeping it near the heat can cause a blast in the battery, putting it in a room that is freezing can cause the battery to stop working permanently.

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Along with the temperature, moisture can also be a deterrent for your electric skateboard. Any battery is prone to damage from humidity and water. It is best if neither the controller nor the battery is exposed to any kind of moisture while charging or when in use. While water can cause corrosion in the connector, moisture can harm the inner working of the battery can cause malfunctions that can be aversive to your safety.

4. Mind Your Charging Habits

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Any manufacturer will advise you to fully charge your electric skateboard before using it. This is not an exception for the first few times or on special occasions. While fully draining the battery may not be possible each time you use your skateboard, fully charging the board before taking it for a spin is essential for battery life. It should not matter if there is some charge left from your last use; charge it fully before taking your skateboard out to fully enjoy the experience of e-skateboarding.

Ideally, the skateboard should be used regularly, but some exceptions can arise. In case the skateboard is not in use for a while, you should not abandon it. Make it a habit to charge the batteries every month or so and try to keep the battery level somewhere between 60-80%. This might seem like a lot of work, but it will help with your battery life and will also help you enjoy the experience without impacting the performance when you do get back to skateboarding.

The Takeaway

The battery of your skateboard will be your friend if you properly maintain it when you do and do not use it. The performance of the electric skateboard is unparalleled, which is why some efforts need to be made from your side to ensure that this experience remains as fun as it is supposed to be.

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