9 Awesome Product Promotional Video Examples

In the modern world, competition contributes to progress in all areas of activity. As a result, a significant amount of high quality products are constantly being produced. On the other hand, it has become very difficult to attract the attention of consumers and customers. The most powerful tool to introduce your product to the audience is through promotional videos.

A promotional video is an eye catching visual overview of a product that gives detailed information about the good’s external and technical characteristics, its benefits and highlights. With an individual and creative approach to make content you can craft a perfect promo that will effectively work both for your brand recognition and sales.

In this article we’ve rounded up nine awesome product promotional video examples that may inspire you with new ideas which are essential for success in the digital marketing domain.

Slack: Communication Without Chaos

A messaging app that is faster than email and more focused than chat is the best tool for business. This is what is called Slack. In its promotional video they identify the problem of modern communication and explain how the messenger is able to solve it. You also get to know Slack’s aim – “More productive. More transparent. More efficient”.

They interpret a chaos of emails by an incomprehensible stream of geometric shapes, which become structurised in Slack’s skillful hands. Even the voice-over and music are calm and relaxed. Please note that the video uses the logo colors blue, green, yellow, and pink. It makes you recall the app whenever you see these colors. To sum up, the more details are associated with the product the better it is.


Classics are eternal. Stereocap’s wireless headphones promo can be used as an excellent template for those who are interested in this field. However, making canons exquisite and unique may turn out to be a much more challenging task than it seems to be.

The video shows a stylish and fashionable product that suits everybody. You can change ear caps and ear pads according to your mood. The signal range is over 30 meters and you can listen to music with rich and deep bass sounds up to 30 hours. These headphones are also able to be worn with caps or beanies, which is useful in different weather conditions.

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Above mentioned benefits are presented with dynamic animation, bright colors and cool music, which make, at the first glance, an ordinary commercial truly outstanding.

M&S Food: Adventures in Wonderfood

The prosperity of any business depends on many factors, including their social stance. In 2017 Marks and Spencer Group launched a commercial that promotes healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.

In the first three seconds M&S is able to attract viewers’ attention by magnificent explosions of a bell pepper and a beetroot. Then, a mix of colorful food products, which are needed to maintain muscle growth, creates a rainbow image that gives an impression of freshness and vigor. After preparing all ingredients, stunning mouth-watering dishes are created. Nothing can be said except “WOW”!

The provided upbeat music highlights the energy and mood of the video content. Do not forget, that perfect matching of these two components is a key to manufacturing unforgettable product promotional video.

LANCOME | IDÔLE the new fragrance of the future

One way to promote a product is to tell what it symbolizes and what message it conveys. Many companies use this method in their promotional videos, so does Lancome. Idole is a new fragrance intended for women who dream big, for those who inspire and light the way for others, for those who will lead our future.

The brand encourages igniting the flame that resides in you and being your own idole. This fragrance is a symbol of strength, victory and the power of femininity. Even music used in the promotional video says that you are unstoppable.


In the modern times we tend to forget about the ancient traditions and cultural heritage of our ancestors. Fwip is where Italian heritage is met with a modern twist. The promotional video of the world’s smallest gelateria shows how easy it is to enjoy a delicious ice cream.

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Choose one of three desserts – Italian gelato, vegan sorbet or frozen yogurt. Then push a button and savor this magnificent dish. All tastes are made with natural ingredients, so an ice cream is not only tasty but also salubrious. With this machine you are able to make endless amounts of sweets to impress everyone in the party.

Presenting a product’s highlights that satisfies customers needs is a right path to win their hearts and favors. You also should not underestimate the role of a vibrant music that has a high impact on viewers’ mood. Fwip was able to achieve these goals.

iPhone 12 Pro — Apple

In the fourth quarter of 2024 Apple became the smartphone market leader by share of units shipped, overtaking Samsung and Huawei. They have achieved this result after releasing iPhone 12 Pro. Apple claims that it is the most powerful iPhone ever.

Apple has wisely chosen the information to provide – 5G is a hot topic at the moment, camera specifications are often the most important aspect in a customer’s decision. In addition, iPhone 12 Pro lacks the main drawback of its predecessors, it is not so fragile. Even though the voice-over does not mention it, in the promotional video you can see the use of the device in various extreme situations. All these reasonable moves have led Apple to its success.


Memrise is an app that helps you to learn foreign languages in a fast and fun way. With this pocket teacher you are able to learn new phrases whenever you have time. The app’s promo takes only 15 seconds confirming that brevity is the soul of wit. Despite being short, the commercial conveys main ideas of the app. It also shows some exercises, so you can understand what lessons look like.

Giving a necessary and sufficient amount of information, sometimes can be a much more effective tool, than you imagine To put it bluntly, if they made the video much longer, it might be boring and would make viewers impatient. This is a prime example of when brevity and simplicity really catch on.

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At Home: Solar Hardware

Many scientists around the world find alternative sources of energy, and one of the solutions they have found is the Sun. Moreover, they have succeeded in creating solar panels and even have built houses with solar roofs. However, to capture, store and distribute clean solar energy you need a specific hardware. Tesla has shown in its promotional video how the system works and how you can operate it.

Usually it is quite complicated to read long and boring instructions or descriptions of the principle of operation of the product, hence launching such videos raises awareness among viewers.

Rolex Bienne – The Movement

Rolex is a Swiss company that has been producing luxury watches for over 115 years. To date, it is still one of the most valuable brands, whose masterpieces do not let anyone indifferent. The company is well known for the products’ quality. Rolex thoroughly makes every watch from the best materials to the highest standards. They are so responsible not only with production but also with promotion.

In the promotional video of the self-winding Perpetual movement you get to know the process of how painstakingly the veritable heart of the watch is created. Along with dynamic and epic music, this commercial conveys a magical and mesmerising vibe. Demonstrating the production process makes people appreciate and trust the company more. It is an example of the perfect product promotional video that deserves to represent one of the world’s best brands.

To wrap up

A lot of companies use promotional videos in their marketing campaigns. Such adverts play an important role in promotion, and may even decide the fate of a brand. If you are planning to develop such commercials, be creative and thoroughly consider the content and style suitable for the product. Don’t be afraid. You can do it!