What Are The 5 Best Adult Toys According To Sex Therapists – 2024 Guide

For many people, sex toys have become a standard part of their sex life whether they are single or in a relationship. According to studies, about half of adult Americans have used sex toys for either solo-play or during intimacy with their partner. This is clear proof that fear about using sex toys and negative attitudes toward this is finally fading away. Studies even show that women and men that use sex toys actually experience a higher level of sexual satisfaction.

Even though more women are willing to admit that they use and own some sex toys, the men’s attitudes about this topic are also positive. In fact, many of them say that they do not find sex toys intimidating. Instead, they consider them very helpful in the bedroom.

However, we asked knowledgeable experts and sex therapists about their opinion on this topic and find out some recommendations towards what sex toys are the best for pleasure.

In that way, if you did not have the opportunity to experiment with sex toys, maybe you will change your mind after reading this article!

1. Wand Vibrators

Source: thestrategist.co.uk

As probably many of you already know, vibrators are the most commonly used sex toy. What makes the wand vibrators highly effective compared to other types is definitely the fact that they offer higher RPM, which means that they are more intense than any other type. They are good for women with vulvas, nipples, and men with penises who enjoy a very strong sensation. However, they are also the best option for people who have difficulty getting fully excited without some additional intense stimulation. Wand vibes can be used for one more purpose. More precisely, you can use them as a massager for the back and shoulders.

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2. Realistic sex dolls

Source: mcsdoll.com

One more type of sex toys that sex therapist recommend to the people are realistic sex dolls that can be found in both men and women appearance. These ones are a bit more suitable for single people who have problems finding a sex partner. Today it is not such a big problem, because sites like Annie’s Dollhouse give you an opportunity to find some great choices online. With such a realistic appearance, it is hard to recognize that these are just dolls, not actual humans.

With them, people can feel like they are sharing intimacy with the real person which will provide them even better sexual satisfaction and pleasure. Despite this, sex dolls are beneficial for people to experiment and find out what they like about sex. In fact, many people are ashamed of trying new poses and asking their partners for experimenting with something extraordinary. For that reason, realistic sex dolls can be a perfect way to try everything that comes into your mind without any shame.

However, the main problem with purchasing sex dolls is that people do not feel comfortable doing it in person. Even though attitudes about using sex dolls are still a partially taboo subject, everybody who is using them says that they finally can provide themselves the pleasure to the fullest. However, we understand how difficult it can be to go and finding sex dolls in person, so we found a reliable online website that can help you out. With a big selection of different sex dolls, there would surely be something for your taste as well.

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3. Clit Suction Toys

Source: thestrategist.co.uk

We have great news for people who enjoy oral sex because there are sex therapists that recommend special clit suction toys for safer and more pleasured oral sex. These toys actually use air pressure in order to create a gentle sucking. In that way, they are providing amazing sensations, even more than vibrators do. Therefore, people who find vibration patterns too intense for their bodies can experiment clit suction toys and experience something new.

However, a tip from the sex therapist is that if you are trying some of these toys for the first time because your clit is ultra-sensitive, always try it first over the panties. In that way, you will warm yourself up and then you will be ready to apply some lube on the top of the toy. Ultra sensitive clitorises usually need more warm-up before the suction part.

4. G-Spot Toys

Source: shape.com

Unbelievably or not, there are actually toys that are created for stimulating the g-spot in order to provide intense orgasm. The shape of this toy actually provides satisfaction. More precisely, their pattern is created from the slight curve or expertly positioned bump. In that way, g-spot toys can apply firm pressure to the g-spot. Interestingly, there are still different attitudes and opinions about whether g-spot actually exists. However, now, with the recommendation from a sex therapist about using this toy, there are no doubts anymore.

These toys can be used both internally and externally. This means that women can use them not only for G-spot but for A-spot as well. However, every woman who used it says that it provides an incredible pleasured feeling.

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5. Butt Plugs

Source: amazon.com

Nowadays, people can find so many different types of sex toys for different pleasures. If some of you are curious to experiment with anal sex and experience the biggest pleasure while sharing intimacy, you can try with butt plugs. Butt plugs can actually be beneficial to our organisms in multiple ways. The first benefit from this sex toy type is that you can teach your own body to accept anal penetration. Despite that, you will practice your sphincter to relax and feel comfortable around different toy sizes. However, butt plugs are not only created for providing an incredible anal sex experience, their purpose is also to stimulate the ring of nerves around the anus.

If some of you are wondering what makes the difference between using a butt plug and a dildo in anal sex, we will cover that topic as well. Dildos are more dynamic and are meant to be taken in and out. On the other hand, butt plugs typically go in and stay there to give a sustained feeling of fullness and satisfaction. Additionally, what makes butt plugs such a good choice is that sex therapists are recommended for their safe usage. Basically, these sex toys have a flared base which means that they do not have to be attached to anything.