How Long Does It Take for CBD Oil to Work?

If you are new to CBD assortment, there are probably many questions stuck in your head including the questions about efficacy, safety, legal aspect among others. Such thoughts are common, as CBD is one of those products that has many myths around. Some people believe in its harm, some enjoy it for years and cannot be happier. Let’s cover some of the questions including how CBD works in general.

Does CBD Oil Work?


There is no clear understanding of how cannabidiol works, however, some assumptions are related to our bodies that have their own endocannabinoid systems where cannabinoids are produced with the help of receptors. There are two key receptors CB1 and CB2. The CB1 receptor is responsible for the brain area where it directly affects our mood, memory, appetite, and movement responses among others. CB2 is found in the immune system, hence, it is in charge of inflammation and pain. When a person is ill or faces some minor health issues, his endocannabinoid system may be down as well. That’s why by taking cannabidiol oil, a person enriches the system with additional CBD which then balances the work of receptors.

Does CBD Oil Get You High?


High effects and cannabidiol are always connected due to people’s misunderstanding. Cannabidiol oil is made of CBD extract which is derived from the hemp plant alongside other compounds among which there is THC. THC is tetrahydrocannabinol which is the one responsible for producing high effects known when smoking marijuana. Cannabidiol oil is produced with no or less than 0.3% of THC concentration which is not enough to cause any euphoria, hallucinations, or extreme sedation. Beyond that, there is a small division into types of cannabidiol oil including full-/broad-spectrum and isolate.

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Full-spectrum CBD oil contains most compounds derived from the hemp plant including THC of 0.3%. Broad-spectrum CBD oil contains all the hemp compounds excluding THC. Isolate is the purest of cannabidiol extracts that do not contain THC as well. Many, like Hawaiian hemp company Mana Botanics, recommend full-spectrum CBD due to the combination of effects from all of the cannabinoids, often called the entourage effect.

As for the legal aspect concerning cannabidiol oil, it is worth saying that now all states of the US enlist CBD as a legal substance, hence, you may easily buy it without any prescription. In case of worries regarding the athlete’s intake, the leading organizations overlooking doping control also excluded CBD from the list of prohibited substances.

Nevertheless, cannabidiol oil may be sometimes detectable on drug urine tests, so you should bear that in mind that before undergoing them.

How Long Does It Take for CBD to Leave Your Body?


The same situation applies here. Depending on your metabolism, weight, tolerance among others, CBD oil may quickly leave the system or stay for it longer.

According to specialists, CBD oil may stay in the system for 6 to 72 hours on average. If you need to get rid of it faster, there are a few advice that may be helpful:

  • If you have a urine test, and it should not detect CBD oil in your system, drink at least 1-2 liters of water the day before the test is scheduled;
  • Go for diuretics. Note, such solutions should be always discussed with the doctor. They help to increase urination needed to get rid of CBD;
  • Eat more greens. It is recommended to eat more vegetables, fruits, and beans that are rich in fibers;
  • Sweat. You may simply do exercises that will cause excessive sweating, so CBD will leave the system faster;
  • Detox pills. They are helpful to clean your body from toxins, and CBD. Still, similar to diuretics you should be very careful with their intake.
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Note, these are approximate tips that may both work and not with your body.

Furthermore, you may learn directly about CBD tinctures, and oil’s timeline of actions with the designated CBD stores like Unabis or cannabis specialists. If possible, consult with your doctor about all the right applications that may somehow fasten the onset of action, and learn factors that will deprive you of benefiting from the intake of cannabidiol oil.

How Long for CBD Oil to Work?


Everything depends on the dosage, a person’s tolerance, metabolism, weight, and symptoms which one expects to alleviate with CBD oil.

An average timeline of CBD to produce first effects is 6-8 hours, however, the action starts within 10 minutes to 1 hour when CBD reaches the bloodstream. After 10-20 minutes, a person may start experiencing a kind of mood lift. If you take CBD oil for particular health issues like anxiety, the first effect may be visible within 1 hour, however, it won’t be a relief, so you should combine its intake alongside first-line solutions prescribed by your doctor. In the case of seeking pain relief, it is the same story – 1 hour on average.

The key answer to the question of an approximate timeline is consistency. Medical professionals believe that the first noticeable effects may take 1 month. Your body gets used to CBD oil and learns how to react to it. Beyond that, your endocannabinoid system starts fully “appreciating” the addition of CBD to boost your receptors and then works better.

Another matter is the type of application. Usually, a person just needs to place a few oil drops under the tongue, and within a few minutes, it will be dissolved and directed to the bloodstream. So, within 10-15 minutes, CBD oil will start its action. Alongside this, some people also add CBD oil to other liquids like coffee, tea, or water. It concerns those who cannot tolerate the taste or flavor of oil. They should not expect fast results, as diluted CBD oil will go slower in action.

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Finally, the dosage matters as well. You should not exceed the dose to maximize the onset of action or effects. You should stick to the minimum dose recommended by the instructions or your healthcare provider. Based on general recommendations, one may start the intake with 2.5mg – 10mg, and step-by-step increase it after getting approval from a doctor. For the best dosing, trust a brand like Elevated Wellness CBD that is formulated by pharmacists and intended to help you get the perfect dosage for your needs.