How Can Electrical Businesses Benefit From Great Website Design?

Despite the importance of internet marketing these days, many electricians still believe that it is simply not a cost-effective option for them.

Whether they think network marketing is too expensive or simply want to rely on traditional advertising and word of mouth, they have decided to ignore one of the most powerful tools available to any small business owner.


The fact is that electricians benefit from network marketing more than many others. Even if your business is contracting electricity operations with one person, the internet gives you the tools to sell yourself in a more efficient way than any larger corporation can.

Consumers regularly search online


Since the last few years, most people have been going online to search for information about local businesses whenever they want to buy a product or service. And this number is growing.

This means that when people in your city want to hire an electrician, their first stop is not the Yellow Pages or inviting friends like they used to. Instead, they march straight to Google and choose from the electricians they find there. Well, here you go!

Still, at this time, a relatively small number of electricians are taking advantage of network marketing. This means that those who are online are getting a huge advantage over those who are not. Simply owning a website that consumers can find puts you ahead of the game. On the other hand, if you don’t have what consumers ask of you, you turn out.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Great web design enhances your search engine business by playing a big role in the search engine optimization process. If people continue to see your brand name somewhere on the first page of the SERP (search engine results page), they will become more aware of your presence there.

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The next time they need the product you’re selling or the service you’re providing, guess who they’ll remember – you! You can find great info here, why is modern web design and properly optimized SEO good for your electrical business. Users are more likely to opt for a brand that Google (or any other search engine they use) ranks higher than someone else that could be better or even more successful, but less present online.

This is extremely important for small businesses because it means that proper SEO can help them achieve their goals faster by bypassing the competition. Remember, even the best products need great marketing to be noticed. This is why digital marketing strategies are so important.

Portfolio showcasing your work


Portfolios are extremely important for electricity suppliers. In our experience, photo galleries or portfolios are often the most viewed part of a website, so update your portfolios regularly.

Photos are the easiest way to convey the uniqueness and depth of your work. Creating a completed projects section on your website provides easy access to potential customers who are assessing whether your company is a business.

Plus, it’s an easy way to keep your website up to date and growing. Here are few tips from about web design. Since you are constantly doing the work, the content of the web page of your completed projects is the easiest to create.

Some of the best websites for electricians display their completed projects according to the activities they are engaged in or certain types of services they offer, others simply include a gallery or presentation of past jobs from start to finish.

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Either way, visitors to your site will get better examples of what they can get from your work. Portfolios could turn those visitors into customers!

Consumers want to evaluate electricians before they hire them

According to a study, customer references, work patterns, and license information are key factors in the selection process when consumers hire any supplier.

This is especially important for electricians – most homeowners do not have the technical knowledge to evaluate the work of an electrician themselves, so they rely on testimonials and credentials to determine if you know your stuff.

Having a website allows you to present all these things to consumers as soon as they discover you. Putting license information and customer testimonials next to your contact information makes you a much more appealing option than making a classified ad on yellow pages.

Modern and mobile-friendly design


As we have mentioned from time to time, most people access the Internet through their smartphones or tablets. Because of this high percentage, electric companies really need to have a customizable design, NY Times wrote an article about that, which can be seen on mobile devices.

In addition to having a website adapted to mobile devices, modern design is becoming increasingly important. There are a lot of websites, especially in your area of trade, so it is vital to stand out from the crowd. Modern design can do just that!

What exactly does that mean you can ask? So that means your website is updated from layout to content. In addition, it presents your business with a fresh look and a specific theme.

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Show the value your work

One of the most important parts of any electricity website is the testimonial page. Here, previous customers can rate your services and leave comments about the work you have done for them.

This may seem like a lot of work, but it’s a fantastic way to boost trust with potential buyers; most people will rely on testimonials when deciding which electrician to go with.

It’s also a good idea to link to third-party listings so that your website address is visible on sites other than yours.

Instead of relying solely on other people’s opinions about your business, prove that you are also proud of your electrical expertise by offering personal or professional guarantees. This is another way to give yourself an edge over the competition in your area and is likely to build trust with your customers.

Conclusion – Electricians Can Thrive Online

Are you an electrician who has already tried internet marketing for your business? How did it go? Have you struggled to make an impact? Have you had any great successes? Feel free to contact us in the comments and share your impressions with us.