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5 Reasons Why You Should Protect Your Data Now More Than Ever

Are you afraid that social media platforms will sell your data to third parties? Your fears are much more justified than you think. Do the banks make money from you by analyzing your data? There’s no doubt about it. There are many examples, but one thing is certain. Your personal life is now more at stake than ever.

1. Your
social network profiles contain sensitive information.

Did you know that Facebook did not report a massive
data breach affecting 1.5 million users? Many users of social networks have put their data at risk.
If you don’t think this can happen to you, you need to reconsider your position.

The first line of defense is to think twice about what you load
into your profile. Then make sure that the security you have installed is
of your standards and preferences. Finally, create a secure password. Use uppercase and lowercase letters
, numbers and special characters. And the number
never uses the same password twice. Do not leave your device unattended as there is a risk that someone may gain access to your profile. The same applies if you access your
social network profiles from a public computer. In this case you should never store
passwords in your browser. And only allows two-factor authentication in the case of

2. Webmaster and
Your service provider sees your online activities

Do you think you are anonymous when you connect to the World Wide Web
? Think hard. First of all, your supplier knows every step of the way. Without
-VPN it’s all on the table for all your employees with access to
-Look. Depending on the specific nature of your online activities, you may need the code
to ensure confidentiality. However, at the request of the government, your
-ISP must share your Internet history with a third party.

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You’re not worried about the provider? Think about the different
sites you visit. Your webmasters can see all the information you enter and pass
, and they also know your IP address. And so your location.
Once your IP address has been made public, it is easy to identify the person behind

3. The weaknesses of Bluetooth
are never out of season.

Bluetooth has always been synonymous with
convenience. But there’s a price to pay. It’s in the form of a
discovery of vulnerabilities that hackers like to exploit.

Once again, Boston University researchers discovered a Bluetooth vulnerability that could reveal your location to
hackers. So if you do not use Bluetooth, it is wise to deactivate
. Of course you can put it in undetectable mode, but
hackers will always find ways to detect it. Why take risks if you don’t have them?

4. A malicious program can steal
of your data.

A malicious program designed to steal files never ceases to exist. InnfiRAT is a current example of the potential danger of
. So you should always know what data you are storing on your
devices. It is recommended to transfer the required documents to a USB stick or a
encrypted hard drive and then remove them on any device used for a
internet connection. Another solution is the use of modern
file encryption solutions such as Nordlocker. So even if the hacker gets
from your files, they are encrypted. It is therefore not possible to access
without the corresponding key.

5. Phishing is based on the error

Many security threats are based on naivety and lack of training throughout the year, especially phishing scams. How do they work? Hackers are the voice of power. You can pretend to be one of your
bosses or the administrator of the website where you are registered. They then try to convince you to go to a fraudulent registration form designed to collect your data.

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You can see how that can jeopardize your skills. But not everything. Ransom software can end up on your computer when you visit the website that is infected with the
virus. Once you’ve entered, your files are encrypted. Only
hackers know the password needed to decrypt
data. And they’re asking you to pay for it.

Even if you give your hard-earned money in the hope that
will get your files back, there is no guarantee that you will get them back. The hacker
can always escape with your money without giving anything back to


Do not take the security of your data for granted. If you approach question
carelessly, you will break into your most important and sensitive
files. These files will never fall into the wrong hands.

The good news is that you are resistant to threats
. Take the necessary measures. Get informed and use the correct
cybersecurity tools. In other words: Don’t be an easy target for hackers.

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