Fix Page Fault in Nonpaged Area BSOD

To solve a page in the dead zone of the blue screen, this article may contain your exact methods and information.

Error0x0000000A IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL BSOD? here’s the fix

There are a lot of blue screens with fatal errors that you see in Windows 10. But the error page in the off-page section is one of the oldest and most notable errors in the BSOD. In the good old days it was a daily event, and in recent years it has become a common mistake. There may be problematic driver names with a .sys extension. There may also be some kind of stop error code, e.g. 0x050, STOP : 0x00000050 (0xffffff7ff0d7f00, 0x00000001, 0xffffff800031c69a5,
0x000000000002), 0x00000050 (0xffffff7ff0d7f00, 0x00000001, 0xffffffffff800031c69a5, __0x0000000002) or 0x0000000050 (0xffffffffffff7ff0d7f00, 0x00000001, 0xffffffff800031c69a5, 0x000000000002). There are many reasons that can lead to such an error in the stop code.

Defective bsod page in an unpublished widescreen page

What is the cause of this error on the non-paginated fault zone?

Windows uses both physical and virtual memory for efficient operation. It uses random access memory for temporary data and a hard drive or SSD to store some data. To do this, it creates an exchange file and saves it to your hard drive. It then continuously synchronizes the data between the RAM and the paging file. But sometimes things don’t work out the way they’re supposed to. Windows may not deem this necessary and may not store it in a storage space that is not accessible to the pages. This non-page section is part of the memory required to operate the operating system. However, if this fails, users will see the error on the blue screen of the error page in the section outside the page. This is due to software errors, incorrect configuration, hardware problems or driver problems. Fortunately, you can easily solve this problem.

Screenshot of a page Malfunction in an area other than a page

How to repair a page defect in the blue screen of the unpaid area in Windows 10

It is not very difficult to solve this problem. You can easily apply a number of effective methods. This should correct the page error in the off-page area. The method that works best for you, however, depends entirely on why you get this blue screen error in Windows 10. However, here are some methods you can use to try to solve this problem.

Pay attention: If you cannot get normal access to Windows, follow the methods in Safe Mode.

1. Update driver

You can update the drivers first. It works for most blue screen errors. Sometimes a page error in a non-page stop code is accompanied by a problem with the name of the driver, such as fowp64.sys, usbaudio.sys, cpuz138_x64.sys, Appleecharger.sys, etc. This means that these drivers are problematic. They create some of the conflicts that lead to DSOBs. In your case, you may see a different driver’s name. It is therefore advisable to update all installed drivers on your computer. This may solve the problem of the_default_page_in_the_unpaginated_area in Windows 10.

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Installation of the NVIDIA GPU driver using the driver booster

You can certainly use manual methods to update drivers. To learn the manual method, read how to update the drivers

However, it will be more difficult to update all drivers manually and Windows will not be able to find all updated drivers. So I suggest you use a third party tool that can perform this task automatically. In that case I want you to use one of these better driver update programs.

2. Updating windows

It’s a boring offer. But many of you don’t update Windows regularly. Sometimes a Windows update can correct blue screen errors, such as a page error in a non-page area. If you are currently experiencing BSOD and other problems, it is possible that a Windows update will solve all these problems.

For Windows update :

  • First go to the Windows 10 settings or press Win + I on the keyboard.
  • Then go to Updates and Security > Windows Update.
  • Then click on the Check for Updates button.
  • If an update is now available, click Install.
  • Finally restart the computer.

3. Checking for RAM problems

If you have followed the first two methods unsuccessfully, you can use this method. The problem is memory. So it’s worth doing a memory diagnosis. If he finds something wrong, you have to take steps to fix it. Otherwise, you cannot get rid of the debt page in the non-page section.

Windows has a built-in tool to check for memory problems. You can use this tool, but also perform other actions. I published an article about this a long time ago. You must follow the instructions. Read it: How do you find memory problems and how do you solve them?

4. Check for disk problems and correct error.

The virtual memory and the paging file refer to the hard disk or the SSD. So you may have bad sectors or problems on your hard drive. The result is a blue death screen, not a long page, linked to the area. So I suggest to use the chkdsk command and take extra steps to correct disk errors. This is a great way to fix the page in the BSOD area that is not a page.

For the necessary instructions, please read : How do you find and solve hard disk drive/SSD problems?

5. Set the file size of the custom pages to

It was a well-known solution to fix that BSOD. So it could still be useful. According to many users in the past, setting a custom page size can help eliminate a page error in an area that is not included in the page. If you’re wondering how to set a custom page size, follow these instructions

Opens the performance settings of the system properties in Windows

  • First open the Start menu, type sysdm.cpl and press Enter. The system properties window opens.
  • Now switch to the advanced tab.
  • Then click on the Settings button in the Performance section.
  • In the new window you will see another tab called Advanced. Slide it over there.

Opens a virtual memory window in Windows

  • Then click Edit… The virtual memory window opens.
  • Now clear the Manage file size exchange automatically checkbox for all drivers.
  • Select the local C drive and check the custom size.
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Redimensioning a page file or virtual memory under Windows

  • Then specify the minimum and maximum file sizes (in megabytes) and save the settings.
  • Finally, restart your computer.

Now check if it has corrected the page error in an area that is not linked to the page.

6. Deactivate [Note] page

It is not a good idea to turn off the page file. Especially if you have less than 8 GB of RAM, you should not follow this rule. However, if you have more than 8 GB of RAM and you have this blue death screen, you can check if this solves the problem by turning off the paging file. I have another article where I showed you how to do it.

Read it: How to deactivate or change the page file

7. Disabling or removing the antivirus

Sometimes your antivirus program can cause a termination code error in Windows. Again and again users have been able to get rid of the blame of a page in a domain that is not related to the page by disabling or removing the antivirus program. So I suggest you do it temporarily, see if it can help you.

8. Implementation of SFC and DISM instructions

If the system files are corrupted in any way, this can cause a lot of problems in Windows. This blue death screen is one of the problems that can be caused by damaged or missing system files. So I suggest we use the CVS command first. If this doesn’t help, use the DISM command. It can fix the blue screen of death you stand for. Read the instructions: How to restore a damaged system file

9. Uninstalling/removing problematic software and services

Have you recently installed or activated services on your PC? Maybe that’s why you’re dealing with this problem. To correct the error page in the off-page section of BSOD, you can remove recently installed software or stop the recently installed services.

However, it is sometimes difficult to remember the changes you have made or the service that caused the problem. In that case, I suggest you make a clean shoe. This will help identify problematic software and services.

10. Reset analysis of file

This is the last of the most important methods to correct non-page related errors. The small memory dump file contains entries related to the blue death screen. It helps to discover the cause and the problematic factors at the root of this problem. So I suggest you analyze the memory dump file. If you don’t know how to do it, read it: Creating and analyzing a memory dump in Windows

Say you found usbaudio. sys is a troublesome driver. This means that the problem is caused by the audio device. So update your audio driver or go back to a previous version, or reinstall it to fix your problem.

If cpuz138_x64.sys is causing the problem, find and remove a program called Speccy. In this case, you can use the Revo uninstaller or the IObit uninstaller for a complete uninstallation.

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You can also see that the Appleecharger.sys user space is responsible for the user space, which is located behind the user space on the page. In this case, you can remove all chargers, such as the Gigabyte ON/OFF installed on your computer.

If fowp64.sys indicates which memory dump file is present, you can use a program called FileOpen. All you have to do is update or remove it to get rid of the BSOD.

For netwtw06.sys, you can update, reset, or reinstall wireless network drivers, among other things.

Do the same for tcpip.sys as for tcpip.sys and disable or remove the antivirus, the firewall is temporary to see if it helps.

This BSOD can also be the result of a buggy ntfs.sys driver. In this case you can update all drivers and Windows, fix bad sectors on the hard disk and update your BIOS.

If the dump points to this volsnap.sys drive, you can follow the instructions in this article How to repair the Volsnap.sys BSOD

After analyzing a memory dump file, many more things can happen. You’ll act on the reason you found.

Some other items:

I hope the 10 methods above are enough to fix the page_fault_in_nonpaged_area. You may also consider restoring or reinstalling Windows. Disabling the BIOS cache may also be useful if this option is available.

So these are the best ways to correct a page defect in the off-page area of the blue death screen in Windows 10. You may be familiar with other methods that have proved effective for you. In this case, you can release the method in the comment field.

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