How To Fold A Blanket: Tips That Make Your Home Life Easier

Blankets are, without a doubt, a common household item. They are used for various purposes, including warming the body, improving sleep, drying the body after bathing, and decorating the home. However, not everyone understands how to fold blankets properly to save space and present them attractively. The blanket folding art is also perfect for making a lovely gift for your babies. Continue reading this article for helpful hints on how to make your home life more manageable with blankets.

How To Fold Blankets To Save Space

Every home requires a significant amount of living space possible. These days, a small but well-organized room is valued even more than a larger but cluttered one. It is critical for people who frequently use blankets to understand the correlation between orderliness and hygiene. So, you can save more space in your room and make it look more impressive by using the best quilt folding techniques listed below.

Fold Blankets For Storage


Folding the blanket in half over and over again is the quickest and easiest method. When you fold it for storage, you’re storing it for future use. Besides, storage is always associated with preservation. So, before storing it in your cabinet or a bag, make sure it’s clean.

Place your blanket on any other flat surface, such as a floor, bed, tabletop, or large sofa. Straighten it with your hands to remove the creases and wrinkles. Grab the two corners closest to you and fold them in half together. Perhaps a rectangle shape would be visible in this step. Continue folding in this manner until you are satisfied with the final size of the folded blanket.

How To Roll A Blanket


The performer’s hands must be nimble when rolling up a blanket. It is, however, not as difficult as you might think. First, you need a broad flat surface to do it; simply use a floor yet make sure it’s clean enough.

Shake out two corners of your blanket to make the sheet open up. To straighten out any uneven edges, drop the blanket to the ground. This will assist you in quickly folding it without wrinkles. Next up, underneath the rest of your sheet, tuck about one foot (0.30 m) of your sheet. Lift the fabric from the center of your blanket, about one foot from the shorter edge. Then, begin tucking the sheet’s side underneath the rest of the sheet where you pinched it. A pocket will be made to keep your blanket secure after you’ve rolled it up.

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Fold it in three equal sections. After you’ve made your pocket, divide your blanket into thirds. Place one hand on top of the other and bring one edge to the middle. As a result, your blanket will be folded into three equal sections, making it easy to roll it up neatly. One foot of your blanket should be placed on top of the rest. To help you roll the edge neatly, flip about one foot of the sheet from the edge closest to you onto the rest of the coverage. This fold will aid in the tight and attractive rolling of the blanket.

Starting from the side that you just folded on top, tightly roll your blanket. Pinch the blanket’s edge and stack it on top of the rest of the blanket. Keep in mind to roll your sheet as tightly as possible. Simultaneously, as you roll the blanket, use your hands as a guide to keeping it secure. If you’re having trouble keeping your sheet rolled tightly, unroll your blanket and try again. To keep it tight, secure it with your hands. Don’t let go from here! Keep your hands on the sheet to prevent your blanket from unraveling. If you need more support, you can rest your knee on top of the rolled blanket.

To keep it rolled up neatly, fold the pocket over it—Tuck the corner of your pocket layer around the rest of your bedding by peeling it back. Finally, your sheet will easily slip inside the pocket with just a little force. Take care not to unravel your blanket while doing this. It is secure! You can either put it away in your closet or take it with you on your next trip.

Fold A Blanket Into A Pillow

Pillows and blankets, whether on your couch or in your bed, make everything seem cozier. It takes a little finesse to fold a blanket into a pillow, but once you’ve done it once, it’s pretty simple.

Spread out the blanket on the floor and fold it in half along the longer side. Fold it in half the other way, then keep folding it in until it’s close to fitting into your pillowcase. You may need to fold it in thirds to some extent to fit the size of the case, depending on the blanket’s initial dimensions. Insert the folded padding into the case, and tada, you’ve got yourself an instant pillow!

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How To Fold A Quillow


Because a quilt is used to cover your body, it may seem strange that you need one to make a pillow. However, there are times when we simply want to have some fun with the items in our room. Turning a quilt into a pillow is a great way to liven up your space. A quillow is a term for something like this. Here’s how to fold a quillow:

Spread the blanket out on the floor and lay the pocket flat on the ground outside the blanket. The edges of most quillow blankets will line up with the pillow pocket if you fold in a third of the blanket on the left. Fold a third of it in from the right to make the folded blanket the same width as the pillow.

Turn the folded blanket on its side on the floor so that you are at the top and the pillow pocket is facing away from you. Begin folding it in half, with the first fold slightly smaller than the pillow pocket’s depth. Turn the pillow pocket right side out after making the final fold to encompass the folded blanket. To turn it back into a blanket, simply pull the folds out of the pillow pocket.

How To Fold A Blanket For Display

Throw Blanket Over A Couch


If you want a neat display, fold the throw blanket in thirds. Bring one side of it to the center, then fold the other side on top. This results in a neat and appealing throw blanket display for your couch, bed, or sofa. You can also hold both corners of the blanket and shake it out to make it lay flat.

If you want to show off more of the blanket:

  • Fold it in half once more.
  • Simply grab the blanket’s corners on one side and bring them over to the other.
  • When folding a rectangular blanket, fold it lengthwise to display it. If you want to drape your throw over the back of your couch or across the bottom of your bed, this is a great option.
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The blanket can also be draped over your couch, chair, or bed. Fold it in half or thirds and lay it over your furniture, holding it by the edges to keep the folds in place. For example, you can drape your throws across the back of your couch or the foot of your bed.

Displaying a throw blanket brings warmth and spruces up your room for any occasion. Once you’ve become so excellent in showcasing the blankets, don’t let the basic and dull blankets ruin the displaying. At the Blog Blockofgear™, you shall find various fascinating blankets and quilts with the best quality. Add them to your cart soon; they are offering lots of great deals!

How To Fold A Baby Blanket Into A Flower


Folding a baby blanket flower is a lovely way to decorate our babies’ bathrooms. Furthermore, these flower-shaped folded blankets can be used to make a cute gift box for our little bears. Add a handmade touch to your space following the steps below!

Lay a square baby blanket flat on the floor. All four corners should be folded in to meet in the middle. You’ll have created a new square from there. This is the same fold that you’d use to make a fortune teller or a cootie catcher out of paper.

Overturn this square. Fold the four corners of this square into the center, in the same manner, forming a second square. Place the folded blanket in a hatbox, with the blanket’s corners touching the box’s corners.

To make four rounded flower petals, open the diagonal slits that run from the center to the corners of the folded blanket. Small gifts such as rattles, booties, or pacifiers can be tucked into the petals’ openings.


We can’t deny that blankets are incredibly versatile. They are not only our saviors during the colder months, but they also make an excellent interior decoration accent. We hope that by following the above helpful tips on folding blankets, you will have the best experience possible when using them. Wishing you a joyous holiday season!