The Ideal Web Development Team: Who Should You Choose?

You might think that doing web development and creating your own project from its idea to full deployment alone is a good idea. So you would be able to save a lot of money and human resources that would have to be spent on project approval. At the same time, if you want a quality product, you may not need a full-fledged developer to implement it.

The reason is that such a project includes many different tasks, which is why it is very difficult to complete all tasks at the proper level alone. Thus, in order to create a quality web development project, you will most likely need a team of professional web developers with experts in each field.

Next, we will discuss in more detail those experts who can complete a professional team, their skills, and traits that will help you create a quality project, by the way, an example of a good company of developers is purrweb

Project Supervisor


One of the most important people in the team is the project leader since he will be responsible for all decisions and will direct the process in the right direction. If we are talking about a web development team, then the project supervisor controls literally everything that happens during the development process. These people should do the following:

  • They need to communicate with customers;
  • They must schedule the project and set a deadline;
  • They must allocate human resources and tasks:
  • They should regulate the work of the whole team.

The main responsibilities of a project leader are to connect with people, which is why you should pay attention to leadership qualities and communication skills when choosing a person for this position. The ideal candidate should be able to express his or her opinion and listen to the opinions of those around him.

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Project Architect


There are different types of applications and their structures. Therefore, any web development project must be worked out to the smallest detail. The job of the project architect is to identify the type of web application that you want to develop.

This expert knows how to communicate with the client. Based on the information you provide, they determine which web product structure is most suitable for your business needs. After the project structure is approved, the architect may not work full-time. But at the same time, he remains responsible for the integration of web applications and the exchange of information from the client database.

UI / UX Designers


Before developers write the web product design code, they must demonstrate the layouts. To do this, designers conduct in-depth research that clarifies what your target audience needs when using a web product. If such research is not carried out, there is a big risk that your product will not be of interest to users.

It is very difficult to understand the first time how exactly a person will interact with your product. In addition, it is almost impossible to create a tangible form of this interaction the first time. In the future, the task of UI/UX designers in the process of web development is to create several different versions of the user interface, while with each new testing session they choose a more optimal option.

When looking for the ideal candidate for the role of web designer, you should focus primarily on his graphic design skills as well as analytical and psychological skills. At the same time, don’t expect these professionals to be front-end developers. Even taking into account the fact that both of these areas of development are related, UI/UX design and its implementation in life are completely different things. This means that different specialists are needed for this.

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Web Developers


Considering that the product should have at least two components, is the interface and the server-side, different people should be responsible for both of these branches. As mentioned earlier, the task of front-end developers is to interact with prototypes provided by the User interface designers and create a workable web product from static images. Typically, web developers are proficient in technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS, and also know how to manage frameworks and front-end libraries.

As far as backend developers go, they have to build the backend of the product. Their skills list should include PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, and .NET. The goal of these specialists in any web development team is for the northern part to manage the received data and send it back to the interface in a correct and secure way.

Backend developers are also responsible for developing databases in the process of web development since databases are part of the server. Many developers prefer certain databases because they work mostly with one programming language. Thus, you need to check if the backend developers can work with the specific database you need.

Testers and QA


It is very important to start testing software from the very beginning, which is the responsibility of the average QA specialist. Thus, an integrated end-to-end approach is provided to ensure that the product meets the specifications and the unspoken requirements for its quality that apply to all products from a specific niche.

It is also worth remembering that most of the problems faced by testers at various stages of web development are related to the UI and their task is to make sure that the product functions correctly in any browser. This is why your project might be dropped. Thus, all these factors should be taken into account when planning a project in its early stages.

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Final Words

As you can understand, in order to create a quality product, you definitely need to assemble a team of competent specialists. In addition, in order for the web development team to be productive, you need to hire a project manager, architect, front-end and back-end specialists, UI / UX designers, and QA specialists. And by accepting the best representatives of each of the industries into your team, you will be able to ensure a high-quality web development process and ultimately get a product that will be of interest to users.