What Is the Most Eco-Friendly Flooring Material – 2024 Guide

Even though many people believe that picking the right color for the walls, or arranging everything in the place, regardless of whether we are talking about work or home spaces, something that is of vast importance is picking the right flooring material. Now, the good thing is that there are so many options to choose from, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that making such a choice is easy, far from it. There are simply way too many designs and colors, but the thing that’s the most important here is picking the right material, and here, going with eco-friendly options is always something that we will recommend, and these options are some of the best.

Bamboo is becoming a more popular choice

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One of the main reasons bamboo is becoming more popular in the flooring industry is its sustainability and the fact that it only needs about three years to grow and be used. That is far less time compared to other hardwoods used in this industry since other trees usually need more than 25 years to mature. Besides that, once cut, bamboo trees do not need to be replanted because the new tree will grow up after some time, and it is only necessary to leave the roots untouched. Bamboo can also be processed without strong chemicals, which makes it even more environmentally friendly, and thanks to the great look that can be easily matched with other furniture in the room, it is one of the best choices. If you are in search of the best bamboo flooring, all you need is to visit CarpetMart and choose the best color for your home. Of course, this hype over bamboo is justified, as the material itself is so grateful to work with, which is why it is used in so many industries, but as a flooring material, bamboo is probably one of the best options out there.

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Recycled materials can be the perfect choice

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Most people are now aware of the importance of recycling and how dangerous it can be for our planet to simply throw away the trash, as many materials require even a thousand years to degrade. Now, the thing that makes recycling so beneficial is not just about disposing of the trash in the right way so it doesn’t pollute our environment, as it is also about using those materials and creating something new from them. In general, recycled materials can be used in many ways, but even though the offer of recycled materials is vast, people are still hesitant to use those products.

Namely, recycled materials can be used in different industries, but many people do not know they can be perfect for flooring. The number of materials that can be recycled is pretty high, so we can choose hardwood, and even plastic to cover our floors, while the tiles made of glass can give them an exclusive look for far less money than new ones. On the other hand, the most important is that recycled materials are entirely eco-friendly and one of the best ways to reduce the amount of garbage that is harmful to our planet. Above all, it is a great way to do something for our environment and still get brand new durable flooring.

Cork is not only for sealing a wine bottle

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When someone mentions cork, the instant thought of the vast majority of people is about the bottle of wine, but cork as a material is so versatile and can be used for many other things. Yes, even though we are all used to seeing cork in the wine bottle, as it is used to seal them or on tables, we use it to pin some messages, but most of us do not know that cork can be perfect as the flooring material. It is extremely durable and pleasant to our feet, and nature lovers do not need to worry about the number of trees cut for their floors, as none of them is.

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Besides all that, cork is only the outer tree’s layer that regenerates after some time and can be harvested again, so there is no need to cut the tree. On the other hand, if one wants to do even more for the environment, cork is also a material that can be recycled. That is why choosing flooring made out of recycled cork is probably one of the best ways to get great flooring to your home or office and do the most to preserve nature. Another thing that makes cork such a highly recommended option is the fact that it repels mites and other allergens, which means that it is a great solution for preserving the air quality in your home.

Linoleum is making a comeback

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Although it might seem a little outdated, linoleum is making a big comeback, and there are plenty of reasons for that. It is made of completely natural materials, is so durable that it can last up to forty years, and comes in various designs that can match any space. Yes, many are skeptical about it, but that’s mostly because it is not material that many people are talking about like it was a decade ago. Of course, just because there is no hype over it doesn’t mean that it is bad material, on the contrary. Now, even though there were some issues with linoleum (high levels of VOCs), that’s a thing of the past, as today, it consists of biodegradable materials.

It is one of the most eco-friendly materials you can choose for flooring and also something that will add that retro vibe to the entire place. The design and color are also something that might represent a problem in the past as the offer was not so big, but today the palette of colors and designs really is vast. On the plus side, retro things are modern again, so it is perfect for people who want flooring that does not need a lot of maintenance but still looks great over a long period of time.

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