4 Reasons To Try Snowboarding if You Like Surfing

Only a few things can beat the experience of riding the waves and feeling like the king of the sea and one of these is snowboarding. Snowboarding is the closest thing you can get to surfing on land. As such, if you can’t surf because of bad weather or want to try something new and equally exciting, then snowboarding might be the perfect option for you. Since surfing and snowboarding are very similar in nature, it also makes it a preferred choice to try out for a surfer.

As a surfer, you must have often heard that snowboarding and surfing techniques are very similar. While that is partially true, there are other better reasons for you to try snowboarding if you like surfing. Riding down a mountain, skidding on snow, and letting the chilly wind hit your face – it’s an experience that is unique to snowboarding but one that surfers can relate to some extent. Thus, for whatever reason, if you feel like you don’t want to surf anymore and want to try your hand at something else, we heavily recommend snowboarding.

There are several reasons why a surfer can try a hand at snowboarding and love the experience. In this article, we’ll suggest a list of various reasons to try snowboarding if you like surfing. These reasons are –

1. You can have fun even in non-surfing seasons!

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While surfing is a great sport, it has one major drawback – you can only enjoy surfing in the summers. In winters, the seawater gets chilly and cold and can form thin sheets of ice which can make surfing a dangerous business. For areas that go through heavy rain in the middle of the year, surfing isn’t a great option for that time either as the sea current and waves can get very volatile during a rainstorm. That’s why most surfers are only limited to summer to have fun.

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However, snowboarding on the other hand can be enjoyed best throughout winter. This is a great opportunity for surfers who get bored in winter sitting at home. Snowboarding in essence is similar to surfing too, so surfers feel right at home after a few days of practice. When you know snowboarding you can enjoy both sports almost throughout the year! This is also a great option for surfing instructors – they can learn snowboarding and become snowboarding instructors in the winter to keep their work continued and steady.

2. You can experience the mountain life for a change

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Living by the ocean, surfing through the day, and lying on the beach by the evening – that’s the perfect life for a surfer and the only life they are aware of in many cases. Snowboarding can give you a different perspective about living by letting you experience a new lifestyle that you have to accommodate in the high altitude mountainous areas. It will be vastly different from the surfing lifestyle and if you want a change, snowboarding is one of the amazing ways to go.

Waking up to breathe in the cleanest air, exercising, and then putting on your gear to go snowboarding for hours at end and then coming back to warm fire, food and drinks – it’s an amazing experience that we think every surfer should go through at least once in his life. If after all, you as a surfer don’t like it, which we doubt you will, then you can easily revert to your surfing lifestyle without changing much but hey, nothing hurts in trying right?

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3. Snowboarding can help you surf better

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The essence of snowboarding and surfing is pretty much the same – riding on a great force of nature. The only difference comes in medium, snow and water, and a few techniques. As a surfer, you will struggle initially because of the surfing habits that you carried on to snowboarding. However, as you get more and more used to it, you’ll realize that snowboarding and surfing are not that far apart and that it can become really easy once you overcome these differences.

When you get good at snowboarding, you are going to get better at surfing, one way or the other. Snowboarding for hours can increase your patience and leg strength. It also makes you more aware and diligent about your balance, your body position on the board, and the movement of your feet. This in turn carries on to surfing where you get a better grasp of balancing yourself in the water and have better control over your movement. That’s why snowboarding might be just one of the most creative ways to get better at surfing while also developing a new skill and having fun at the same time.

4. You can carry your surfing gear over for snowboarding!

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One of the reasons why a surfer might not choose to go snowboarding is the additional cost of purchasing new snowboarding outfits. These outfits can cost quite a substantial amount, especially if surfers just want to try snowboarding for once and then decide if they want to continue it or not. However, what if we were to tell you that it’s very easy to save down on costs and resolve this issue?

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Many experienced surfers who surf in summers and go snowboarding in winters will tell you to not waste money on a new snowboarding outfit when you are trying it out for the first time. Instead, use your rashguard under your winter jacket. Put whatever warm clothing you have inside your jacket, winter caps on your head, thick mittens or multiple gloves on your hands, and several pants on your legs and it will act as insulation similar to a snowboarding outfit. At the end, if you fall in love with snowboarding and want to try it again then you may consider buying a snowboarding outfit to be used every winter.


It’s always a good idea to keep trying on new things that can thrill us and provide us with a new adventure. And what is a better opportunity to try out snowboarding when you are bored in winters, craving to surf in the summers? We heavily suggest giving it a try. Who knows, you might end up loving it after all! If this article helped you out in any way possible, then please do consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.