How to Drive More Traffic to Your Business Website – 2024 Guide

A significant part of the world’s population uses the Internet every day: for communication, for entertainment, information – and shopping. The Internet has long been established as an important and fast-growing market regardless of the type of goods or services offered and sold through it. What everyone who runs a business over the Internet wants is certainly as many visitors to the site as possible. Page traffic is a very important indicator that can show you how good your marketing is, can help you gather information about your customers and improve SEO, and create new leads and increase conversions.

Lack of website traffic is one of the most common problems faced by business owners. In fact, many report a significant loss of traffic over the years, and a desire to find new ways to increase traffic. More visitors mean more potential customers, and the opportunity to earn, and all this is achieved through the use of various tactics to increase web traffic page.

Maintaining a website is like maintaining a house, a car, and more. Everything around us that we see requires quality maintenance. If it is better maintained it looks better and has better functionality.

The same is true with maintaining a website, which requires even more attention, as it is available to the public 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What does the visitor expect from the search?


Every visitor expects more or less the same, and that is getting credible information and quality service. If your offer is commercial, it is crucial that the information is clear, definite, without ambiguity and scams, to contain the price and a clear and simple way to make a transaction.

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A page full of everything, with dozens of animated pictures and advertisements jumping, serves to confuse rather than inform visitors. If it is still slow to load due to overcrowding, few will have the patience to wait for it to finally appear on the screen. Such a “graphic design” is a good way to drive away a visitor. So, the most important thing is that the site has quality content, and that is the one that contains keywords related to the job, which also facilitates Internet search. Once you’ve covered the basic keywords that are relevant to your content, it’s time to target long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are words that are also typed into a search engine but not as intensely, but if we miss targeting such words, then we miss a lot of potential customers.

What can I do to improve traffic?


There are many ways you can improve traffic to your site, and these are some of the key ones.

Maintain the website regularly

It is important to follow the trends and keep up with the times. Technology is evolving daily, which contributes to the functionality of the site. It is recommended that you hire an expert to do this in the best possible way. What does quality site maintenance involve? There is a long list behind this term, but some of the most important things related to quality site maintenance are extending the registration of the web address, extending the lease of web hosting, as well as its maintenance, updating the latest versions of CMS, and its add-ons, and updating the design. and text, images, and other content. Quality site maintenance includes the return of the website and data in the event of a crash, as well as monitoring the analysis of visit statistics, and SEO optimization of the site, which is one of the key things. Visit to learn more about it.

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How fast is your page and is it working properly? Apart from the fact that there are various hosting companies that offer a wide range of servers on which part of the performance depends, page code optimization, multimedia content, loading speed in different browsers, from different devices are taken into account. The optimal loading speed of the cover page on the website is under 3 seconds. It has been proven that many people give up searching the site precisely because of the slow loading, which of course negatively affects the job or service that is promoted in this way.

A good strategy for advertising on social networks


Social networks are represented all over the world and number billions of people. That’s why they are perfect for promoting business. There remains a huge chance that your target audience will spend time on social media, regardless of age. Then why not attract them to visit your website as well?


We live in a time when influencers play an important role in marketing and this is certainly one of the best ways to increase party traffic. Research shows that almost 90% of users believe the recommendations of well-known influencers and that after their publication, they themselves followed certain pages and bought their products.

Video content

According to further research, it has been confirmed that the video content inserted on the page makes the website more attractive and that the human brain retains more information received in this way than the text.

Beautifying the content and highlighting the important

We mentioned that the average visitor registers more visual content. This of course does not mean that the text should not exist, but be visually acceptable. In other words, play with the font and font size. Try to highlight the most important part of the text by bolding it. This way you will be sure that the visitor has read at least what you have highlighted, ie the key part.

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Privacy policy

The misuse of the Internet, and especially of personal data published on the Internet, grew into a nightmare a sea of its users. In an effort to reassure their visitors of the goodwill and security of visitor data, website owners post privacy information, usually under the subheading “Privacy Policy”. Privacy Policy is actually information that is transparent and fair inform your visitors about some or all of the ways you collect, use, share, and store their data or any data collected and used by your website pages.