PPC: Is It Worth Relying On & Spending Money?

When we say PPC, we’re referring to the most popular advertising model that helps drive traffic to the website. It is a quintessentially systematized way, as you are only required to pay when you click on the ad. SEO executives of KinexMedia have observed, “Because of its ‘Measurable Nature,’ people tend to trust it more than Organic Marketing Techniques.”

What Happens In PPC?

PPC, as we all know, is a digital advertising model where you are only required to pay an amount whenever the user clicks on the ad & visits their website. The basic notion behind the PPC Campaign is to buy visits to a specific site.

Is PPC The Only Payment Model Available?

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Though it is a standard option used by advertisers, it does not mean that it is the only option available. There are two other options available:

  • PPM (Pay Per Thousand)

Here, advertisers pay an already decided amount whenever the thousands of impressions by users are made.

  • PPA (Payment Per Acquisition)

Advertisers pay each time whenever a user completes a specific action like:

  • Downloading the Material
  • Downloading an App

How To Have A Better Idea About PPC?

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PPC is a broad term that has many inclusions. To understand it deeply, you need to have a good understanding of the following:

  • Landing Page

Whenever a user clicks on your ad, he is redirected to some page. That page is known as the Landing Page.

  • Impressions

Many people confuse impressions with clicks. But it is not something like that. By impressions, we are merely referring to the views an advertisement receives. It does not at all include the consideration of whether a user clicks on it or not.

  • Segmentation

A PPC advertiser has complete control over the audience seeing your ads. You are fully authorized to group it based on these: Age, Gender, Location, Interests etc.

  • Frequency

By frequency, we mean the total number of times an ad is shown to a particular user in a decided period.

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Why Is PPC Considered A Beneficial Marketing Tactic?

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  • You Pay Only If You See Results

On comparing PPC with other advertising models, we come to notice a significant advantage according to which –

‘Other Advertising models demand you the fees for running campaigns, but they do not provide you with any guarantee that you will generate Sales. But with PPC, you pay only if you have gained the results.”

  • Comprehensive Knowledge of Insights

Pay Per Click Campaigns help you with comprehensive information on the Clicks, Impressions & Conversions.

  • Choose The Timing And Platform

You can choose the platforms & locations where you want to display your ad. Apart from that, you can select the timings as well.

  • Your Ads Will Target The Right Audience

With the help of the segmentation, it becomes quintessentially easy to show your ad to the targeted audience. This way, yielding a good amount of results becomes possible.

  • Control Your Budget

You can control your budget. PPC gives you so many facilities. One such facility is that you can set a budget daily.

  • Achieve A Better Positioning & Visibility

With PPC, you can show your ads on search engines, social networks, and other sites most visited by users.

  • Possibilities for Optimization

Since PPC campaigns help you gain the minutest details of the campaigns, it becomes possible to optimize them. Besides, it is highly advisable to run similar versions of that ad with some changes. It helps you get a better insight into which kind of ad is working the best.

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Where Do We Use Pay Per Click?

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PPC can be used in:

  • Search Engines

Being a member of the digital world, we all have heard the term Search Engine Marketing, which allows you to show ads based on the keyword. PPC Ads have proven beneficial to many business owners considering running them on the Search Engines. Here are the reasons:


PPC ads are beneficial as they are displayed on the first page of SERP, so it is pretty apparent that these would gain high visibility.

Shows To Those Who Need It

Since PPC ads are keyword-based, these are shown to those searching for the thing. For example, You are searching for ‘Women Clothing Accessories’. And once you search this, you will get to see all the ads which have targeted the particular keyword.

  • PPC Ads on Social Networking Sites

The main advertising tools on social networking are Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. Social Media Platforms have widely diversified data. Based on that, you can run suitable ads.

  • PPC Display Ads

Display ads portray the brand’s products & services. Such campaigns prove to be highly effective if they are strategized & implemented well.

Is there any Con with PPC?

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Everything on the earth has its pros & cons. The same goes for PPC. If it has Pros, then it has cons as well:

  • Learn Before You Run a Campaign

Not anyone can run a PPC campaign. Before you get into it, you need to have a giant knowledge regarding its metrics.

  • It’s Expensive

Since it is Pay Per Click, it is expensive. Besides, if you make any mistakes while running a PPC Campaign, it could be even costlier.

Wrap Up!

PPC is observed to be an effective strategy for increasing your sales, brand reputation & awareness. But you need to be a skilled person to run profitable campaigns.