The Best Accessories for Complicated Games

When it comes to the world of gaming, some casual players battle it out with their friends, and then some are more serious players and compete in global competitions. Some competitive gamers have even turned their skills into full-time jobs. No matter the category that you fit into, you will need quality accessories to aid your gameplay. Having the right gaming accessories is like having the correct tools on a construction site. The right equipment is essential to your gaming experience and performance. Whatever your skill or competitive level is, if you want the best gaming experience, you’ll need to utilize the right gaming accessories.

As the interest in gaming has grown, so has the need for gaming equipment. A gaming accessory is any piece of hardware that’s needed to play games on a PC. The computer is the essential piece of gaming equipment and the accessories are the peripherals that aid with game interaction. Quality gaming accessories come in many forms and increase gameplay and experience exponentially. Gaming equipment can be as simple as an RGB lighting strip or as complex as a top-of-the-line gaming mouse or keyboard. There are many options on the market today and choosing the right accessories can sometimes be hard. Let’s take a look at the best accessories for complicated games.

Gaming Mouse


The gaming mouse will be one of the most important gaming accessories that you will buy. This will be especially true for gamers wishing to take their competitive FPS to the next level. The best gaming mouse can provide better accuracy, higher build quality, and better versatility than others. Gaming mice will also offer extra buttons for the thumb, real-time adjustments for sensitivity and speed, extended cables, and additional functions such as adjustable weights and button tension springs. The best gaming mouse will almost always be wired.

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A wireless gaming mouse could have a slight input delay which could interfere with complicated gameplay. Additionally, you will want to consider the grip style of gaming mice. Depending on playing style, the grip could impact your playing experience.

Gaming Keyboard


Your gaming keyboard will serve as the main hub when using your computer for PC gaming. Gaming keyboards offer an intense list of features and benefits for all styles of gamers. Depending on the game and your playing style, your board will have a significant impact on the player’s experience. Some complex games require that commands be entered with a single keystroke. This means that macros features will be a necessity.

Other games demand a lightspeed response time and that will mean that mechanical switches will be a priority for your board. These switches offer tactile feedback and allow for rapid clicks. Choosing the right keyboard for your gaming needs will be essential for your success as a gamer.

Gamer Headset


The best gaming headsets will help immerse you in your game better than any other gaming accessory. No matter if you’re a casual gamer or super competitive player, the right gaming headset will be essential. You will need a headset for games that rely on sound cues and require you to communicate with other players. You might consider extra features such as noise-canceling technology and a Bluetooth wireless option. Additionally, since you will spend a considerable amount of time playing the game, you will want to think about comfort. A lightweight design with gamers in mind will be the most comfortable option.

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From gaming mice to keyboards to headsets, there are essential gaming accessories that gamers of any level will need. These pieces of equipment will not only aid your gameplay, however, they could also determine how successful your gameplay is. Other accessories that you could consider are gaming chairs with an ergonomic design, desks created especially for gaming, and a good mouse mat. Whatever accessories you choose, be sure to take your time and do some research to ensure that you build the best setup for your situation.

An Ergonomic Chair


Long gaming sessions cause serious back pain if you don’t have the proper chair.

Andaseat’s Jungle has ergonomic features sort of a high-back design to cradle your entire body, height-adjustable armrests, a headset pillow, and a lumbar pillow. We’ve got a chance to try the chair out for ourselves, and it’s a definite improvement over using an office chair for playing games. The ability to maneuver the lumbar pillow up or right down to accommodate the length of your back.

This gaming chair can be tilted back from 90 to 160 degrees, so you can stretch out, or find a comfortable position. Its roller wheels also allow you to simply adjust your positioning together with your desk to seek out the sweet spot.

The wheels roll smoothly, but they’re not too sensitive; you won’t accidentally roll yourself around if you stretch the chair.

Hunching over for hours every day can cause serious back problems over time, so upgrading your seat can help improve your game and your health. Due to sedentary lifestyle back pain is not the only problem gamers are facing. Poor diet and not enough physical activity will lead to other health complications such as piles. In order to reduce the pain we recommend using a memory foam seat cushion. Check this resource to learn more.

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A Set of Fast Mesh WiFi Routers


Playing PC games online requires a very strong internet connection. Even a momentary drop by speed can give your competition the advantage.

Ideally, you’d have your computer directly connected to your WiFi router via Ethernet, but which may not be possible counting on your living situation, and where wires were placed in your house.

If you would like to believe in WiFi, I like to recommend getting a group of three eero mesh WiFi routers. One of them has got to be connected to your cable modem, but the opposite two are often placed anywhere in your house.

The three routers will hook up with each other, and make a robust, consistent connection throughout your entire place. This set of eero routers is designed for homes up to 5,000 square feet, but you can add additional WiFi routers, or jump up to eero’s Proline if you live in a bigger place.