The Volume Does Not Contain a Recognized File System USB Drive Fix

The drive does not contain the recognized file system.

If you encounter an error, the drive does not contain a recognized file system on the external drive, but you cannot find an appropriate solution to the problem. Don’t panic, you’re on the right side.

Here we will look at some repair strategies to solve the same problem. You also get the idea to restore RAW or inaccessible data from the disk.

Error elimination methods The disc does not contain an approved file system.

Method 1: Formatting the hard disk/USB/SD card

  • Synchronize your inaccessible hard drive, memory card, USB, SD, etc. with your PC.
  • On a Windows computer, right-click on this PC/My computer, then select Manage and finally click Disk Manager.
  • Then right-click on the RAW, USB or SD card and select Format.
  • Change the name of the sound label, select the file system as NTFS/FAT32, set the default drive size, click Quick Run and finally click OK.
  • Then wait until the process is complete.
  • The following message may now appear on the screen: Windows was not available to complete the formatting, or the USB stick was write-protected. In this case, you can correct the inconsistencies before formatting.
  • For successful formatting, the hard drive, external storage media, USB and SD cards can be reused as usual without inconsistency.

Useful article – How to fix an error – USB device is not recognized in Windows 7/8/10

Method 2: Execution of CHKDSK command

  • On the Windows platform, press This PC/My Computer.
  • Then select the Volume (HDD/USB/SD card) option that you cannot open and right-click the Properties option.
  • In the Properties dialog box, go to the Tools tab and click the Check button under the Check Errors item.
  • To correct the error in Windows 10, click Scan Disk as shown in the image.
  • We just need to finish the process.
  •  When you’re done, go back to My Computer to open the hard drive.
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Method 3: Start SFC scan

  • First type CMD in the search box next to the start button and then right click on the command prompt. Click here on Run as Administrator.
  • Now type sfc/scannow on the command line and press Enter.


Method 4: Inspection and repair of defective rooms

  • Studying and correcting the wrong section is another way to solve the problem. To solve the problem, simply correct any errors in the file.
  • To solve this problem, type the CHKDSK command from time to time to format the hard drive.

Method 5: USB Driver Update

  • First press and hold the Windows + R keys and then start the MSC as administrator.
  • Examine the USB controllers and place them in the device manager.
  •  Then right click and select the general USB hub, and then just click the Update Driver Software button.

Cause of problem Does the volume not have a recognized file system?

  • The invasion of the virus
  • Damaged active part of the hard disk
  • The equipment is not compatible with any system.
  • The volume became incomplete due to a mismatch problem.

The drive does not contain the approved USB fix professional file system

If the above approach does not yield satisfactory results, you can get help from a professional tool called Windows Data Recovery. For example, the above advantage is a combination of the functions described below.

Properties :

  • Facilitates the twin-track approach to restoring corruption: Standard mode and extended mode.
  • Create a new adjusted volume in the structural disk recovery list.
  • RAW Recovery is authorized to recover as much data as possible from damaged media.
  • Users are allowed to insert new file signatures in RAW recovery mode.
  • Automatically displays hard disk or drive information before scanning starts.
  • Most file systems can be searched for a volume with Windows Advanced Data Recovery mode.
  • The overview of the repaired files/folders is displayed in a hierarchical tree structure.
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In this blog we have defined a specific solution to solve the question of how the volume of the discrepancy that does not contain the detected file system can be adequately resolved. However, it is not true to say that different approaches will actually solve the problem, because they indicate a time frame. Moreover, these procedures do not allow the file to be stored intact as it was before the procedure. Therefore, the best commercially available solution on the market can be used to maintain data integrity and originality. To learn more about this you can go here for more info.

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