How To properly Serve Johnnie Walker Whiskey – 2024 Guide

Any whiskey lovers out there? If you are a frequent whiskey drinker you probably know how to enjoy a good bottle, such as Johnnie Walker itself. However, if this is your first time enjoying a good scotch and you’re not too sure how to drink it – don’t sweat about it, you’re at the right place! In this article, we will talk about different ways on how to enjoy your alcoholic beverage on your own or when enjoying a night out. Here is how to enjoy & properly serve Johnnie Walker in 2024.

What is the story behind Johnnie Walker?


The story takes us years back and in 1857. Johnnie Walker opened the most basic & simple grocery store at the age of 15 and continued to live a normal life without ever getting involved in whisky-making. However & only after his death, his son Alexander Walker produced the first blend & named it after his father. The most famous drinks Red & Black Label were born in 1909, and are still a famous go-to choice among people worldwide who don’t want to spend hundreds on a whisky, yet those who know how to taste & enjoy the aroma. If you want to get your hands on a bottle you can read more here and find the perfect whisky for you or someone you love. Combine it with a box of chocolate & a card to make it even more personal & lovely.

How to enjoy a good whisky?


It all starts with your approach & with the right taste test. If you’ve ever been to a wine-tasting event you will manage just fine with whisky as well. If not, here are your steps to consider & follow:

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1. Give it a sniff

Did you know that your nose can identify 1 trillion different aromas?! Swirl your glass and enjoy all of its precious aromas. It is way more powerful than your tongue & mouth itself.

2. Sip slowly

After 30 seconds of your nosing experience now is time to take a sip. Hold the drink right on your tongue and let it spread out in your mouth. Breathe out through your nose instead of your mouth. What are you feeling: oily, creamy, thin, or rich texture? Is it hot, sweet, or spicy? There are loads of different scents and experiences that you can go through.

3. Enjoy it

This little exercise and repeating these two motions will help you get the hang of it all. Remember that you are the ultimate arbiter. Slowly drink your alcoholic beverage and see how it makes you feel. It might take some time & adjusting to get the right feel & to find your perfect blend.

How to serve Johnnie Walker?


1. Should you go for a neat, watery, or icy drink?

You can serve your alcoholic beverage in one of these three ways. Are you an expert when it comes to different tastes & serving options? Do you prefer the pure aroma, or do you enjoy a bit of water as a chaser with your drink? Well, most bartenders recommend that you:

Go for a neat whisky if this is your first beverage in a while. Just know that master blenders dilute their whisky down to 20%, and adding water will work only if you know how to use a minimal amount that won’t ruin its overall taste.

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However, the simplest way to enjoy your whisky is neat, cleansing your palate with cool water between sips. Johnnie Walker will taste delicious once you give it a go with this approach.

2. Know what glass to use

The type of glass you drink from can affect your impression of your first glass of whisky or any drink for that matter. Imagine if you had to drink your beer from a cocktail glass – it would look ridiculous, wouldn’t you agree? Most bartenders use & prefer a wide bowl in a tulip-shaped glass since it allows you to feel the drink and enjoy its aroma. For long whisky drinks, use a ‘highball’ – a tall, slim, straight-sided glass.

PS: Never hold your whisky in your hand for too long since it will ruin its aroma & make it warmer than it should be. There is nothing as disturbing as a warm alcoholic beverage on a steamy summer night.

3. Johnnie Walker in cocktails – yes or pass?

Times have changed and alcohol mixing has come a long way. Whiskey drinks are nowadays more than welcome in cocktails, but it is up to you to make this choice. For instance, you can pour Johnnie Walker in your Manhattan or Old-Fashioned, ideal for girls who don’t want to drink shots all night long. Here is how to prepare Old Fashioned on your own:

Step 1: Muddle a sugar cube and 3 dashes of bitters in the bottom of a rocks glass, or your favorite glass that you have at home.
Step 2: Pour in one shot of Johnnie Walker and add a bit of ice. Stir it away till it starts to melt.
Step 3: Add one more shot of whiskey to your blend.
Step 4: Add a cherry or an orange twist to make it delicious + for its aesthetic.

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The general rule on ice


If you prefer ice in most of your drinks (alcoholic beverages, iced coffees, orange juice, etc) you can add a bit of it to your whisky as well. It will keep you cool & chilly during the night, and it will keep you wanting new shots & rounds. However, you should know that there is also a chance of it changing the flavor as well as diluting your whisky. Know what you’re working with before you start to mix it.

Ready to enjoy your drinks?

In the end, do you want a shot or a cocktail of Johnnie Walker? Let us know how you like to drink this whisky, as well as what is your preferred go-to drink when at a bar or a club, we would love to know.