How to Keep Your Card from Falling Out of Your Phone Case?

Nowadays, everyone prefers to go out of their house cashless due to the increased crime rate. It is easy to handle a single card instead of carrying a wallet full of cash. You can shop for any expensive item without hassle within a single swipe.

Due to additional security, carrying a credit or debit card has become preferable. But sometimes, it is not easy to take these cards everywhere. Many people keep it directly in their pocket or put it on the backside of the phone case. In many cases, these cards can get damaged, and sometimes, they may fall out.

The following write-up will show how you can keep your card from falling out of your phone case. Instead of putting these delicate cards in any place, you need to find safe storage where you can keep them without causing any damage. The better you keep them, the better you use them for years.

How can Your Card Fall Out?


Instead of carrying many things, you prefer to keep everything together in a single case or object. A mobile is something which you cannot forget to leave at your place. You will always remember to take it with you whenever you move out of your home. The first thing you can do to keep things together is to keep your mobile and card in the same pocket.

Suppose you are taking out your mobile to call your friend, your card can fall out, and you can lose it. Many people buy back covers for their phone to protect their devices from scratches and other damage. They prefer to keep the card within that cover. Mobile emits heat which can be harmful to the card’s black stripe.

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It can damage your card and make it of no use. If your back cover is loose, the card can also fall out. If you prefer to keep them on the mobile case for a long time, the card material will not last anymore, and you must apply for it again. The black stripe on credit or debit cards makes it quite delicate. The chip-based cards are also quite delicate and more prone to damage.

If somehow you are bending it, you can damage it physically. It can break and will be of no use anymore. Keeping these cards within your mobile cover and in your pocket can bend in any direction. It can destroy the chip and entire body. Machines will not accept your card, or your payment will be denied.

Is it Okay to Keep Your Cards in a Phone Case?


It is okay if you want to keep your cards in a phone case. There is a myth that the magnetic field emitted by your mobile device is strong. But the case is the better option instead of keeping it in contact with your phone. Weak magnetic fields cannot damage your cards.

If you prefer to use a case, it is hard for the card to come in contact with the magnetic fields. Comparatively, it is a safer option, and one must prefer it. But you need to keep one thing in mind : you must not keep the card in the phone case when you wirelessly charge your device.

If you do so, the black stripe on the cards can get demagnetized, and it can be useless. Ensure you remove the cards while charging your device to keep them safe. While traveling, going cashless and keeping your card in the phone case or wallet is okay.

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What Type of Phone Cases are Safe for Credit or Debit Cards?


Instead of using cases that keep your card in contact with the phone, you should prefer the ones with flips or a wallet. It can make your mobile a bit heavy, but you can keep all your essential things together. You can get such covers in exciting designs and choose whatever you like. You can also go for a classic design that never gets old.

It is necessary to keep the safety of cards a priority. Otherwise, you must take rounds of banks and financial institutes to replace or reapply them. It can be quite a tedious job for you. Instead, you must keep your cards to avoid such a situation. It will be easy for you to go cashless to any place you want.

How to Keep Your Card from Falling Out of the Phone Case?


Instead of placing your credit or debit on the back cover of your mobile, you should prefer buying a phone wallet case. It is also a back cover with a small wallet to keep your cards. You can take it out and swipe it whenever you need to use your card. The wallet is well-locked, and there is no risk of falling out.

It is a small accessory that keeps your important things together. With your mobile, you can take your card and go out shopping. There is no risk of bending, and it will stay safe for a long time. Visit to buy a phone case wallet in different designs. You can decrease the chances of falling out of the card from the case.

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The Bottom Line

Getting a wallet phone case is the solution for keeping the cards from falling out of the phone case. The wallet can keep your cards safe, and you can use them for years. There is no damage from bending, magnetic field issues, and other risks. It is a safe option that everyone must keep in their mind.

Even if the device becomes heavy, you can take it anywhere. You can bring all the essential things together by keeping them in the phone wallet case. You can choose your favorite ones from any available designs and flaunt them in public. It is the perfect way to go cashless out of your house and shop whatever you want by swiping the card.