Why LED Video Wall Rental Is the Perfect Marketing Solution for Your Business

As a business owner you have to do everything in your power to grow the size, the reputation, and the revenue of your business. There are certain things you should be doing at different stages of your company’s life, but one constant needs to remain on a high level. The most important aspect that does not have anything to do with your employees, customers, or products but still benefit the entire operation is marketing. A strong and ever-present marketing campaign is the fastest and most efficient way for your business to become better and overtake the competition.

Just look at the leading corporations in any industry like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Apple, and Nike for example. Their ads, commercials, and sponsorships are everywhere and you cannot go about your day without seeing their logos, hearing their newest slogans, or coming across a sponsored event or celebrity who will place their products.

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Marketing Done Right

To remain at the highest level, you need the perfect marketing solution. But how do you make sure that what you are doing is the right thing for your business? There are dozens of potentially beneficial marketing ideas out there but nothing is guaranteed. One of the best things to start with and continue using throughout your years of running the business are LED video walls. Humans are visual creatures and we cannot help but gaze and turn our heads towards bright and shiny things. When they are well-designed and informative enough, it is a win-win situation for the business and the customers.

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In the article here we talk about LED video wall rentals and why they can be exactly what you need. Be sure to read through the entire article carefully so as not to miss a key detail. In addition, you should definitely check out ivandlevine.com.sg for the best LED wall rental in and around Singapore.


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LED panels can be of any size you need and they are the staple for any form of modern marketing at events, shows, and as signs for stationary businesses. They have grown from their old function as static signs and became a very visible and clear way of sharing information and advertising whatever the product or the service is.

Presentation that they give are bright, easily visible from afar, and they capture the attention of anyone who spots them. By making sure they are strategically positioned, a lot of people will notice them and in turn come to check out your place of work. Even if you have to move them you can easily do it since they are very versatile.

Touchscreen is Available

The latest (and most expensive) of features with rental LED walls includes touchscreen options. This increases the versatility and features even more and allows you to use it in new convenient ways to advertise what you need. Such capabilities offer both the businesses and the customers/viewers an exciting new experience and interaction that was not available back in the day.

Interactive shops and service boards with all the necessary info are fan-favorites since basically anything that people can use by themselves is an instant hit. The businesses get to choose how the screens are used so it is up to you to utilize your imagination and creativity and get the most out of your rental time.

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All-In-One Solution

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The biggest benefit of LED video walls is that you will hardly need anything else in terms of marketing. Since your customers will be able to read about your business on them, look at images and watch the videos you are displaying, and learn about what it is you do in general, what else do you need? Such an –all-in-one solution eliminates the need for other forms of marketing and leaves you time and money to focus on more pressing matters at hand.

Having marketing taken care of is not a thing many business owners can claim to have done. Therefore, if you are looking for a great opportunity to increase the traffic in your place of operations, rent a LED video wall and enjoy the benefits it will surely grant you.

Renting Beats Buying

Whether to rent something or buy it comes down to the decision of how much and how frequently you will need and use it. If you want a permanent sign on your front door or somewhere in your store, you should definitely buy one. However, this is not as efficient and you will not be needing it that often unless you have something different and entertaining every week or every month. This is why renting something like an LED video wall makes more sense.

Once you decide it is time for a new marketing campaign to support a new product or service, or something like a sale or a huge incentive coming up, renting is the way to go. Have it up until the event ends and let it bring more people through the door. You can even rent several and strategically place them on your block, around the corner, or in the other part of town.

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Creativity and Design

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Since they are so versatile and serve as utility solutions, they can act as more than just marketing. You can display anything on them exactly like any other display. What this means is that they can alternate between being marketing products and being a part of your interior or exterior design. A lot can be shown on a display so make sure to pick something that complements the decorations that are already there. For example, you can play an ambience video with an audio that will set the mood in the entire store. Ambience videos are quite popular as you can mimic the real vibe of a place and get the desired effect.

You can also use the video wall to play shows, music videos, or show photos of the employees. Whatever you think of is game as long as it makes sense and benefits your business. Going from marketing to this form of creativity and back will have customers choosing your store over the competitors.