Install Lubuntu 20.04 – A Lightweight Linux Desktop Environment

Lubuntu is an open source Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. It is lighter, less energy-intensive and uses the LXQT desktop environment.

The first version of Lubuntu uses LXDE as a desktop environment, but version 18.04 uses LXQT. If you are already a Lubuntu user using LXDE, transitioning to higher versions with LXQT will be difficult.

In this case, you must select a new copy of Lubuntu 20.04. Let’s see what the official documentation says about the switch from LXDE to LXQT.

Due to the important changes required to migrate to the desktop environment, the Lubuntu team does not support the upgrade from version 18.04 or lower to a larger version. This will result in a system error. If you are dated 18.04 or earlier and wish to perform an update, please perform a new installation.

The Lubuntu manual is a good starting point for the installation. It has good documentation to understand what this distribution has to offer. Because Lubuntu is a derivative of Ubuntu and has access to Ubuntu software repositories through the Software Discovery Center, the synaptic package manager and the apt package manager, it comes with the Linux kernel 5.0.4-42-generic and the bash version 5.0.17.

The latest version of Lubuntu is 20.04 LTS and is supported until April 2024.

Lubuntu exhaust cycle Lubuntu exhaust cycle

Ubuntu and some of its derivatives use Ubiquity as an installer, but Lubuntu uses the Calamares installer.

Lubuntu 20.04 ISODownload images

First download the ISO image of Lubuntu 20.04 from the official website, as shown on the image.

Now let’s start installing Lubuntu 20.04.

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Installation of Lubuntu 20.04 Linux

For demonstration purposes I install the Lubuntu 20.04 operating system on a VMware workstation, but you can install it as a separate operating system or as a dual-boot with another operating system such as Windows or another Linux distribution.

If you are a Windows user, you can use Rufus to create a bootable USB stick to install the operating system.

1. Once you have started with your player, you will be asked to choose between several options. Select Start Lubuntu.

Lubuntu starter unit Lubuntu starter unit

2. The installer checks the file system on the hard disk. You can start or cancel it with CTRL+C. If you cancel the file system check, it will take some time before you can proceed to the next step.

Check the Lubuntu file system Check the Lubuntu file system

3. Now click on Install Lubuntu 20.04 LTS from the desktop to start the installation process. You can use the desktop until the installation is complete.

Lubuntu installation program Lubuntu installation program

4. The installation program starts and prompts you to select the desired language. Select the language of your choice and click Next.

Choose Lubuntu language Choose Lubuntu language

5. Select a location (region and area) and click Next.

Choose a location Choose a location

6. Select the keyboard layout and press Next.

Select the keyboard layout Select the keyboard layout

7. You can delete the disk completely or partition it manually. I keep erasing the disk.

Lubuntu Seven. Lubuntu Seven.

8. Create a system account – system name, user, password, and click Next.

Create system account Create system account

9. Read the previous steps in the overview and click on Install.

Summary of the table in the Lubuntu section Summary of the table in the Lubuntu section

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10. The installation has now started, and compared to other Ubuntu-based distributions, the installation of Lubuntu will be much faster.

Installation of Lubuntu Installation of Lubuntu

11. The installation is complete. Restart the car. You can also use the Lubuntu living environment if you need it. Just remove the USB Installer or DVD before rebooting.

Lubuntu Installation Complete installation Lubuntu Installation Complete installation

12. After the restart, a login window will appear. Enter the username and password we created during installation.

Lubuntu Desktop Computer Lubuntu Desktop Computer

The freshly installed copy of Lubuntu 20.04 is now ready for use. Play with it, study it and share your sales reports with us.

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