A Complete Guide To Commercial Security System And Access Control Systems

How secure are your business premises? Do you rest easy that your investment is cushioned from fire, break-ins, and other adversities? Your return on investment is intricately dependent on the security systems you’ve invested in your property.

unionalarm.com is specially designed to help you respond to all your security concerns. Commercial security and access control systems allow you to beef up security on your property. The system also gives you higher chances to reap more from your investments.

1. Access Control

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The access control system allows authorized personnel to access a building, site, rooms, and other safety and hazard installations in your property. An access control system can either be discretionary, managed, or role-based.
A discretionary access control system allows the owner to authorize specific persons on the premises. Managed access control classifies users by giving them title badges within the security guidelines.

Access information is transmitted to a common access system where it is processed and compared to an authorized personnel database.

The most preferred access control is the role-based system. Employees gain entry to specific rooms and locations depending on their job titles and responsibility. The system administrator reserves the rights of admission for all the staff members.

2.CCTV systems

This is one of the best methods of keeping an eye on your premises even when you’re away. The system consists of several cameras linked to a centralized digital video recorder. The cameras can also be connected to a computer by a Wi-Fi signal or cables.

3. Intruder alarms systems

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This is an intruder or burglar alarm that alerts you when there’s forced entry into your property. It is also an insurance requirement for any commercial premises.

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Burglar alarm signals detected by sensors are sent to the central control via a network. The alarm may also be accompanied by an audible alarm. The combination works by destabilizing the intruder inside the building and by drawing attention to the ongoing break-in.

4.Perimeter barrier

Perimeter barrier systems from a place such as AmicoSecurity.com, acts as a deterrent to intruders. Perimeter security can be a wall, fence bollards, or infra-red beams. There should be guards, screens, and turnstiles at all entry points, to close out admissions beyond business hours.

5. Integrated systems

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Installation of these commercial security systems can be an expensive affair. More so, the installation of one system at a time can lead to poor decision-making, leading to inappropriate responses.

To avoid such eventualities sensors, access controls, and their respective responses should be channeled to a single system. This allows enhanced controls, reliable response, and improved flexibility.

Integrated security systems allow for flexibility. For instance, there can be configurations for holidays, weekends, and nighttime. The same settings can apply to controlling cameras and switching lights on and off.

Your commercial property attracts more revenue when you invest in beefing up security. Update your security solutions to embrace emerging threats and evolving business needs. Once installation is up and running, ensure you conduct regular tests and assessments to enhance efficiency should an emergency come.

How to choose the most appropriate security system for your commercial property

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There are many security firms in the market. Choosing the most appropriate safety and hazard system for your commercial property is not one of the easiest things to do. The variety makes your task to pinpoint the best one confusing. Read on to learn how to choose the best provider for you.

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Conduct a safety and emergency response review

You can bring a security expert on board to help you review your readiness to respond to any emergency. A third party may have an insight you may have overlooked. A review enables you to identify the security equipment you need. It also helps you see the loopholes in your premises and know the right place to install the security details.
In the security review, ensure you go over the following:

  • All the entrances and exit points
  • The details of the physical features in the premises
  • The number of occupants in the building
  • Pinpoint the weak areas and any vulnerabilities you’re exposed to
  • The routine working hours for the occupants of the premises

Review security installation services

Depending on the scale of your commercial property, you may decide to do the installation yourself or hire a security firm. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you need to read basic information about the options you’ll explore and install.
It’s also critical to decide whether you want your security issues to be handled by a third-party company or yourself. The former are experts and guarantee to be professional at their work. A security company allows you time to concentrate on other issues that are more gainful for your business.

Decide on video/camera surveillance

Video surveillance is a primary security detail to install in your commercial premises. This is because it:

  • Provides 24/7 surveillance for your commercial property
  • Can deter break-ins and the possibility of crimes happening in and around the building
  • Allows the business owner to monitor valuables left unattended for a considerably long period
  • Can help prevent dishonesty among employees thus preventing claims and misdemeanor among employees
  • Provides credible evidence when theft and other crimes happen
  • Can monitor sensitive areas such as point of sale or cash register points
  • Ensures that only accredited employees access the building
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Decide whether an access control system is necessary

Access control unit limits individual’s movements, entrance to different areas within the business premises. For instance, the stock room, safe, or information offices can be out of bounds for all employees apart from a few.
The access control system enables only the permitted individuals to gain access to such designated areas. This is a critical decision to make because only the accredited individuals can access such places. Accountability is easy, fast, and efficient.

Other factors

Decide whether you want to control security details remotely. Do you want a wired or wireless option? Your need is the best informant of the commercial security and access control unit options for your property. A security professional gives you insights you may lack in matters of safety and emergency response.

Remember to update your security solutions to embrace emerging threats and evolving business needs. Once installation done, ensure you conduct regular tests and assessments to enhance efficiency should an emergency come.