Who Are The Favorites To Win the Champions League in 2024?

The soccer fans from all over the world are impatiently waiting for the following final of the Champions League that will be played on Saturday. The teams that are playing against each other are Chelsea and Manchester City. It is interesting that Manchester City, as one of the richest clubs today, never managed to reach the title.

This is the first time for them to play the final in the current format. Their biggest previous success was a title of Europe Cup Winner in the season 69’/70′. On the other hand, Chelsea is much more successful in European championships with 1 title in the Champions League in 2012, Europa League in 2013 and 2019, while they were also winners at previous formats of this competition in 1971 and 1998.

One of the most popular activities besides watching this event is betting. Before you place the bet, it is essential to check more about potential lineups, strategies, weather conditions, and more. Also, you should choose the betting house with the best odds and a wide selection of them. In that matter, we suggest you check liontips.com. Moreover, read more about various factors that could affect the outcome of the game.

We are going to introduce you to potential squads, strategies that these clubs will probably be using, and many other things that are essential for the game. These two clubs have a long history of head-to-head matches. Therefore, choosing a favorite is much more complicated that it might seem.

Current Form

Source; bitterandblue.sbnation.com

First of all, we have to mention that City managed to win the domestic title with a great advance in front of the opponent. They had a great season, and even though there were some challenging moments in the first half of the season, their current form is amazing. They have an amazing score in the following year where they lost only one game before they officially won the title. They had a couple of defeats after that, but those games were not so important. It can be seen that their focus is on winning the UCL for the first time.

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On the other side, first half of the season was especially challenging for Chelsea. They even replaced the coach. Their new coach is Tomas Tuhel, who is showing excellent performances during the season. It seemed that they won’t even manage to get in the first four position when we look at the games from the start of the season. However, Tuhel made some changes in squad and tactics which helped this club to get back on the winning track.

Potential Squads

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We don’t expect that both coaches will experiment with their squad since the stake is too high. Therefore, we think that they will start with the best players on both sides. When it comes to Man. City, their goalkeeper Ederson is irreplaceable. Also, the defensive line is more complex since they have at least two excellent players at each defensive position. Ruben Dias is the player from defense with most games this season, and we expect him in the final as well.
Moreover, we think that Guardiola will choose John Stones over Laporte, while it is not certain about fullbacks. The highest chance is that these positions will be covered by Cancelo and Walker. When it comes to the midfield, KDB is the superstar of the team, and there is no question whether we will be playing or not. Gundogan had an amazing season, which means that he will start the game as well.

The problem is to guess the other players in the mid. Fernandinho is a great solution as a defensive midfielder, while it is not certain whether someone will replace Mahrez or he will start the game as well. The attack is well-known with Jesus and Sterling, while Aguero will probably start the game from the bench.

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Chelsea’s goalkeeper Mendy is showing much better performances lately when compared to Kepa, and we think that he will be the first choice. The defense line will probably be covered by Silva and Rudiger. It came out that these two are excellent pairs of backs. The full-backs are going to be Chilwell and Azpilicueta, who is in excellent form again.
In the middle, Kante and Jorginho are those who are dictating the game, cover the defense, and lead the attacking formation. When it comes to the more offensive line, Mount is the more constant one, while we are not sure about other players. Tuhel is quite flexible here since he can choose between Pulisic, Kovacic, Hudson Odoi, and Ziyech. Havertz and Werner will surely start as attackers.

What Are the Odds?

When we look at the odds provided by bookkeepers, all of them are giving more chances to Man. City to win the title. In most cases, you can double the money by choosing to be on them. On the other side, you can get four times the investment if you bet on Chelsea.

When it comes to possible goals in the match, most of them think that the chances are higher that we will see only one or two goals in the game. Another prediction is that the game will be tight, and the chances are great that there will be no goals in the first half, and during the whole game as well. We can get that conclusion by comparing the odds.

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Who Will Win the Game?

Even though many factors are suggesting that Manchester City is a favorite, you have to be aware that these two clubs have a lot of experience in both h2h matches and European championships. Also, their players are experienced as well, with a decent combination of young talents and superstars. Chelsea has shown amazing performances lately.
Therefore, Man. City is only a slightly favorite in this game. There will be minor things that will affect the final result, which is expected considering that both clubs have experienced coaches, amazing players, and additional support in terms or facilities, medical treatment, statistics, strategies, training, and more.