iTunes Dark Mode: How to Enable and Use it?

Hello dear readers, if you are an Apple iTunes user and regularly update your information and news, I am sure you are familiar with the dark mode of iTunes. iTunes in dark mode is a very popular feature on Windows 10. That’s why we wrote this note today to introduce our readers to the dark mode of iTunes on Mac and Windows. We will also give you some additional information on this subject. Stay in contact and read this article.

Using the iTunes Dark Function [Step by Step]

iTunes in dark mode

If you use Apple iTunes on your computer every day and night, or if you rely on Apple iTunes, you may suffer from insomnia and eyestrain, especially if your screen brightness is high. Many DJs, DJs, or music producers use iTunes on their PC or Mac Windows all night long to play music and constantly watch the screen when it’s backlit. We all have to find a way to control our eyes when we work long hours on iTunes, morning or evening.

As you can see, you can darken the menu bar with your current iTunes settings. So this function can easily help you with the backlighting of the display. Today we will only talk about this function.


iTunes is an Internet radio, media library, media player and management application for mobile devices developed by Apple Inc. iTunes was launched on September 9, 2008. January 2001 officially announced or published. This program is mainly used to play, download and organize digital media files such as music and videos on your PC with Windows and MacOS operating systems.

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iTunes in dark mode

With the latest version of MacOS Mojave, Apple has officially announced a feature called ‘dark mode’. The Dark Mode function makes everything in the system dark. I mean, the theme and color contrasts change to black or darker gray, including the Search Bar, iTunes, Dock, Safari, System Preferences, Finder, and more.

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With this new function in dark mode, you get a whole new look for your system. The whole surface has a dark theme or a dark background. Thanks to this unique new feature, all text in iTunes will be white on a black background. When you activate the Black Mode feature in iTunes, it protects your eyes from blue light, eyestrain and sleep problems.

How to use the dark mode of iTunes?

If you like the iTunes dark mode feature and want to try it on your system or computer, read on. Find detailed instructions for using or activating iTunes dark mode on your PC or Mac.

How to use the iTunes dark mode on Windows?

MacOS Mojave has a dark mode that attracts a lot of people. Windows 10 fans or users therefore want to use this feature on their PC or laptop, but many do not know how to activate the dark mode of Windows 10. To do this, follow the instructions below.

  • You must first search the parameters in the search bar of your PC.
  • Now that you get the settings window, you need to click on the customization option.
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iTunes in dark mode

  • In the next step, click on the option Color, which you can get on the left side.

iTunes in dark mode

  • When the Color option appears on the screen, simply scroll down and press Dark Mode.

iTunes in dark mode

  • And when you click on dark mode, this function starts automatically on your computer.
  • When all these steps have been completed, you will certainly see the results in dark mode when you open an iTunes application. And it’s really unbelievable.

How to use iTunes Dark Mode on Mac:

Apple Inc. has officially added the Black Mode feature to MacOS Mojave. Almost all users have this feature with MacOS Mojave. Switching to darker mode on your Mac is simple and straightforward. Just follow the steps above. Then the Black Mode feature turns on your Mac so you can enjoy the Black Mode feature.

  • First click on the Apple logo, which you can see in the top left corner.
  • Then you need to select your system settings. Then you have to click on the General button.
  • Now that the General tab opens, you need to click Dark Mode when the Appearance option appears.

iTunes in dark mode

  • Finally you’re ready, and now that you’re opening the iTunes application on your device, you’ll see it open in dark mode. So now you can enjoy it and save your eyes from the blue light.

Last words: I hope you are now familiar with the dark mode of iTunes and know how to enable dark mode on Windows and Mac devices. This is a very good feature for those who like dark colors. Share this article with your family, friends or anyone else who would also like to know about this dark mode feature. Thank you for visiting our website.

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