10 Best Apps For Pet Owners in 2024

Pets have long been full-fledged members of our families. Their loyalty, devotion, and love for us are unconditional. We try to reciprocate their love, often faced with many everyday questions about education, care, and feeding. Interactive apps with recommendations and advice from a wide range of professionals come to the owners’ aid. In addition to services for grooming, training, and treating pets, there are game apps where the main character is a cute pet. Find more of these apps on appslikethese.

1. 11Pets

Source: yugatech.com

It teaches proper pet care. Has customizable notifications to schedule and inform the user of important pet life events. 11Pets contains your pet’s medical history and supports supplementing it with diagnostic readings at all life stages. The software is designed to be used by the owners of several pets and allows them to add photos and medical histories individually. The service supports data synchronization with cloud storage, organizing access from any device. It will help the veterinarian with diagnosis and describe the cost of maintenance. The app has more than a hundred thousand downloads.

2. Dog Walk

This software records the daily walks and workouts of the owner and his pet. The system records each walk’s exact route, distance, and duration with marks on the map. Allows you to explore the area, find exciting places for pet photoshoots, and share photos with family and friends. Dog Walk has a simple, intuitive interface, user-friendly settings, and a hidden motivation to increase the joint time of the owner and the pet.

3. PetCoach

Source: apkgk.com

Free online advice and counseling for pet owners from a variety of professionals ranging from veterinarians to trainers. The database contains many FAQs and informative articles with detailed answers and advice. In addition, it is possible to ask the experts in the chat room of the program with the essence of the problem at any time of the day or night. The answers are detailed, informative, and fast. The application has easy navigation with flexible settings.

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4. BringFido

A helpful service for owners who travel with their dogs. BringFido works fully worldwide and lets you know the list of restaurants, attractions, and hotels that allow dogs to visit and stay, their prices, and a list of rules. Equipped with a filter system, you can search and book hotels while rating them by distance, popularity, and price. In addition, BringFido has system notifications that promptly provide booking confirmation.

5. Pet First Aid Red Cross

Source: redcross.org

Simplifies life for the owner of a four-legged companion by describing a list of foods and substances that can be harmful to a pet’s life and health. Here are practical tips and advice on the nutrition, housing, and care of cats and dogs from renowned veterinarians. In addition, pet First Aid contains a step-by-step algorithm for dealing with twenty-five emergencies (with text and visuals), as well as instructions for preventing hazards.

6. Dog Food Recipes

A large cookbook explicitly designed for dog owners. Contains fifty varieties of meals for pets of different ages. Allows you to get into the habit of cooking and feeding your dog affordable and healthy foods, reducing the risk of food intolerances and poisoning. In addition, the alternation of recipes will help your dog naturally get the complex of vitamins and minerals for his growth and development.

7. Human-to-cat translator

Source: amazon.com

Human-to Cat Translator allows the user to forget about the voice barrier between him and his furry pet. This non-standard application is based on the principle of all translator programs: the user dictates a question to the smartphone that he wants to address to his pet, and the gadget translates this question into cat speech. The program works in reverse as well – it can recognize basic commands in cat language. The features include:

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8. Samples of 25 cat voices.

More than 170 different samples can attract the attention of a furry friend (e.g., birdsong, squeaks made by mice, purring).
16 standard commands in high quality.

The app, which initially seems rather absurd (albeit amusing), actually helps establish a dialogue between a pet and its owner. The Lite version with reduced functionality is installed for free, although the Deluxe version is also inexpensive – about $1.

9. Upet

Source: winudf.com

UPET is designed to share the best moments of your pet’s life with the world. Here you can post photos and videos and share news about your pet’s life and just a good mood.
The popular social network will help you find like-minded people and won’t let you get bored with so many positive videos, stories, and photos of dogs, cats, rodents, rears, and other animals that their owners are happy to share with them the community.

10. RunDoGo

The Rundogo app will keep track of not only your pet’s active lifestyle but the owner’s as well. Here you will be able to track different activities and strive to improve your workout results.
The app can check your activity level and compare it to your pet by analyzing the time, route, and pace difference. In Rundogo, you can meet new friends and be inspired by them for recent achievements.

Also, if you have a Garmin watch, tracking your workout is even easier – exercise with your smartwatch and then import the data into Rundogo. All in all, the program will be a great tool to fight laziness and improve health with your four-legged friend.

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A few more useful apps for pet owners.

  1. Dosecast. An extensive database with information about medications.
  2. AnimalDonor. An international project to find blood donors for pets. Your pet can also be added to the donor list.
  3. iKibble. The app will tell you which of the usual human food and products are safe and harmful for your dog’s health.
  4. Dog Scanner, Cat Scanner, and similar. Applications for the identification of the breed of the animal by photo. The method is not too accurate, but if there is no expert nearby, such services can be helpful.
  5. Petfinder – Adopt a Pet. An encyclopedia about pets, as well as a service for finding a four-legged friend from the shelter.