Why is Grease Buildup Dangerous for Commercial Kitchens

If you are a business owner and have a commercial kitchen, you are probably aware of all the difficulties that can cause the accumulation of grease in your kitchen. While this may not sound like anything particularly dangerous, if you don’t take care of cleaning your kitchen and removing grease buildup from your equipment, you may find yourself in many unwanted situations that can have a negative impact on your business. To avoid this, we advise you to hire a company that will maintain your kitchen and will not allow grease to accumulate in it. Here are some of the reasons why is grease buildup dangerous for commercial kitchens.

Accumulated grease can lead to fire

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One of the most terrible consequences of grease accumulation in the appliances and drains in your kitchen is the outbreak of fire. You may not have known this, but grease can burn very easily if optimal conditions are created for it. Even though you may be delaying cleaning your kitchen because you think that grease cannot lead to bigger consequences, you are wrong. You probably don’t want to imagine what would happen if a fire broke out in your kitchen. This would pose a huge danger to the employees as well as to the other people who are in your restaurant at the time. Maybe that fire would even cost someone their life, which is really scary! In case of a fire breakout in your restaurant, it is certain that your reputation would suffer, and who knows if your business would ever recover from this accident. So you need to be aware of the dangers that grease accumulation brings with it and that is really not a joke!

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Workplace injury

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We all want to feel safe and secure in the workplace. The same goes for employees in your commercial kitchen. It is necessary to provide them with optimal working conditions so that they can create the desired results for you. And in any case, you certainly want your employees to feel comfortable and satisfied at work. However, if too much grease accumulates in your kitchen, it can pose a huge risk to their health and lead to unexpected consequences. One of the banal but realistic situations is that one of your workers slips on a greasy surface and injures himself. And let’s imagine that the injury is minor (if both you and the worker are lucky enough) and that he or she is only temporarily unable to work. Even in this most painless situation, you will have to find someone to replace that worker until they are ready to return to work. And there is a real possibility that your employee will sue you for inadequate working conditions, which can cost you time, money, and reputation!

It can lead to problems with the plumbing system

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Although the fat is in liquid form when you use it to prepare meals, do not forget that it hardens at a lower temperature and turns into a solid mass after a certain time. This can happen in your plumbing system if you do not maintain it regularly and do not remove excess grease. And when this happens, various problems can occur. Some of them are floods in your kitchen, which will prevent the normal work and functioning of employees, and if guests find out about this, they will certainly not be thrilled! Sometimes there can be a spill of grease into the wastewater system, which shouldn’t happen because it is dangerous for the environment and you will have to pay a serious penalty for it. Eventually, pipes and bursts can break, which will require you to temporarily close the restaurant and lose money on repairing your plumbing system. And of course, there is a possibility that you will lose some of your customers.

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Because of this, we suggest hiring someone like greasetrapsandiegoca.com to help you maintain your kitchen on a regular basis, clean up excess fat and avoid all the unpleasant consequences.

Other sanitary problems

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The accumulated grease in your commercial kitchen is an excellent base for the development of bacteria, fungi, and it also attracts insects, rats, and other rodents, for whom this is a real treat. You will agree that these are not the visitors you want in your restaurant. In case this information is heard or if one of your customers notices an animal in the restaurant, it is certain that your long-built reputation will fall in the blink of an eye. And even if no one knows about your problems with insects and rodents, it is certain that just one visit from the sanitary inspection will be enough to close your commercial kitchen and leave you without a job and income for a while. Therefore, regular, thorough cleaning of the kitchen and removal of grease from all surfaces and devices in it will ensure that your kitchen stays clean and meets all the criteria of sanitary inspection.

Accumulated grease causes unpleasant odors

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Grease that has been accumulated for too long eventually starts to emit unpleasant odors. And when you have a restaurant business, unpleasant odors can be fatal to it. You don’t want people to walk past your restaurant and feel something like that, because that certainly means they won’t want to be very excited to try your food. Ever. Things like this can be detrimental to your kitchen’s reputation and that’s why you want to avoid them at all costs.

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If you are a business owner and you have a commercial kitchen, it is necessary to hire someone who will regularly maintain it and clean the excess fat. If you avoid doing this for too long it can lead to serious consequences, such as fires, insects, and rodents, your employees getting injured, the presence of unpleasant odors, and other sanitary problems. Although it seems that the accumulation of fat in the kitchen is very harmless, it is far from the truth, so it is important to pay attention to things like this and do what is best for your business.