7 Things To Know Before Using Gel Nail Polish For The First Time

Fashion trends evolve, and so do cosmetics like nail paints and lip colors. Cosmetics manufacturing companies evolve new products to improve their utility to the end user and to make their customers look even more gorgeous.

Gel nail paints are modern cosmetics that look beautiful, are easy to apply, and they also last for a long time. The major constituent of gel nail polish are monomers of acrylic. Along with acrylic, most nail polishes also have silicates, alcohols and acetones.

These nail paints are silky and smooth, and hence if someone wants to get gel nail polish, they can go to lovecandycoat.com. They are easily available, and they can be readily ordered online.

7 Gel Nail Polish Facts That All New Users Should Know

1. They Last For A Long Time

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The biggest problem with traditional nail polish is that they do not last long. The color starts fading, or the polish gets chipped after three or four days. However, gel based paints stay for a long time. These polishes last for a long duration because of the application process.

They need a UV lamp to form cross-links between the acrylic monomers to form cross-linked polymers that bind tightly to the nail surface. Gel-based formulations can be removed only after they have been soaked in an acetone solution for more than ten minutes. Whereas their traditional counterparts can be removed within seconds when exposed to acetone containing removers.

Since these gel-based formulations do not get chipped away quickly hence people do not need regular touch ups. Thus, they save a lot of effort and money in the long term. So if someone is going for an extended vacation or a destination wedding, they need not worry about visiting a salon or carrying a bottle nail color.

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2. They Dry Really Quick

The most tedious part of applying a traditional nail color is that they take quite some time to dry. However, that is not the case with gel based formulations. These dry almost instantly as the acrylic monomers get activated by a certain frequency of light (UV waves or visible light waves), and the cross-linking process lasts for just a few seconds. Thus, people do not have to worry about a smudged nail color when they go for a gel-based formulation.

3. They Are Easy To Apply

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Most people might think that gel-based formulations are fancy and only beauty professionals know how to use them properly. However, that is not the case, and most people can use these nail polishes at their home. There are several companies that sell affordable kits that also contain a small UV lamp that is needed for the cross-linking process.

Thus, people do not need to visit a salon to apply gel-based paints. However, it’s a good idea to consult an expert and learn the process carefully before trying the ready to use kits. The UV lamp, for instance, should not be used for a long time. If the hand is exposed to UV rays for a long duration, then it might cause burns on the skin.

4. The Process And The Product Is Safe

Many people are concerned about the safety of the process and the product whenever a new cosmetic or procedure enters the market. However, the process for applying a gel nail polish is absolutely safe if all the basic precautions are followed. Also, if people are scared to use the UV lamp, they can try using LED lamps. Some paints contain acrylic monomers that can be activated by visible light (LED lamp) instead of UV light.

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Most of the chemicals used in the paint are harmless, yet it is important to check the ingredients that are listed at the back of the bottle. At times some products may contain toxic compounds like formaldehyde. Formaldehyde can cause an inflammatory reaction, and it can also affect the functioning of vital organs like the liver and the thyroid gland. Hence, it is a good practice to be aware of toxic chemicals used in cosmetic products and then check for the presence of these chemicals before making a purchase.

5. They Might Hide Health Conditions

Source: medicalnewstoday.com

Since gel-based polishes sit tightly on the nail surface, they might hide many health conditions. At times nails may become discolored and brittle, or they may even develop certain fungi. However, since the paint lasts for a long time, people do not spot the symptoms like discoloration or fungal stains.

6. The Process Of Removal Can Be Quite Harsh

In order to remove a cross-linked polymer, the finger has to be soaked in an acetone solution for at least ten minutes. Such long exposure to acetone is quite harsh. It is important to restore the integrity of the nails after a harsh procedure like prolonged acetone exposure. So most beauty experts suggest that people should apply a coat of moisturizer on their hands after removing the gel-based formulation..

Moreover, frequent manicures and visits to the salon affect the integrity of the nail. The manicuring process removes wax and files the upper surface of the nail.

Hence, it is a good idea to take a break and not apply any paint for a few weeks before applying a second round of nail polish.

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7. Can Be Affected By Exposure To Hot Water

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Gel-based paints usually last long; however, they might get chipped if the fingers are exposed to hot water for a long time. So it is prudent to avoid long hot water baths, steam baths etc. People can also wear gloves when using the hot water tub.


New cosmetic trends like gel-based paints are gaining a lot of popularity. Most people have a misconception that these fancy paints are expensive and only celebrities can use them. However, the truth is that gel-based polishes are pretty affordable, and once you know how to use them, you do not need to visit a salon to get them done. The gel-based paints come in a variety of colors, they shine bright, and they improve the overall appearance of the hand.