Web Design Tips: How To Create Lead-Generating Services Pages?

What should be in a designers mind while designing lead generating services websites? Is there anything special to consider or you can go with the general approach? This question comes to mind because lead generating websites have something more appealing in them. We all have gone through them and seen that they push you forward. They get you engaged more with the service provider. They push you towards the sales funnel or whatever the next step involves.

But when it comes to your lead generating website, then you don’t get that type of feel out of it, right? Then you are facing the same issue that some other beginners face while creating lead generating web pages for a website. So here in this post, EZ Rankings will discuss how to create a lead generating website from scratch.

What Are Lead Generating Web Pages?

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For any business, leads are very important. Suppose that you are doing hard efforts and spending a lot of money on marketing your products to get more leads generated. But what if your website is not converting or collecting those leads and their information? In such a situation you need a website developed and designed specifically for the lead generation process. It is something like collecting information and buyer persona for various audiences and then using them for lead generation and conversion strategies.

Steps To Design Lead Generating Website

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Following are some steps that you can follow to design a lead generating website. It is not that difficult to design a lead generating website. But it is hard for a designer to make sure that the website will work effectively. Because in most cases lead generating websites do not work in a way to collect more information and generate leads. So in such a situation, there is no benefit of such a website. So follow the basic steps to get it done without any worry.

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Step #1: Get Done With The Basics

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The first step is to go with the basic steps. The basic steps to create a website are always the same. You need to perform a few research about the final product that you need. Also, you need to figure out how many web pages are required. And what are the requirements of your website? In this case, lead generation is the whole purpose. So you need to buy hosting and domain for the site. After setting up all the technical things jump to the next step.

Step #2: Most Important Thing: Design

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Here comes the most important part of the lead generation website creation. Here you will have to pay a lot more attention as compared to a regular website design. Lead generation website design will be different— following are some key factors to consider.

Simple User Interface

The user interface must be simple but effective. Try not to make it look super cool or more traditional & try to keep it as simple as possible.

No More Clutter

Don’t add clutter such as your ads, unnecessary pop-ups on your lead generation web pages. Again keep it simple and clean in terms of design.

Easy Navigation

Make sure that users get an easy navigation system on your website. With easy navigation, the user will navigate to different sections of the site easily.

Step #3: Enhance User Experience

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The third step is about user experience. Again this is the most crucial section of any web development process these days. Because user experience is what makes the difference between a regular website and a modern website. Here are some tips to enhance the user experience of your website.

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Add More Visuals

Text content is important and has more and durable engagement, but visuals are important also. If you are not adding visuals to your lead generation web pages, then it will be difficult to generate more leads.

Highlight Main Sections

Another way to grab the attention of the user is to highlight some of the content or section on your lead generation web pages. Main content, facts, or even a complete section can be highlighted.

Use Themes

The next step is to use themes to look at a way more professional with your lead generation web pages. Try to make sure that your theme should comply with your brand image.

Step #4: Add Call To Actions

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The next and second last step is to add calls to actions. This is where all the finalized things happen. Finally, after browsing the whole web pages a user will go to call to action and click on it. But there are some factors that you need to consider while adding calls to actions to your website. Following are these factors, check them out.

The Perfect Placement

The placement of your call to action button or form should be perfectly placed. If you don’t pay attention to its placement, then it won’t get much attention. So there will be no leads generating.

Right Use Of Forms

Using forms on lead generation web pages is important. To get more information about the users, you need them to fill up some forms. But if your forms are not made perfectly then it won’t be that beneficial. Create forms wisely and place them wisely too.

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Step #5: Build Trust & Authenticity

The last and fifth step of this whole process is to build trust and authenticity on your website’s lead generation pages. While creating content for these pages, you need to think about how trustworthy you are for your audience. Does your audience really believe you? If not, then make the following changes to your lead generating pages to see the effect. Use Testimonials, Show Portfolio, Be Transparent


Creating a lead-generating services website from scratch is not a big deal. However, there are some factors that you need to keep in your mind. If you follow all the guidelines that a lead generating website should follow, then you will get the best website designed ever. No matter what your workflow and style of working, if you keep the ultimate goal in your mind, you will get the awesome final product. The ultimate goal of such websites is to generate leads, and you must have to keep this in your mind.