Top 5 Areas to Automate in Recruiting

As the demand for talent continues to skyrocket, recruiters face additional challenges at a limited bandwidth. These challenges can be severe obstacles to growth for organizations with smaller teams as they can pose a serious obstacle to growth.

As a result, automation has almost become the backbone of today’s recruitment industry by enabling recruiters to work more efficiently.

Without automation, recruiters spend hours of manual work on small administrative tasks—leaving recruiters with less time to focus on essential tasks like relationship building and candidate sourcing.

Benefits of recruitment automation:


  • Enhanced Candidate Experience: Recruitment automation isn’t just beneficial for recruiters— it’s proven to enhance the candidate experience! Consistently communicating with candidates through all stages of the hiring process can significantly improve their experience with you as an organization. Consequently, automation can help you stand out as an organization by responding to candidates within seconds.
  • Reduction In Time To Hire: The time it takes to hire an employee often remains a key performance indicator for hiring teams. Taking too long to fill a role doesn’t just increase the cost per hire and comes with the risk of losing high-quality candidates. According to a study by Glassdoor, the average length of the hiring process in the U.S. is about 23.8 days. This means that a tremendous amount of time is spent filling empty positions, and candidates are left to wait for the same time. With automation, employers can significantly reduce their hiring time by automating their workflow!
  • Improved Consistency And Quality Of Hire: By automating parts of the hiring process, recruiters can deliver more consistent and higher-quality results. In addition, consistent communication also attracts more candidates and improves your employer brand! With overall consistency and better results, recruiters can improve their quality of hire.
  • Higher Productivity Rate: Automation empowers recruiters to work more efficiently and make better decisions at a faster pace. Automating manual recruitment processes allows recruiters to focus on more meaningful tasks like building fruitful relationships and sourcing top talent.
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With these benefits of automation, here are the top five areas you should automate in the recruiting process!

Candidate Communication

Consistent and adequate communication by recruiters has always been a top priority for job seekers.

Recruitment automation can efficiently resolve this issue through intelligent tools and software.

Inconsistent and unclear communication can poorly reflect your candidate experience and employer brand. Consequently, a lower pool of potential candidates will want to apply for your organization.

Automation can help reduce the communication gap by setting up automated personalized messages and email templates for candidates and clients throughout the hiring process.

Some applicant tracking systems, like Recruit CRM have built-in email templates to automate the communication process.

Creating these automated messages is a great way to keep your candidates in the loop and set a positive impression. Sending automated messages is also a great way to remind your candidates about important updates and information.

Pre-screening Candidates


Candidate pre-screening can effectively reduce the time of the hiring process. Automating pre-screening means recruiters can save time reviewing unsuitable resumes. This way, candidates also have to go through a lengthy and meaningless recruitment process that is not meant for them. Automated pre-screening questions can be set up for candidates so that recruiters can quickly rule out any unsuitable candidates early in the hiring process. These questions can be automatically scored and ranked according to your pre-set criteria. This way, recruiters can review the best applicants first without manually going through unsuitable candidates, which significantly accelerates the entire process—allowing recruiters to secure the best candidates!

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The onboarding process is often disregarded when a hire is made from the hiring process. However, a positive onboarding is crucial for providing a positive employee experience for your new hires.

Recruiters can incorporate high-quality recruiting software and Applicant Tracking Systems to enhance onboarding programs.

To create a more structured, effective, and engaging onboarding program, recruiters can automate this process to ease the applicant-to-employee journey.

Automating the onboarding process may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but ultimately better onboarding leads to a better quality of hire and fewer dropouts.

Build A Talent Pipeline

A talent pipeline is a recruiter’s most prominent asset! Building a robust talent pipeline is necessary for any successful recruiter as it is like a treasure box of talent.

A candidate pipeline full of talent is a great database to return to when your organization is ready to fill an empty vacancy, reducing the time spent on sourcing.

Building a well-functioning candidate pipeline requires keeping up with the latest market trends, building a network, surfing job boards, and social media, and engaging with candidates.

However, with automated solutions, recruiters can effectively engage candidates without the hassle of switching windows and tabs and going through lists of candidate data!


Automated Evaluation Process

Carrying out automated online assessments that do not require manual supervision is another way to create a more efficient and quick hiring process.

Online assessments backed by automation and well-designed software help identify the traits or skills that determine whether a candidate would be a good fit for a position.

Pre-employment assessments such as cognitive ability tests or psychometric testing are essential predictors of job performance, which are helpful for positions of seniority and highly skilled positions.

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Automated evaluation can save a considerable amount of time as it does not require any manual effort. From framing questions to scoring answers, the entire process is automated, reducing the time spent selecting the best hire.

In addition, automated evaluations are entirely free of bias, customized according to your criteria, and can objectively identify the best candidates!

With a great amount of time and effort spent in the hiring process, recruiters cannot afford to miss out on the ideal candidate or make a bad hire.

Fortunately, recruitment automation helps recruiters avoid these issues, all while saving an enormous amount of time. An automated recruitment process combined with the confidence of unbiased decisions is a win-win for recruiters!